The Valyrian Dragons Bigger Than Balerion & Vhagar

The Valyrian Freehold was a great territory that spanned much of the continent of Essos, but has since fallen to ruin, approximately one hundred years before Aegon’s Conquest, when it was brought down by a cataclysmic event known as the Doom of Valyria. Check out the entire video on our channel to learn whether or not there were larger Valyrian dragons than Balerion and Vhagar before Aegon’s Conquest.


  1. A dragon bigger than balerion couldn’t really make it. Balerion towards his end was so damn big he really couldn’t even fly to long, and it hurt to land. Plus look at vhagar taking off, she struggling to get up too lol

  2. I think the biggest factor is age of a dragon. Balerion was the oldest, that`s why he was the biggest one. Of course, dragons at the same age could have different size but there would not be big difference in their sizes. I think Drogon could have been bigger than Balerion at his 150+ yrs age.

  3. Dannys dragons grew fast! Why? I been told it was cause of magic they were born from magic so they grew faster is this true? If so it’ll make sense why the black dread is huge

  4. Could it be possible that the dragons caused the Doom? Or at least the Valyria habit of interfering with dragon breeding and growth caused the Doom? That would certainly lend weigh to the idea that Valyria is now a breeding ground for unharnessed dragons, though probably few in number and possibly shrinking in size. It could be that Balerion instinctively returned there to try and breed, only to come up against a larger alpha male who beat him in the breeding battles and sent him packing.

  5. This was a wonderful video. Thank you very much. May you link the sources of the pictures aswell to give credit to the amazing artists who did all the fantastic artwork?

  6. Would be cool little detail if Meraxes and Rhaenys remains were preserved in secret in Dorne as symbols of Dornish resilience.

  7. Well, if you look at Vhagar's actual length, extrapolating her head in the house of the dragon (HoT) show, considering consistent scale, she is around 330feet (22-feet long head x 15 times [head+neck+tail]), however, some of the show folks who worked on Vhagar state she is as large as 150 meters which I found ludicrous. So, considering Balerion has the same proportions, the show runners indicated that his skull is around 10 meters long (33 feet), if you consider the same head, neck and body proportions of Vhagar, then Balerion is as large as 495-530 feet [It may go all the way to 600 feet as Balerion, I assume belongs to a larger breed of dragons which are naturally larger than the other sub-species] with a wingspan of 900+ feet. The reason I am so confident is A) Vermithor (Who hatched from one of the clutches Vhagar laid) is half Vhagar's age, but already seems to be very large (His head is around 20_30% smaller than Vhagar), but considering he is only half as old (Around 93-100 years old), he has larger teeth and I am presuming takes after Balerion as Balerion had mated with Vhagar.

  8. Why use a title that made it seem as if you found proof of a larger than Balerion sized dragon?
    This is all hypothesis.

  9. it would be great if HBO made a movie about the Valyrian era, the age of the biggest dragons., the Valyrians and dragons defeated the two most powerful Ghiscari and Rhone empires.

  10. How many times you have to repeat everything???


  11. There's one wild dragon that's bigger than both. But disappeared.

  12. Rhaegal and viserion only died in the show and it's not confirmed canon so you're mistaken.

  13. If they were really Making a prequel we deserved to see old Valyria and Balerion

  14. damn u click bait, tease. still like it though ty

  15. If it is size that kills dragons, as a side effect of age, then that implies that whatever magic helps reduce the effect of gravity, allowing them to fly at their great sizes, still has some mass limit, and when they get too big they die like a beached whale, "too big for the world." If that is indeed what kills them, then Balerion would have been around the upper limit.

  16. Personally, I think House Of The Dragon should've started way back at the beginning of House Targaryen or close to it and should've gone through the end of Old Valyria, Aegon's Conquest and The Dance of Dragons all together. Honestly, season 1 of HOTD feels more like season 3 or 4 in my opinion. But maybe we'll get flashback seasons. I know the one thing I definitely wanted to see in HOTD was Balerion alive and in his prime, and was disappointed to see he was already dead by the beginning of the series.

  17. I haven’t watched this one yet. What do these giant dragons eat? I think it would be cool to see one fish a whale out of the water like a stork

  18. Il drago più bello è comunque Drogon. Ancora molto giovane e già di grosse dimensioni, se arrivasse all’età di Balerion o Vaghar diventerebbe enorme. Amo Drogon, una furia❤

  19. I feel like other houses from Valeria had bigger dragons than Balerion. And that, that scares me.

  20. I don't see Balerion's shadow engulf the whole town if he was only 150m wide. Even really small villlages usually have more than 200m. He would have to be at least 400m in order to engulf a whole small town. Rather bigger. I think the show just didn't have enough budget to make Balerion's skull big enough or didn't care to be faithful to the original.

  21. So if Valyrian Dragons are much larger than Westerosi Dragons, you can only imagine how big the Dragons were from the Empire of the Dawn 😉

  22. "Without anyone noticing."
    … Are they BLIND!?

  23. How does the ecosystem support such a big carnivore ?

  24. The biggest known Dragon to exist is the Cannibal, its a wild dragon that never took any rider ever since.

  25. Dude that information you are giving in there about a) viserys and rhaegal being dead and b) the doom being a magical experiment is total and utter bulshit. Not to mention 'radiation marks on Aerea". Check your damn facts and don't scratch on the meagre surface. There are way more profound theories which make more sense and are deductions from THE BOOKS WHICH ARE CANON, NOT THE TV SHOW WHICH WAS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. And I'm not counting the last season which is basically total non-canon material and utter crap, plot wise. Though, one has to admit the cinematography was brilliant in the show, I digres though. Shoutout to the awesome youtuber "Lucifer means Lightbringer" aka "David Lightbringer" who actually knows the stuff of A Song of Ice and Fire in and out. Shame on you, you inaccurate amateur!

  26. I hope Balerion will get some Srcreentime in a Flashback.

  27. and how do them find enough food to grow ??? at one point it's a issue

  28. Fortunately for us South Africans, we still see live dragons , we know their caves and it's true that they have magical powers. Visit #SA if you wish to see them, the problem is, it's highly likely that you won't live to tell the tale, unless if you have glittering coins which they like

  29. Demon has plans we dont know about yet . one of them was taking the wild dragon that eats other dragons now he has 2 dragons thats his 1 that is battle harden the other will just eat the other bad dragon even there big one cos i have a good feeling there almost the same size . the dragon eater did not last this long for nothing then there is 3 more wild dragons lol they should win

  30. Vhagar is already "To Big" so how the hell are we gonna imagine a bigger version 😂 but it'll make sense why they destroyed a lot of empires

  31. I am also curious as to any potential theories regarding the Dragons of the Shadow Lands, which is said to be their origin point. Especially if one believes that the dragons are bigger and more powerful the deeper into the Mountains of Shadow you go, closer to Stygai.

    Also, curious about the gigantic Ice Dragons that have been mentioned to roam the Shivvering Sea and the White Wastes

  32. How I desperately wish we could see Valyria

  33. It is believed that the dragons got smaller in size due to them being poisoned for generations by the maesters

  34. I would honestly love to see the biggest dragon to ever grace the skies of High Valyria

  35. They have copied so many old novels. Eragon is way better.

  36. How insane would it be if this was real history

  37. Balerion was born in Old valirya the last dragon before the doom destroyed the freehold so he was old very big and very mean

  38. Valirya has more than just dragons, maybe the upper family has more powerful magic than the targeryan

  39. I wish we could witness Aegon riding Belerion on the screen. Man, that would be so fucking epic.

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