The Valyrian Dragons Bigger Than Balerion & Vhagar

The Valyrian Freehold was a great territory that spanned much of the continent of Essos, but has since fallen to ruin, approximately one hundred years before Aegon’s Conquest, when it was brought down by a cataclysmic event known as the Doom of Valyria. Check out the entire video on our channel to learn whether or not there were larger Valyrian dragons than Balerion and Vhagar before Aegon’s Conquest.


  1. I read a theory on a forum, about how the Targaryen's dragons were bred only for war, and that other dragon rider families had different types of dragons for things like the use of blood magic.

  2. Maybe Balerion was the strongest dragon so he survived the doom

  3. Henry Cavill as Aegon I the Conqueror 🔥 would be amazing

  4. Meraxes was bigger than balerion and vhagar according to the books 🤷‍♂️

  5. I want a series on Valyria just like I want a film of The Silmarillion. However, neither will happen anytime soon, if ever.

  6. Just go straight to the point next time stop this mummering

  7. wasted time on this video
    p.s cannibal is the biggest dragon of em all, thought ya would know it alredy..

  8. Princess Aerea and Balerion's fun filled vacation was absolute nightmare fuel. But as cool as it would be to get some answers, I kind of like the shroud of mystery over Ancient Valyria. The shit they were doing in those Fourteen Flames is fascinating, but I feel like part of the allure is not knowing the whole story. It makes it so much creepier. Having said that, I wouldn't complain if we got a series on it, but some things in the ASoIaF universe, I prefer to remain a mystery.

  9. I think it would be fine to assume that some of the Valyrian Families had dragons which are similar to Caraxes and Meleys. I think some of the 40 dragon families would prefer maneuverability over size.

  10. Targaryens were minor lords almost ignored…. So we can imagine how big and ferocious dragons in old valyria were 🤯

  11. El Craneo de Meraxes se puede ver en el episodio en que Arya baja a las criptas a buscar gatos, ella toca el craneo de Meraxes

  12. But how will you make them full? How often do they need to eat.

  13. How do worms in her body look like radiation burns?

  14. I believe balerion is roughly as big as a dragon can get for 200 years he was allowed to roam free. It was only in the few years after he returned from the east that he resided in the dragon pit. Even if the targaryens were a lesser family I doubt larger dragons would be of a much larger size maybe 10 or 20 metres longer tops. I believe that the greater houses simply had belarion level dragons in much greater numbers.

  15. Caraxes is the perfect example of size doesn't matter.

  16. I know which dragon it was that caused the doom…it was ghidorah when he woke up from his sleep…

  17. It seems a lot of us would like to see a show set in old Valyria with these larger dragons. Drogon was born through blood magic and if you remember while his siblings were chained up under the pyramid in Mareen, Drogon was first spotted in Valyria by Tyrian and Mormont as he took their boat through Valyria (and where they encountered the stone men who gave Mormont greyscale) to avoid the pirates in season 5 (I believe that’s right). Anyway it seemed Drogon was spending time in his ancestral home which could’ve also helped in why he was so big and powerful for such a young dragon. In the episode The Bells it was like Drogon’s fire has an explosive element to it, the ships in the Iron Fleet were basically exploding when he breathed fire on them, as well as stone buildings and the Red Keep. Also when Cerci’s army are face Daenerys’s army outside the city walls in just a stand off, Cerci’s army hears to what would sound like to them thunder so some look behind them and suddenly the city gates and stone towers beside the gates just explode like someone had set of a load of dynamite sending stone blocks and wood flying into Cerci’s army crushing them and that was caused by Drogon’s fire 🔥. Now none of the dragons we’ve seen fight example Ceraxes Daemon’s dragon when fighting the Crab King his fire didn’t have that explosive power

  18. Could it be posible that since the dragons I imagine were interbreeding that the genes Just started to lower there for became smaller as the generations went on. Cause I was thinking this happens to other species example chickens. I asume they interbred cause their wasnt many dragons left and if dragons followed animal kingdom rules females usually bred with the biggest male or strongest at the time.

  19. Viserion and Rheagal are not dead… that's in the series, not the books!!

  20. You don't need magic to increase dragon size. Dragons ARE magic!

  21. We need like 7 shows to truly understand what the hell is up with them damn Dragons.

  22. What the hell are the giant dragons eating? There’s no way there would be enough animals to feed upon to sustain such huge beasts..unless they don’t need much food & it’s all about magical stuff that keeps them alive. Dunno.

  23. It would be dope if hbo could turn this franchise into something like marvel. But instead they could make like short seasons of 7-10 eps of each timeline!!

  24. I want to see 300 dragons taking care of the Rhoynar empire.

  25. Everyone keeps getting this wrong. By the time Balerion died, he was insanely big. Vhagar during the dance was getting close to Balerions size DURING the conquest. He didnt stop growing until he died which is during Viserys reign. Vhagar when she died isn't close to Balerion when he died..

  26. it wasn't radiation burns, she had literal fire wyrms living inside her

  27. I think anything about old Valyria would have to be an epic movie

  28. he might have lived longer but Balerion was seriously wounded as well which definitely affected his health.

  29. What were dragons this big eating and how could they sustain such large massive creatures? I don't think many people consider how much food it would take these dragons to live.

  30. They should show how the valerians first bonded with the dragons

  31. You really should read the books instead of just Rampling on about what you think there was and what you think happened in certain scenarios.

  32. I really hope we get a flashback of Aegon the Conqueror and Balerion at some point on House of the Dragon.

  33. I keep hearing low rank lol. The targaryens where dragon lords in Valyria. They where not at the top, but considering Valyria had many lords and nobles that didnt have dragons I’d say the targaryens had a strong influence on politics in that realm.

  34. Can someone explain all these names that sound the exact same? Like house valerion (the sea faring family), then valyrian steel, then the valerion dragons, are they all connected or do they just have the same name

  35. it says Vhagar is almost the same size as Balerion was during the conquest. Aegons conquest only lasted 2 years During the conquest Balerion was already 100 years old and lived for another 108 years After the conquest which would mean Balerion would almost be 2x the size of vhagar. I keep hearing people say "Vhagar was almost as Balerion during the conquest" but yet seem to forget Balerion lived for an additional 108 years after the events of the conquest.

  36. The dragon pit was a huge anchor on the dragon’s growth.

  37. At which point do they become so comically large that they won't be able to fly anymore?
    And what the fuck do they even eat? I don't remember any mentions of herds of wild elephants roaming Westeros, and a dragon of this size would need to eat a herd of elephants every day just to sustain it's basic bodily functions.

  38. Well, it would all depend GRRM. He is still alive , why don’t you ask him ?, in fact he could create one bigger than Westeros itself😂 if you asked.

  39. Think about how long it took the old Valyrian riders to reach their seat lol

  40. It would be a great movie of the end of Valeria and what hurt the black dread when he tried to return to Valeria

  41. So many facts wrong leading to so many bad conclusions. First the later dragons are smaller because they are younger. Second it's been stated by GrrM that Danys dragons grew much faster than any normal dragons because of the power of the blood magic used on them, so unless Valyria was practicing human sacrifice and breaking people in absolute despair the dragons they had grew slower than Drogon. Additionally more powerful Families having bigger dragons is a completely unsupported assumption. The number of dragons owned was affected by their status but there is no evidence to support that they grew bigger just because they had a bigger Money Bin to swim in. Finally regarding the cannibal, the story of him predating the Targaryens was just a story or rumor among the smallfolk of Dragonstone, and their ancestors mostly came with the Targs. Dragonstone was passed over by the Valeryon family because it was desolate. So since the people who claim Cannibal was there before the Targs, were themselves not there before the Targs it is safe to assume that story is nonsense.

  42. Drogon is quite big considering she's only
    8-10 years old

  43. Largest dragon is what we see in last episode of 'House of the dragon'

  44. False. Vhagar is a lot more bigger and stronger than anything 💚💚💚

  45. Dragons in Valyria : mmm volcanos, magic yum yum yum
    Dragons in Westeros : da fuq there ain't no magic here (get smaller and smaller and die out)
    White Walkers : oh there is magic here, but dis our magic. Imma revive you as a zombie nao.
    Children of the forest : shit

  46. The Cannibal was a wild dragon that came to Westeros on his own separately from the Targaryens. It is highly likely that other dragons dispersed elsewhere before the doom.

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