The Valyrian Dragons Bigger Than Balerion & Vhagar

The Valyrian Freehold was a great territory that spanned much of the continent of Essos, but has since fallen to ruin, approximately one hundred years before Aegon’s Conquest, when it was brought down by a cataclysmic event known as the Doom of Valyria. Check out the entire video on our channel to learn whether or not there were larger Valyrian dragons than Balerion and Vhagar before Aegon’s Conquest.


  1. To be fair a lot of the smaller Targaryen Dragons were much younger and still growing

  2. If you think about it, Vhagar is the last look at what a dragon of Old Valryria would look like.


  4. I can’t wait until HBO does a series on old Valyria and then one on Aegon the conqueror.

  5. To be fair the reason the dragons size drops by generation is cause they all killed eachother before they could grow.Dragonstone is one of the last viable dragon habitats. They also got smaller from the dragon pit. The dragons are fine without Valyria, it's the Targaryens who needed the blood magic.

  6. After a certain point it starts getting comical. If Valyria during the Spice wars had 300 dragons as big or bigger than Balerion, then there is no point in even having wars.

  7. But how did they feed such big dragons??? o.o with other dragons? Or what? There is no way you can just give them 1 measly human and they would be fine…

  8. Sorry but you made a lot of mistakes
    Not vhargar is not 140 feet long she's 150 meters long according to the behind the scenes material from hotD
    And balerion is about 200 meters in length

    And vermithor wasn't much smaller than vhargar and if he would have lived as long as vhargar he might have become larger than her

    Any Syrax wasn't particularly small she was just extremely young

    We simply don't know if there are any fire dragons that were bigger than balerion. It may be possible but there is no proof of that

    But according to some legends there are bigger dragons. The ice dragons of shivering sea are told to be much much larger than any valyrian dragon

  9. what did dragons this size eat to sustain themselves?magic porridge?

  10. I forget which episode of house of the dragon. Wasn't there a dragon (I forget the name of it) that was said to leave westros to never return and rumored to have somewhere south of westros

  11. knowing the fact that there is dragons larger than vhagar is mind-boggling

  12. Does anyone know where he got that image that appears at 2:08, I want to print it and frame it.

  13. They are not smaller they are just not old enough

  14. House of the Dragon should have opened with King Visery's riding Balerion as a young man.

  15. I think drogon would be the biggest since he was already huge at just a few yrs old.

  16. One day, in a magical future we might get to see ancalagon in his full might

  17. What do you mean magic ?? This isn’t a true story? 😮 Lol..😂

  18. Already like it. Subscribed. MindQ meh… 🤜🤛👍😂💯

  19. Hbo wants money? Do a prequel about old Valyria…it would be a success

  20. … and now put the dragons in comparison to the ones from Middle Earth during the time of the First Age…. more specifically Ancalagon the Black…… Ancalagon would eat Balerion in one bite… and if Balerion is lucky he may be the size of Ancalagons Skull

  21. Make a prequel where it shows ageon the conqueror comes to westeros and have Balerion in his prime. I would have my dragons in open space unless they are too dangerous

  22. Irrespective of what they telling us now about sizes, no dragon has swag like drogon

  23. do u guys know silverwing might be alive in the main time line since we dont know what happen to her after the dance.

  24. It’s a shame to say but the vhagar size calculations are now void since the designing team confirmed that vhagar was 150 meters long

  25. I don't find Valyria that interesting. I want to see what's in the far East where magic and dragons come from. Also, I want to see what's in the far South where there are beasts that are more terrifying than dragons. I hope GRRM writes about those places in detail.

  26. I think it was Aurion Belaerys's dragon (presumably Terrax) who is already described as a "huge dragon" around the time on the Doom. Aurion went back to Valyria shortly after the Doom with 30k Qohori troops on the back of this "huge dragon" and made himself the first emperor of Valyria before vanishing with his army, but there's nothing written about what happened to his dragon. Imagine how large that dragon could've grown if it dwelt there among the ruins by the time Balerion went back with Aerea…

  27. This theory is OK. But is another one. Dragons grow all their lives. Them older this bigger. Them younger the dragons (next generations), this smaller.
    And that's right.

    The last dragons were very young. 5 years or 150 😉

  28. Are rhaegal and viserion also dead in the books or they are still alive?

  29. It’s not possible for a dragon to be bigger than balerion, he died because he got so big that he couldn’t fly, he’s legs couldn’t carry him and he simply couldn’t keep living. It’s not about the possibility of one being bigger than balerion, it’s about gravity, it’s impossible.

  30. With the Targaryens being a low ranked family on Valyria it definitely wouldn't surprise me if that there were dozens of dragons bigger then a Balerion or Vhagar

  31. To tell you the truth the Valyrian top houses would have been setting up shop in other countries as well. Having the most powerful houses not expanding worldwide makes no sense. Especially with there being so much resources, land and magic in other parts of the word, top elite houses to me would have had castles in other places as well.

  32. Think about it when balerion the black red died he was over 200 years old, now look at drogon according to RR Martin drogon is only a couple years old he's about a quarter of black dreads size now imagine what happens when he's a couple 100 years old he's going to make them look small

  33. Dont take show as a canon, Drogon in the books is big enogh only to take Dany in the sky, Drogon is just few years old.

  34. Check new trailer Troll 2022 and finally Shin Godzilla 2 ( Studio Toho announce for new year)

  35. Drogon the incarnation of the balerion the dread.🔥

  36. Why do l feel like I've read this all before in quora???

  37. I hope goerge rr martin answer alls our questions before he dies where dragons come from? What cause the doom? Wat was strong enough heavily injure prime balerion ?

  38. We rlly need a prequel about old Valyria like HBO come on how epic would that be

  39. What If there was a White Balerion that was Bigger 👀

  40. If this is true.. how did Balerion die of "old" age? And or could not easily take off and land because of the square-cube law of his mass.

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