The Valyrian Empire was Horrific Explained Game of Thrones House of the Dragon ASOIAF Lore

The Valyrian Empire was Horrific Explained A song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones/ House of the dragon Lore

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Backing Track
Last Breath of Freedom

Artwork in this video is used for commentary and educational purposes. Artwork belongs to HBO/A Song of Ice and Fire book series and other respective owners.
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  1. You forgot to mention the birth of faceless men

  2. could it be that the Gods punished Valyria for these crimes?

  3. loramble the lord of the universe is back with a video

  4. Probably one of their experiments resulted into white walkers

  5. I Wonder what the valorian empire was based on cough cough british cough cough empire

  6. Imagine being sent to go work in a toxic, life-shortening mine and it being the "lucky" option.

  7. A whole culture of Griffith from Berserk. Horrific.

  8. Gogossos is in the south. It is North of Sothoryos, but it is south of Valyria and most of its empire

  9. So the fantasy magical version of the roman empire 🤔😅

  10. No wonder the faceless men hated them it's to bad they didn't team up with the houses of westeros to take on aegon the conqueror

  11. Who actually ruled the Empire? Is it an Emperor or a Senate?

  12. Umm just a heads up Gogossos is a county DOWN in Sothoryos

  13. House of the dragon partially ruined the valeryians but this video made up for it

  14. And this is why the doom may have happened

  15. Bring it back but more chilled out this time

  16. But Gogossos is an island on the north of Sothoryos

  17. They were the equivalent of elves then. Elves are often douchebags in fantasy settings.

  18. Yeah the fact many fans (including myself) quite like some of the descendants of the dragon-riding magical Nazis has always struck me as a weird part of the ASoIaF world.

  19. I think the real lucky ones are the ones who died in battle before they could ever be enslaved

  20. There were 48 Noble Families of Dragon Lords and Ladies. In Valyria before the Doom.

  21. Gogossos isnt at north, is north to sothoryos

  22. And they were supposed to be incredibly beautiful, but House of the Dragon definitely didn't include that aspect.

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