These Funko Pops Are Rising Up In Value! (Anime, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, WWE, Video Games)

These Funko Pops Are Trending & Rising Up In Value!

Topics Include: Anime, One Piece Gol D Roger Bounty Poster, Dragon Ball Z, WWE Bray Wyatt, Video Games, SDCC 2023, Music, Bob Barker & More!

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  1. For the next vid, you should consider including Ink Bendy, from Bendy and the Ink Machine. It rose from 17 to 55 dollars, and it's becoming very rare to find

  2. QotD: Gear 4 (Bounce Man Chalice) metallic
    As for Jane Austen
    Her books (and shady past?) are major plot points in Good Omens season 2.
    So maybe that? 🤷

  3. I have the Beatles pop 4pk not mint but good condition

  4. I see official sticker for 180 on Mercari for official sticker Roger 😭

  5. Anyone know where I can find the Chase Aoi Todo? Seems almost impossible to find

  6. QOTD: The Hot topic Exclusive Toby Maguire Spider-man. Also, have you started Jojos bizzare adventure part 2? I’ve been waiting for your review.

  7. for the qotd
    I have the hot topic exclusive gaara metallic

  8. Sorry but who won the Naruto Funko pop give away

  9. I got a Christmas Fiend Funko Pop a year in and a half ago and i was like "Why did Funko make this?" Because he was released before Funko made it. I got it anyways, and its one of the strangest Pops in my collection and then je came back and now he's gone 😢. I will keep this Pop definitely.

  10. Well darn…I got rid of my original bray Wyatt Funko months ago

  11. Also QOTD- Freddy Funko Optimus prime metallic

  12. Dont Starve is actually a good game i was playing it with my friend and we played it for weeks, You should try it!

  13. RIP Bray 😔
    QOTD: Fav metallic I have is the Hot Topic Red Ranger.

  14. Hey is the Naruto klm mode giveaway winner coming out today

  15. Metallic: snake man luffy (funko shop exclusive)

  16. I'm super psyched to know the Bob barker VS happy pop is worth that much bc I caught it on clearance for like $5

  17. i have roger wanted poster, not official sticker but I am happy with it anyway. I recently purchased a real ryuk, just wanted to share.

  18. The original voice of Harley Quinn from Batman The Animated Series (Arleen Sorkin) also passed away this weekend

  19. Qotd: my favorite metallic Pop is Kirishima Unbreakable, it just suits his character so well!

  20. Hey skittle,you mentioned this pop in one of this videos,golden freddy (Fnaf,the shared)it was 80 when you mentioned,now its around 180 to 200 in recent sales

  21. Skittle, you don’t have Eustass Kids yet. I have 2 copies, if I was not in Canada, we could trade

  22. Question of the Day: Mine is Eijiro Unbreakable gamestop exclusive.
    And so far i don't blame you for the Gold roger SDCC is crazy expensive. I was able to get the shared sticker and thats fine with me. I do feel bad about the sad news really hope they make a wheel of fortune Funko too.
    Be safe Skittlerampage and get well soon.

  23. I'm a huge Bray Wyatt fan and luckily I have all three of his Pops. Wish I would've had the pleasure to meet him. I will be getting an autographed Pop of his in the future.

  24. Sorry if I sound reprieved when is the giveaway coming I really wish to win I just really want the chase for Naruto

  25. One piece Doflamingo went up too at least doubled in price

  26. QOTD: Only the GOAT of live action Spider-Mans Tobey Maguire,and only because it was actually EASIER to find than the common when they first came out,personally I feel metallic Funko Pops are ugly,pointless and an absolute cash grab,especially when they are just a repaint of a common like the metallic Nezuko (the worst Demon Slayer Pop ever made) or the Tee Bundle Aizawa.

  27. Thanks for reminding about that hurricane alert. Time to go buy some bottles of water and food supplies. Also, for the question of the day, funny enough, I just bought my first Funko Pop Soda, and I just realized the Kirito Chase from the soda is a Metallic Chase… 🤩

  28. I was surprised when I heard on the radio about Wyatts passing and had to look up to make sure i heard right. I did meet him several years ago at NXT which is a developmental brand for WWE and he was a really nice guy. I even had a picture taken at the time and that was way before his cult leader and fiend characters.

  29. Answer to the question of the day: Shoto (in his tracksuit)

  30. Another sad on was the voice actress of harley Quinn ( Arleen Sorkin)Batman beyond animated series passed away and I think that pops is starting to go up

  31. My metallic pop is Imperial Palace Wonder Woman (Asia 2021 Fall Comic Con Exclusive) #378

  32. I have the metallic The Flash number 1333

  33. I think the one u showed us the fake sticker. Mine and other real ones have a thicker black boarder around the sticker

  34. hmmmm, nah… I still prefer red eyes Frieza over a sticker

  35. We also lost the original voice actor of harley quinn. Tragedy really dies strike in 3s smh may they all rest in peace

  36. Never in my days would I think I can say That I have a Funko you don't have 😮😮Totally stunned

  37. My favorite metallic is the gear four luffy🔥 juts badass..

  38. Spider-Ham jumped above $100 in a couple weeks. As well as a few other spider-verse pops

  39. What do you think of the 2018 trucks and Goten fusion

  40. I could sell you a eustass kid mint pop for a good price, i love your content!

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