i played a new game on roblox battlegrounds game called ki battlegrounds which is just like z battlegrounds which just added a new ultimate mode for the frieza moveset and also a crazy new feature to battlegrounds games that every battlegrounds game needs to add which makes the strongest battlegrounds look outdated. saitama battlegrounds is one of the best battlegrounds games on roblox. you can become sonic,garou,genos,bald hero, metal bat, and of course the blade baster aka atomic samurai and they even added a tatsumaki moveset.


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  3. The only reason he say he hacking cuz he is super bad and cant time it

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  5. i like how a freaking sonic battleground game had clashes a long time ago lol.

  6. Why does every video it’s a different game he says this STRONGEST BATTLEGROUNDS GAME like it’s not called that!

  7. correction for stud fruit battlegrounds based on one piece came before the strongest battle grounds πŸ™‚

  8. You put combat warriors but combat warriors was made. First

  9. You should play jujustu shinanigans it’s a jjk game with destructable physics

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  12. Does he not check on whne games were made cause combat warriors was 5 years ago and tsb was only 2.

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  14. It is t the first there is this sonic showdown game it’s basically a battlegrounds it had that already

  15. There's already domain clashing in cursed arena

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  22. when will stud see this but just gonna say goober also (Day 112 for asking stud for early access username: shadowfigure5)

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    User: hadif2018 (private server) i have been suffering waitingcfor cooldown while doing combo

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