This Dragon Game is INSANE!!!

Today i got to play the dragon game project! its actually not bad! may make more in the future.

game name: Dragon Game Project
Their Discord:

0:00 Cool intro
0:48 talking about game
2:33 Playing lizardmen (Thiefs)
7:56 Playing Dragon (Hunter)
11:49 Bonus clips!

My discord:
My steam group:

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  1. For those wondering where to get this game look in the description! Hope y’all have a good day.

  2. GOOOOD game! I remember the first time I let you play and how much fun it was lol

  3. Please dont end up like day of dragons
    Please dont end up like day of dragons
    please don't end up like day of dragons

  4. do not go into the roleplay channel on their discord, worst mistake of my life

  5. I've been following this game from very near the beginning. Hoping the devs letting you play it means it's going public soon.

  6. Is a early testing or thing like that out cuz I kinda wanna play it

  7. I was gonna get this until I saw the trash desync giving the dragons unfair kills

  8. They may also be able to track you while invisible because you were leaving footprints in the sand.

  9. looks like it has potential, but it also looks like it could be a day of dragons clone. Id hate to come close to supporting it and then drama happen.

  10. This game looks so good. Are you playing it on steam and any news on when they will relase it?

  11. If you want to know more about the game you should look in the description 😉

  12. where can i download the game, is it on steam?

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