This Game Added SO MANY NEW BABY DRAGONS | Century Age Of Ashes

Hatching New Dragon Eggs in Century of Ashes!
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  1. Why did you use Day of Dragons eggs for the thumbnail? XD Did you get the rights to use those?

  2. My cuterage knows no bounds for the baaaabies

  3. I didn't realize you were still making content, cause for some reason, youtube just stopped recommending your videos. Needless to say, nostalgia levels peaked when I saw it recommending you and this game.

  4. I didn't think I could lip read until the 'b*tch *ss mofo' bit at the end. Have added it to the 'other skills' section on Linkdin

  5. Hey Riot, i used to watch you 8 years ago! i remember your Minecraft content, and when you released your subnautica videos.

    however the one thing i can’t find is your old ARK modded videos? what happened to those? i really wanna go back and watch them.

  6. intro was so good had to replay it lmao

  7. you can view the baby dragons in the beastiary when u click the dragons u hatched

  8. this is like a more graphically different HTTYD and i love it!, this wouldnt happen to be riddled with microtransactions would it? a bit of pay to progress or something like that? gotta watch out for those kinds of traps

  9. It was the Asian letters and all the compliments in the intro for me

  10. I believe spending money on games for dragons is very reasonable

  11. Great video! That game looks pretty awesome too 😉

  12. This game is so much fun especially with friends. The designs on the dragons are one of the best I’ve seen just glad that there’s a good dragon game that’s out right now

  13. 한국인입니다 미션 FLAIR TRAINING

    Track3 enemies eith the marauder s funter s mark 0/3 미션이먼가요???

  14. I saw this on tik tok. Someone was reviewing it. It looks really cool! I do have motion sickness though…little wary to play because of that

  15. happy you played the game! hope to see you in Century! ;D

  16. Just got this today, so glad I can also enjoy riot play it too 😂 game looks sick af! The dragon designs are just.. chefs kiss

  17. it had so much potential to beat for honor if they made it first person
    and took the dragons out and made this a dlc

  18. Hey Riot, I now have this game now, but for some reason the frames don't go to shit when I view baby dragons like it did for you, either way I still love this game and your videos

  19. Riot remember me from discord? Anyways wat settings should I use cuz I can never get full flame hit.

  20. Hey, don't use Day of Dragons eggs for a different dragon game, it's just weird

  21. I play it and I lag to hell so Ima wait till it’s out on xBox

  22. Why you playing spoils if you rather be killing ppl 🤣 carnage is all about killing

  23. Are the dragons just cosmetic, or do the dragons in the class have a small difference in abilities or capabilities.

  24. Its not redbull you're smelling its your finger HA

  25. I HOPE they add a grey ( or almost black skin ) to make it look like the dragon from Reign of Fire movie.


  27. Hope see ya play this game more fun as hell went from lv 1 to 9 in two hours from straight playing

  28. Yoooo that was the best fucking intro I like that bro cooo shit 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Everbody that wants this game iy is only on xbox 1 or pc

  30. Your really good riot you should do more of this game and play day of dragons

  31. Hmmm sp this is where the sequal to eragon went xD

  32. Dude your name changed and I thought I lost your videos. IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU AGAIN EVERYNIGHTRIOT


  34. 22 more dragons get added next season and thats not including the new Thornweaver class and the new dragon that will come with it. I think "Bristlewing" would be a perfect name for the new Dragon

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