This Match Might Get Me BANNED From Dragon Ball The Breakers?!

I did what I did.

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  1. I’m definitely doing this next time I get some throwers 🤣

  2. If you did get banned I'd laugh and ask why. Then I'd probably laugh and say skill issue. Then I'd probably laugh and go play buu

  3. Remember kids, don't hop in a time-machine with strangers

  4. That GokuBlack survivor wasn't even doing much of anything the whole match but dashed quick asf for the ETM.

  5. Its all downhill after the etm incident time to move over to legends pve content

  6. Ah the fabled match we were all looking for

  7. I feel bad for the King Kai player. Dude was kicking ass for NOTHING. The ETM gamers deserved what happened to them though, they threw HARD.

  8. It would be really funny we can get Jimmy Firecracker as a survivor.

  9. poor level 4 guys who was trying to defeat ginew and jeice

  10. I cannot believe how our team just fell apart. I thought I could buy time and escape, but I got caught lacking.

  11. The answer is obviously yes, the level 4 was fighting to let you guys escape and you threw it away because you were mad. ETM camping is dev approved which is why they buffed it and added SOS. It's also why they buffed raiders because they want ETM to be the main way pubs "win" games. That's just how I see it

  12. Either they didn't have enough change power to stop the raider or they actually threw the game just by standing there. 😐

  13. Ironcane let his intrusive thoughts win😭😭😭😭

  14. That Level 4 Could have won the game if he actually had more time left. So he would've gotten a loss shown to his face while knowing the fact that majority of his teammates who threw won their own little game by escaping.

    It was a good call to make sure that every single person didn't get their little escape W that they purposely threw for.

    That Level 4 did not deserve an impossible short amount of time to beat a Raider that he most likely could have beaten.

  15. Well deserved lol thats what their asses get lol

  16. For those of you wondering why I did this many players who we refer to as "ETM Gamers" allow the STM (Super Time Machine) to be destroyed so they can escape via the ETM (Escape Time Machine.)

    The ETM serves as a means of a escape when there's only 3 survivors remaining or the STM is destroyed. When the STM is destroyed the Survivors LOSE and the Raiders WIN.

    I did what I did here to punish the ETM gamers in my match who threw the game away to escape as opposed to defending the STM to win. Admittedly, I should've waited for the lvl 4 to finish his fight or even helped him to potentially win by defeating the Raider but the fact that the players that did nothing immediately left with me on the ETM meant they had active skills and could've used them to defend the STM.

    This pissed me off and made me do what I did lol. There's the context in case you're curious.

    I don't encourage anyone doing this, it's definitely toxic and not cool. Not helping the team isn't either but two wrongs don't make a right.

  17. Damn you saved burter and jieces life thank you

  18. Being reported in this game means absolutely nothing. Your giving the devs way too much credit. 💀

  19. Ayy i saw you for the first time last night name was ImNotThatGuy. It was a ginyu match i got sacrificed to recoome for the dragonballs and left to die. Glad you guys got the wish and won tho!

  20. You should have waited for the level 4 to die so he could have a chance

  21. Smh to the people that threw. They truly deserved what was coming.

  22. That’s funny how I was that Level 4 putting in that work and out of nowhere I see the ETM roaming around me while I’m piecing up Jeice.🤣

  23. The one who is not doing anything just running around is that goku black he run straight asf to the ETM I guess there’s more gamers like that in the game

  24. The two players with D-change definitely could have jumped in and at least buy the Shenron summoner some extra time, I think what you did was justified Ironcane.

  25. Bro that ending was hilarious😂 It sucks that ETM players are becoming influential to others. It's rare that I ever get a team that can band together to finish the game. It genuinely makes me want to give up from the start of every match and ditch everyone for the ETM and I hate that feeling.

  26. If people are going to start reporting on other player the developers should at least consider the other say before doing any sort of punishment if any……it’s only fair the player in question explain himself/ herself 🤨🤨🤨

  27. When I play breakers I always watch you inbetween matches😂

  28. I feel your pain bud. On PC there's a couple of dudes running around and queueing up together in flex queues and pretty sure they're telling each other where stuff is at. I hope the game expands to dilute those types out or people just learn to play. It's getting frustrating even playing with friends.

  29. 9:40 Okay, I'll gladly let you know. I made comments in the short and I knew you were being a jerk. SSBGogeta did absolutely nothing wrong. He found 4 keys and 2 dragon balls and set E down and damaged Guldo. Don't act like he did nothing the whole game and don't say you didn't. you say it right here 9:32 Do you want him to make you dinner and tuck you in at night too? Stop making this into an anti-etm message when SSBGogeta was literally carrying the whole match. He was doing objectives. Goku Black lost early to Guldo and was stuck on level 1 but he wasn't waiting near an etm. He was close to the stm. You can see him using IT on you at 8:15. Netiher of those players were hiding near an etm or you literally could not have called an ETM. Now that I have context, I DEFINITELY know you are just being toxic.

  30. This honestly seems toxic on all sides tbh. I get not having someone help with the main win isn't great, but at the same time, ETM Is A Win. Not for all parties involved, sure, but it is a win condition. So throwing the game because they didn’t help give you the win YOU wanted seems a bit rude, imo…

  31. I think the chat was getting the term squishy and bullet sponge confused.

  32. So you decided the fate of ALL players in the game…cool.

  33. Perfect call, ironcane just perfect .

  34. ETM mains make me hope the next raider gets a low stage area bombardment ability so they can temporarily nuke places etm mains like to hide in instead of helping allies

  35. I have that ALOT of these experience lately on Switch version and this random ETM gamers are such useless players when they REALLY want to escape…
    Furthermore I did 1v1 against the raider while that useless randoms fled with ETM while I bonking the raider here
    I swear…. I hate randoms these days they're such stupid players and don't know the game
    That's why I ONLY want premade is the best choice against this raider and randoms survivors I don't trust you EVER… you can rot in hell

  36. I'm legitimately with you on this one.
    I saw joltyr's comment, and while yes, he does make a good point that SSBGogeta wasn't totally an ETM gamer, GokuBlack ABSOLUTELY was.

    It all falls apart when Recoome is a nose hair away from death, you, one of the two Level 3's on your team, use your Change to take out Recoome before he auto evolves into Jeice/Burter. You should not have been the one to have to do that, it could've been either GokuBlack (Level 1, off CD), SSBGogeta (Level 2, off CD), or OK_Im_going_in (Level 3, off CD). I think it should have been either GokuBlack or SSBGogeta, as they had Change after you got taken out of yours initially, you then used the Change you just got back to finish Recoome off. (Of course, this could have all been avoided if SINBAD or Tony actually landed a hit but, hey, it happens) And, to make matters worse, OK_Im_going_in blows his Change after Recoome already died, leaving him out of position to fight and defend the STM while Jeice/Burter are now in play.

    So, now, the game is in a rough spot. You have no Change, nor the other Level 3, so you go to search for a soda so you can get Change back up to defend the STM, you then give the two balls you have to SINBAD so he can summon and hopefully get Level 4 to defend the STM and win the game, but that requires that SOMEONE fend of Jeice/Burter while the summon happens so the STM doesn't get destroyed, and there are exactly two people in position to do it; GokuBlack and SSBGogeta both of whom do nothing but sit there like idiots as the STM goes bye-bye.

    SSBGogeta may have helped a lot early game, but his efforts are nullified when he pretty much let the STM die, being over in another area, not even bothering to be in range of the STM to help defend it. As for GokuBlack, I have no clue where he was, but he ITs to you as soon as the STM gets destroyed so he can escape with you, and then shortly after, SSBGogeta follows suit.

    So, yes, Iron. You are 100% in the right when you fed the ETM to the Raider so that it is a complete loss. I have literally zero complaints with the toxicity and pettiness on full display here, in fact I encourage it. If those people are not going to try their best to win the game completely, they don't deserve to shift to Plan B and just escape when they could have ABSOLUTELY helped defend the STM if not defend it completely, leading to a full win. And worse off, the fault of the loss lies on the two who ran with you to escape, again; GokuBlack and SSBGogeta

  37. I don’t think reporting will do anything unless several people report them. I think you’re good! Though it sucks cause when you need to report an actual problematic player it only has a chance of working if you’re in a premade and get your buddies to report them too

  38. That’s exactly what I do when players don’t defend the Time Machine in a winnable match. Either that action or i make sure to grab the first mini Time Machine and hold on to it until the last 10 seconds. i escape alone while leaving the 5-6 remaining survivors left to die. These players need to learn how to play one way or another.

  39. I hate ETM gamers and imo you did nothing wrong. I would have done the same in your position 😂😂

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