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This new dragon survival game looks promising! Will it rival Day of dragons and Draconia? Let’s find out!

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  1. The background music reminds me straight of HTTYD… I hope to see characters from that franchise.

    And obviously it so far seems amazing!!!

  2. While I do have various personal reservations, I'm always up to see how development goes for more dragon games. I've wanted play-as-dragon games for 10+ years, and I've gotten only brief flash games at best until Day of Dragons came around. And now more are popping up! It's wonderful to see. Hopefully several become big. Competition breeds progress, so if multiple games become big all the devs will be trying to keep up in quality.

  3. Sounds like say of dragons mixed with the a game like Arc or Minecraft sounds interesting

  4. This sounds like ARK but you can play as a dragon

  5. I honestly hope this goes well. At least have it not end up being like Day of Dragons a few years back.

  6. Who tf is even gonna consider playing a human?

  7. Can’t wait to see if this game finishes looks awesome

  8. O my God!! pls do not mix dragon and ped gameplay in one game, there is one already, and dragons there is just bigger peds!! they have to share same strenght same health damn same ammounT of power, DAMN IT! trust me this is bad idea, unless developer will stay in way of make dragon to be a DAMN DRAGON!

  9. Sounds amazing yet a bit too ambitious I really hope for this game to be a great game I've been looking through their discord for a while and the devs are quiet nice people

  10. There is definitely potential here, hope it comes to pass

  11. this sounds so interesting, id love to play something like this

  12. If you’re impressed by this you should see day of dragons!

  13. Sounds like nothing more than a bunch of 'idea guys' with zero plan or distinguishing features. Guaranteed flop, if not an outright scam.

  14. Well obviously, i will choose to be a dragon, cos duh, obliterating human character players with dragonfire is fun 😏😛🔥💥

  15. So did Day of Dragons hope this doesnt have the same issue, because it does look fun

  16. Bumping the algorithm for this amazing game <3

  17. Just hoping for a cool price here in my country 🙂

  18. Really talented people behind this. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop

  19. after the day of dragons BS, ive got trust issues with dragon games. [cause thats all i really pay attention to when it comes to new games]

  20. Day of dragon still has better flight mechanics

  21. I really hope to see this turn into something big, It sounds like a really good game for all sorts of survival game fans

  22. This looks exciting a combination human and dragon survival? Very intrigued.

  23. I really want to play the demo now, It looks so good I hope It comes out soon. I'd have to do some major convincing to get the full game since my mom Is strict on my allowance 🥲

  24. Idea sounds fun but no it does not look promising

  25. they say the need a lot of money so lets hope .I am very grate full they are trying though .

  26. the fact that you can be other things than a dragon is gonna be great, i hope they can just allow us to group defent species

  27. As a dragon fanatic and a fan of grindy games, i can honestly say that this is exciting. Can't wait!

  28. It wont work the isle want do same more that 5 years and still only some dinos

  29. Now real question for some of us

    Will it be on console in the future

  30. Hopefully they don't disappoint like other survival games

  31. The bug looking armor reminds me of waspinator lol

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