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This new dragon survival game looks promising! Will it rival Day of dragons and Draconia? Let’s find out!

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  1. Day of dragons will always be the best dragon game.

    It's perfect,PERFECT,down to the last minute detail.

  2. Oooo exciting! We need more co-survival games with creatures AND animals!

  3. The first set of human armor shown make people look like Lord Zedd

  4. im not the biggest fan of dragon games but this one looks very interesting

  5. I hope it does and I hope it’s multiplayer like your friends are human and you can be a dragon

  6. This seem's like Ark but with a lot more dragon's 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  7. 0:11 looks like a path of titans map like I’m not the only one that sees that resemblance? Right?

  8. What I'm seeing is Dragon PAD Ark. And it pleases my brain to see it.

  9. this looks like those roblox dragon Roleplay games

  10. As a long time survival game player from the isle legacy to the forest and ark i say if this is true this game will be popular

  11. Well pretty much what I am here, and it’s copying a little off of Ark but mainly dragons and humans, even though they’ve copied a little off of Ark with star in, naked on the beach, kind of thing and farming then making weapons is still sounds like it’s gonna be a pretty good game

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