This New Dragon Survival MMO Just Got Better – New Eastern Dragon & More – Draconia

Draconia is an open-world dragon MMORPG. Play as one of several dragon species and take over the sky or the land. Unravel the story behind Draconia through quests, secret locations and various characters in single player and multiplayer mode.

Existing Features
• Character Customization: Give your character a custom name, change its pattern, colors and body parts, such as horns or tail tips or choose from pre-made textures.
• Basic Needs: Hunt to feed yourself and find water sources to drink from to survive.
• Scent: Use the scent system to find nearby water and food sources.
• Carrying: Carry items or low level players across the map.
• Gathering & Inventory System: Gather different resources to fill your hoard or to turn them into useful items.
• Character Leveling: Complete tasks and quests to grow your character and make it stronger.
• Crafting: Build a hoard to hide all your treasures in, create objects which improve your dragons stats or add temporary buffs.
• Questing: Find and complete one-time and daily quests to gain experience.
• Interactive Environment: Interact with objects in your environment to gain useful buffs or to uncover more parts of the story.

Planned Features
• Optional PvP: Play on servers without being afraid of being attacked by other players. Simply disable PvP in your character profile and enable it if you want to have a battle with someone else.
• Nesting: Build a nest and raise your own dragon hatchling.
• Dragon Dens: Earn yourself a place you can call home. Unlock and upgrade your own den to live a more comfortable dragon life.
• Talent Points: Spend talent points to increase your dragon’s traits.
• Group and Clan System: Go on your journey and bring your friends with you by inviting them to your group or creating your own clan, which allows you to announce events and keep track of your members progress.
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00:00 Draconia Introduction
00:58 Dragon Customization!
03:39 Entering the world as an Eastern Dragon!
08:16 First Flight!
09:51 Calls & MMO Gameplay
12:29 Our first Dragon Quest!
14:56 Legendary Golden Dragon
15:18 Learning How to do the Quest
19:35 Dragon Experiences UE5 Clouds!!
19:55 A Cataclysmic Storm! (MUST SEE!!)
22:04 Adult Eastern Dragon Calls + More


  1. So the footage is from the "better" version? How did it look before?

  2. You walk around and have buggy game play. You literally do nothing and did nothing. What is this game and when is there game play besides, "I'm a dragon and I fly"

  3. i dunno why but i recall a dragon mmo were the dev was super draconian (lol) and was being crazy and community abandoned it? i dont recall the name though was on yt media for a while

  4. holy crap, the moment i saw this video made me wanna buy the game. it is so beautiful oh my god. i love games like these and it's so good too

  5. Oh my god. I would never get to the actual game, I would spend 100% of my time making dragon after dragon in customizing.

  6. Sooo ,days of dragon didnt work out im guessing ?

  7. Well clearly this is a game I need. Wow. Those dragons are just breathtaking. Thanks for showing it off! I kind of hope they will be offering different types of horns/accessories in a cash store, that seems the logical thing to have.

  8. So like what's the point of playing as a dragon? I don't see why they couldn't add a purpose for being a dragon. Basically I haven't seen anything a normal human type model couldn't do naturally besides flying and that doesn't seem to serve much purpose either.

  9. I've been eyeing this game for a while! I might get it at some point

  10. I'm debating getting this game, but I'd like an honest opinion about the game. Just want to make sure I'm not wasting money lol- anyone have any input?

  11. Hello,it looks really cool and i strongly thinking about i buy it. Is there any map or minimap…or something what can help you orienting in suroundings ?

  12. 10:40 Sorry for answering your calls, didn´t know you were trying to record the big one … and really thanks for complimenting, it´s basically how I´d imagine Spectra the fiery Dragonwraith to be like as an Eastern. Nowadays it´s a fully-fledged level 50. 🤭🤭

  13. The customization in this game still gets me everytime… I'm a sucker for customization and cosmetics and will spend HOURS making characters… Definitely need to try this game out.

  14. Literally 1 second in and I see an eastern dragon and my first thought instinctively went to never ending story

  15. You should cover Wings of Dawn, it's an early access dragon/human game 👀

  16. Anyone else remember our generation reading dragon books in elementary school?

    Well now we get to experience what we dreamed about as kids.

  17. 0:30 Beasts of Bermuda literally had such a weather system (Even better than it, actually) for years.

  18. what makes these dragons really cool when it comes to the colors and patterns id that there is a couple of layers that are a transparent iridecent…so you can make your eastern dragon shimmer and colorshift…absolutely gorgious

  19. imagine if there was a fall off animation, you got to highest point and simply shut off wings until you reach closer to ground and gain control back

  20. this game is way more promising than DOD, this actually looks like someone who's interested in their work and actually making effort.

  21. I wish this would come to consoles and crossplay too would be cool .

  22. I want a mmorpg how to train your dragon survival game as any dragon they have and it takes place before httyd 1 so you can raid villages and fight vikings as dragons

  23. Geez, the customization is insane😂, I do have to admit I absolutely hate what you did with the dragon because it rips away everything that looks cool on a Eastern dragon. But still, great customization

  24. Haha, seven long months. because Long is the mandarin word for dragon… >.> I'll see myself out now.

  25. At 0:33 at the exact same time the lightning struck I had thunder and lightning go off

  26. I normally dislike the look of eastern dragon but they actually look really cool here, especially that flying animation.

  27. Dragons do exist, and they are returning.

  28. I wish that was available on ps.

    I remember one of my alltime fav. game was an rpg dragon game called "the i of the dragon", still miss playing it

  29. noodle dragon sleeping pose looks so comfy

  30. I think Dragons are wise creature when they get older. Till they're to a level of human sentient.

  31. Can anyone tell me if this game is gamepad compatible? I know day of dragons is, but was curious if this one is too

  32. Does anyone know where to download or buy this game?

  33. Oh my gaaaawd, i need this game immediately!!😍😍

  34. I think my favorite dragon game is The I of the Dragon. Hard to get running on modern systems tho.

  35. The graphics and appearance of the game is amazing as well as the character customization, animations and models, I've plaid it for a while HOWEVER the controls are absolutely garbage, it's a pain in the ass to move around ontop of the fact that the controls either have 0 weight or way too much weight. I understand it's a role-playing game but the survival mechanics are dog shit, I've seen better survival mechanics is roblox. I prefer the models in draconia but the controls in day of dragons are far better, I stg if the two groups worked together they could make the perfect dragon game, draconias amazing models and graphics along with day of dragons controls and movement weight and mechanics- right now there's no meat to draconia- fly aimlessly and level up by spending 12 hours breaking rocks. Day of dragons you spend an hour aging and surviving but the models look hideous anatomy wise. (This is just my opinion, at the moment I feel like I've wasted money on both but I'm also keeping in mind they aren't done)

    Edit: spelling and grammar

  36. Im so in love ❤❤❤❤❤ my hubby gonna miss me 😢lol😅

  37. Eastern Dragons use a magic infused orb to fly with. Some say it’s an egg. And some say it’s a magic infused orb. Their are many interpretations of how these dragons fly.

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