This New Dragon Survival MMO Just Got Better – New Eastern Dragon & More – Draconia

Draconia is an open-world dragon MMORPG. Play as one of several dragon species and take over the sky or the land. Unravel the story behind Draconia through quests, secret locations and various characters in single player and multiplayer mode.

Existing Features
• Character Customization: Give your character a custom name, change its pattern, colors and body parts, such as horns or tail tips or choose from pre-made textures.
• Basic Needs: Hunt to feed yourself and find water sources to drink from to survive.
• Scent: Use the scent system to find nearby water and food sources.
• Carrying: Carry items or low level players across the map.
• Gathering & Inventory System: Gather different resources to fill your hoard or to turn them into useful items.
• Character Leveling: Complete tasks and quests to grow your character and make it stronger.
• Crafting: Build a hoard to hide all your treasures in, create objects which improve your dragons stats or add temporary buffs.
• Questing: Find and complete one-time and daily quests to gain experience.
• Interactive Environment: Interact with objects in your environment to gain useful buffs or to uncover more parts of the story.

Planned Features
• Optional PvP: Play on servers without being afraid of being attacked by other players. Simply disable PvP in your character profile and enable it if you want to have a battle with someone else.
• Nesting: Build a nest and raise your own dragon hatchling.
• Dragon Dens: Earn yourself a place you can call home. Unlock and upgrade your own den to live a more comfortable dragon life.
• Talent Points: Spend talent points to increase your dragon’s traits.
• Group and Clan System: Go on your journey and bring your friends with you by inviting them to your group or creating your own clan, which allows you to announce events and keep track of your members progress.
and much more…


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00:00 Draconia Introduction
00:58 Dragon Customization!
03:39 Entering the world as an Eastern Dragon!
08:16 First Flight!
09:51 Calls & MMO Gameplay
12:29 Our first Dragon Quest!
14:56 Legendary Golden Dragon
15:18 Learning How to do the Quest
19:35 Dragon Experiences UE5 Clouds!!
19:55 A Cataclysmic Storm! (MUST SEE!!)
22:04 Adult Eastern Dragon Calls + More


  1. Thats a obvious scam dont give money to these guys

  2. The video is clearly a advertising of the game without saying it is, wich by itself is already missleading, there is a bigger problem. The game being advertised is visible unfinished, and I think is obvious, never will be. The game is just a combinations of assets from the unreal engine quickly trown together in the unreal engine to pass as a game and sell it to people who dont know better. The scope the game claims to be aiming is just to big to be real and they know it.

  3. GOD I'm so hyped about this game, I've loved dragons ever since I was a little kid!

    What I'm hoping for is NPC dragons in singleplayer that you can interact with, and maybe find a mate and raise babies!

    basically, WolfQuest with dragons XDD

  4. Wait, this thing isn't dead? I thought bare bones of what was left of this game turned to dust years ago…
    Or maybe it was a different project… hmm.

  5. Does this mean I can customize an Eastern dragon & play as Kaido from One Piece? 👀

  6. Atleast its not day of dragosn 2.0 (or wahtever it was called)

  7. My trouble with the game is the apparent lack of threat or dangers. Getting big to be big and then doing nothing is a rather serious problem.

  8. Will there be dungeons where you kill humans and level up?

  9. I need this game so bad. I've been watching the progress on it and it's come so far.

  10. Im sorry to say that, but in my opinion, the wingless asian dragon looks incredible clunky and unrealistic in his movement on the ground. Arokh, the dragon from Drakan (a game from 1999), has better movement while walking.

  11. WTF is this ? A game about being a dragon ? For real ? Someone realised people need this ? The sights are so beautiful in this ! But on the other side it's unsure what exactly you can make with a dragon in a game ? Finding these logs was a bit hopeless random experience to spend time on a huge map for it.

  12. His happiness at flying is nothing short of child-like: everything seems magical and wondrous even if it is something simple.

  13. This game, Day of Dragons, and other clones like em look like scams. Idk why y'all promote em. The concept is cool but the gameplay for all of em looks like shite. Same goes for their "content" or lack thereof.

  14. I like the idea, I mean, my imagination can fill up a few gaps, but some stuff have more or less 'logic' 😛

    I guess it would be important to consider this project to still be work in progress, perhaps they cannot show us all they want this game to be so for now we have to deal with awkward gathering animation and such, I mean those huts, they are man-made ? They are for dragons ? really o0 I think a Dragon would rather live in a cave then under one of those toothpick huts 😛

  15. The new WoW Xpack everyone is talking about looks nice!

  16. So I loved dragons as a kid, read the Dragonology books cover to cover multiple times but kinda lost interest in dragons in middle school. Recently however, say in the past year and a half, I have gotten into anime and fantasy RPGs and can honestly say I love dragons again. Stories and fictional worlds with dragons will always hold a special place in my heart, I would love it if dragons became popular in mainstream culture.

  17. I sincerely hope this doesn't turn out like the last dragon mmorpg I heard of.

  18. I've always wanted a Dragon MMO that has both Dragons and Humans as playable species …
    And then to find mature (as in not pew pew happy) people to do a [Dragon Riders Of Pern] thing where the humans and Dragons co-exist and etc.
    this looks like it might be heading that way … with lizard people rather but still ..

  19. Plz try made video all dragon in draconia i want see all dragon in this game

  20. after days of dragons I'm not surprised this didn't get much money but thankfully since you're coverin it maybe others will leave that game for this one that actually put in it's own work!

  21. The mis. thing is a bracelet (think it is on your right front wrist). Making cooked food gives you better benefits. Also think you lopped past me on here…lol. The flying is also correct to the actual lore of this dragon species. 🙂

  22. Didn't this game have a terrible dev/group with a shady past? My bad that was day of dragons.

  23. Is this the science-based, 100% dragon MMO I've been waiting all these years for?

  24. No idea how this game has slipped my radar lol also huge fan of eastern dragon XD

  25. I'm getting flashbacks to breath of the wild when the dragon flies.

  26. Its interesting the games that don't get huge success from kickstarter some how end up being better designed than the games that get huge success.

  27. Animation glide is sad on walking. Air floating is strange but looks nice. Assets is nice.

  28. Oh. My gods. I've been waiting so long for a mmo with dragons as the playable aspect! I just adore the creatures with my soul!! This looks very promising, i can definetly see myself getting the game in the future!!

  29. I'm only supporting this if African style dragons are included. they are often forgotten

  30. Day of Dragons looked better, and was a scam. So… this game doesn't have me hyped up in the slightest.

  31. I remember a a game by the name of Dragon Rage it was on the PS2. It was a lot of fun flying around eating cows and orcs using you breath attacks. I'll keep a look out for this it could be fun. Without any enemies and such to fight in the vid it's hard to say how this will progress. The flight looks interesting as just that but in combat it looks like it would be too slow. It's hard to tell.

  32. almost thought this was the 100% science based dragon mmo from reddit over a decade ago haha

  33. ngl it has come a long way and i now kinda wanna spend the 30 bucks on steam to play it

  34. im just afraid it will turn out to become day of dragons 2

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