This New Dragon Survival MMO Just Got Better – New Eastern Dragon & More – Draconia

Draconia is an open-world dragon MMORPG. Play as one of several dragon species and take over the sky or the land. Unravel the story behind Draconia through quests, secret locations and various characters in single player and multiplayer mode.

Existing Features
• Character Customization: Give your character a custom name, change its pattern, colors and body parts, such as horns or tail tips or choose from pre-made textures.
• Basic Needs: Hunt to feed yourself and find water sources to drink from to survive.
• Scent: Use the scent system to find nearby water and food sources.
• Carrying: Carry items or low level players across the map.
• Gathering & Inventory System: Gather different resources to fill your hoard or to turn them into useful items.
• Character Leveling: Complete tasks and quests to grow your character and make it stronger.
• Crafting: Build a hoard to hide all your treasures in, create objects which improve your dragons stats or add temporary buffs.
• Questing: Find and complete one-time and daily quests to gain experience.
• Interactive Environment: Interact with objects in your environment to gain useful buffs or to uncover more parts of the story.

Planned Features
• Optional PvP: Play on servers without being afraid of being attacked by other players. Simply disable PvP in your character profile and enable it if you want to have a battle with someone else.
• Nesting: Build a nest and raise your own dragon hatchling.
• Dragon Dens: Earn yourself a place you can call home. Unlock and upgrade your own den to live a more comfortable dragon life.
• Talent Points: Spend talent points to increase your dragon’s traits.
• Group and Clan System: Go on your journey and bring your friends with you by inviting them to your group or creating your own clan, which allows you to announce events and keep track of your members progress.
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00:00 Draconia Introduction
00:58 Dragon Customization!
03:39 Entering the world as an Eastern Dragon!
08:16 First Flight!
09:51 Calls & MMO Gameplay
12:29 Our first Dragon Quest!
14:56 Legendary Golden Dragon
15:18 Learning How to do the Quest
19:35 Dragon Experiences UE5 Clouds!!
19:55 A Cataclysmic Storm! (MUST SEE!!)
22:04 Adult Eastern Dragon Calls + More


  1. Welcome back to Draconia! I'm very pleased to see some progress since the last time we visited. This is shaping up really good!So that weather system in UE5 is pretty intense huh?

  2. This is amazing keep it up dude your the best

  3. Let’s goooooo new vid!! Love your content !

  4. I'm actually trying to make a MMORPG dragon game while I'm still in highschool but instead of just dragons you can play as multiple creatures like serpents, phoenixes, giant lizards and a few more.

  5. Game looks really nice, would be cool to have different dimensions huge weather storms where some dragons are stronger and stuff.

  6. I miss seeing your content and it made me happy when you uploaded this video

  7. Can’t wait to throw some hours into this game! You give me dragons and then anything else is just extra for me

  8. this game looks amazing and the dragons where can i get the game

  9. Hey Anth love to see your back don’t wanna be rude or anything but why haven’t you been uploading as often

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