Three Kingdoms: Fate of the dragon – Liu Bei – 01

This game is one of the hardest i’ve ever played! Enjoy

Mission: Joining the Army at Zhuojun
difficulty: Hard


Three Kingdoms: Fate of the dragon was developed by Overmax Studios, Object Software Limited and published by Eidos Interactive.


  1. Can it run on Window 10?? I want to play the game again cuz back then I didn’t know how to play the game at all.

  2. Anyone know how do we increase reputation of our leader ?
    For example Liu Bei reputation start at 100 ( Like loyalty for warriors ) and goes on decresing each time we get tax income But where are other leaders reputation seems to stay at 100 or increase when its below 100 . For loyalty we can increase by giving reward such as position or gold ? Ty for reading

  3. first play.. this mission make my head boil….. i hope i can finish it after watching this video :/
    *you made it look easy……. lol

  4. are there similair games to this? i remember equiping a unit with a horse.

  5. What happens when trees end? Do they respawn after some time?

  6. My god, finally I've remembered how it was called! Good times. It crushed me to even try and grasp the basic understanding of how this game worked for some reason way back when. Thanks for playing it so much!

  7. I had dragon throne battle of the red cliffs but I think it’s the same xD

  8. Anyone know how to get this to play on Windows 7? I have successfully installed and am trying to open the programme as administrator and with the XP compatability mode but the game just will not run!

  9. I'm very proud to say I worked on this game.

  10. This is actually one of the various <Romance of the Three Kingdoms> game I actually play and like, better than all those Koei version if you ask me.

  11. Nostalgia almost 15 years ago i played this game, please tell me, how i get this game, because the disk was gone😞😞

  12. Only had the demo when I was a kid and after a while I found one at a slovak tesco, did not hesitate a single second to buy it lmao

  13. Sitting here in 2021 trying to remember what this game was called, thank god I found this video! What a game!

  14. How to run Fate of the Dragon in windows 10 64-bit pc?
    Fate of the Dragon is 32 bit game…

  15. yo lo jugue hace años el demo y despues el juego completo, en windows XP jajaj

  16. hello man , can be possible gets this full game today?? i have version V 1.02 and missions crashed in level like 7 , 8 of every kings liu bei cao cao sun quan

  17. this is a great childhood game, but i am having a hard time playing on win 10 which is laggy and very slow. can anyone help me?

  18. An absolute hidden gem that never claimed the credit it deserves

  19. I played this game as a kid , I had no idea what I was doing , used catapults & generals only to raid other nations

  20. Remembered playing this in the 5th grade back in 2004 lol. Such good old days!

  21. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei vs. Yellow Turbans

  22. i really miss being able to play this i cant ever get it to work on win 10

  23. Hey IceTone, you got a copy of this game lying around? lost my original disk to this beautiful og game in the midst of a spring cleaning.

  24. Such a good and detailed game. Remembered playing the campaign in my childhood 😊

  25. Thank you for fantastic evenings in this game with my brother! So many memories… Like it was yesterday omg

  26. anyone can give download link for this game? Please!

  27. i remember skipping all units and just using heroes because i was able to reset attack timer by spam clicking, just destroying whole armies with 5-6 heroes on horses.

  28. i've been searching for this game for years. now i rest… thanks 😛

  29. My RTS sessions back in the day as a kid circulated around Age of Empires, Red Alert 2, Dark Reign 2, Kill Krush n Destroy and this game, god, what great memories, kids nowadays won't ever know what it's like to have limited internet, no social media, just you and a game, without any strangers online influencing your opinions on things.

  30. Pure nostalgia listening to this soundtrack… I remember one day waking up early just to play this game, I remember being on the computer playing and listening to this song and I looked out the window and saw the sun rise that morning. How I loved this game and Age Of Empires

  31. How i miss this game? I play ROTK 3-14, but miss this game while i still use my pentium 4 back then…

  32. Amazing game of all times! dude it. The best for me better that Age of Empires.

  33. Im playing this game when i was 4 and gets frustated to understand the game 😂

  34. I played this game for the first time in 2004-2005

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