Top 10 best double dragon games 🎮

Double Dragon (ダブルドラゴン Daburu Doragon) is a beat ’em up video game series initially developed by Technōs Japan and released as an arcade game in 1987. The series stars twin martial artists, Billy and Jimmy Lee, as they fight against various adversaries and rivals. Due to the popularity of the game series, an animated series and live-action film adaptation have also been produced. Ready to embark on a journey through gaming history? Look no further than Sega rage 3 game online! With vast collection of classic Sega titles, you can experience the magic of retro gaming from the comfort of your own browser.

The franchise is now the property of Arc System Works, the company that had ported the original Double Dragon to the Sega Master System console in 1988.

There is a mistake with Double dragon 2: the revenge on gameboy it’s the wrong title! (Double dragon 2)

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  1. Double dragon on the nes is no where near as good as super double dragon on the snes or double dragon advance for that matter!

  2. There's a version of Double Dragon for the Zeebo Console, i recommend you to watch a video, it's absolutely amazing!

  3. Super Double Dragon is the best IMO. It required players to be methodical with defense and offense, the levels were detailed, great OST, and had a cool art direction. I just wish they could give it an HD remaster and give more story content.

  4. Ok I get that Super Double Dragon had better fighting mechanics, but the gameplay is slow asf compared to the NES classics. Maybe im missing something.

  5. The beginning of this video. Double Dragon Neon. The helicopter with all the bullet hell… Yeah. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

  6. My favorite is Battletoads double dragon

  7. No original arcade D.D? D.D advance at 5??!!! no arcade D.D 2? and pc engine cd version at 1? now I know you were trolling.

  8. Obviously the games are not listed as a worst to best order

  9. How could DD 1 on the NES be in the top 5 on this? SMS DD1 was superior to NES DD1 in every possible way, including number of enemies per screen, starting # of moves, possibility of arcade style 2 player, color fidelity, the fact that you could have different TYPES of enemies at one time, etc. etc.

  10. Why is the Double Dragon Neo-Geo fighter the only arcade title on this list?

  11. Double dragon 2 de family el mejor de todos inigualable

  12. 10 best? Hell nah, there is only 3 best on NES. The rest is… meh. They are good but not enough to be perfect 10 best.

  13. Honestly agree with most of this list. Was a huge fan of DD since the NES, but never grew up with the Arcade. Loved the TG16 version of DD2 and eventually got into the Riki Kunio games. When I finally got to play the arcade it was kind of a downer. Something about it just did not age well and felt empty compared to the console versions

  14. Double Dragon Neon is one of the best games of all time, easily top 5 in my book

  15. Another great Double Dragon game is Double Dragon on the Zeebo. It's a shame nobody has been able to port it from the console. It looks so awesome

  16. DD 1 on the arcade was the best by far! Revolutionary for it's time and the co op allowed for quarter eating endless fun!

  17. I never had any issue with any game in the series except for DD neon ugh… Played it alot with my brother and man it's just terrible I get the whole it's a parody of the time gimmick but game play and feel of it…. Nope needs to be wiped from existence I'll take IV for the snes over it anyday

  18. Double dragon 1 & 2 arcade are the best of the best!!!!! Forever

  19. Really? PC engine version of II is that good? Not Super, not Double Dragon III on the Genesis, not Advance?

  20. 0:09 why the fuck is a helicopter taking a fucking dump if it's not going to do anything? It's obviously not damaging him

  21. in pc engine, i played other version, in 80s, thats modern

  22. Loved Abobo on Double Dragon Neo Geo. But wow the original Double Dragon Arcade didn’t make the list? That’s Ludacris!!!

  23. Double Dragon 1 Nes and Double Dragon GBA-BEST.

  24. Double Dragon On Arcades, Who was alive back then knows how that game blew kids minds back in the day, Too many Nintendo fanboys talking shit here

  25. The version for a console called Zeebo is missing (it is a console that was only released in Brazil, China, India and Mexico)

    This version is extremely rare, it's a remake made by Brizo Interactive Corp and published by TecToy, it's a 2D remake of the first Double Dragon, it's literally the best remake I've ever played, it's just a pity it's extremely rare to find.

    Since Zeebo was an all-digital console and the ZeeboNet store has already been closed it is rare to find a Zeebo console with this game.

  26. If I can jump and spin kick with rb in mid air hands down dd neon😎

  27. I was a Sega version man myself must admit lol

  28. I think 3 on nes is the best it was tough and fun a lot of these other versions had too many attacks imo

  29. I don't understand why nobody likes Double Dragon 3 on the Nes. Its my favourite!

  30. Minha lista séria!!
    1-Double Dragon 1 (Arcade)
    2-Double Dragon 2 (Nes)
    3- Double Dragon Advencer (GBA)
    4 Double Dragon Zeebo (Zeebo)
    5 Return of Double Dragon (Snes)
    6 Double Dragon 4 (PS4)
    7 Double Dragon 2 (Arcade)
    8 Rage of the Dragons (Neo Geo)
    9 Double Dragon 1 (Nes)
    10- Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons (Xbox)

  31. The Double Dragon version for Tectoy Zeebo is the best.

  32. I like Double Dragon 2018 on OPENBOR

  33. No way the nes version is better than super double dragon

  34. Despite the controversy around it, DD 3 was by far the best on NES

  35. DD sega master system should be lot higher

  36. #1 Double Dragon 2, #2 Double Dragon Advance, #3 Super Double Dragon. Double Dragon 2 is number 1 for me because it holds a special place in my heart, great childhood memories

  37. 10: Super Double Dragon, let me explain that all Double Dragon spinoffs are shit, we all know that, the movie was complete bullshit, the acting was horrible and Billy and Jimmys names were switched with the Double Dragon II inspiration for events that happened canon before Double Dragon I " The Rescue ", the anime cartoon was bizarre and recreative, the Gameboy series is to changed from Double Dragon II, The Neo Geo game is childish, to difficult, with wierd characters, the Sega companies Double Dragon IIII backtracks to 8 bit bullshit and is depicted incorrectly and completely retarded, the storyline is retarded, dully thought of, as well as Machine Gun Willy made out to be deceased, which is a total lie, anyways for Super Double Dragon, is an actual good Double Dragon spinoff, the brave behaviour and the frisky movements and the badasse music themes are totally cool, no doubt about that.

    9: The Combatribes, Arcade&SNES, this Technos Double Dragon slugathon style game is addicting, way to fun to stop playing!

    8: Double Dragon I, All Ports, the poster childs of the franchise

    7: Double Dragon II, Personal Computer, the PC coin op remake

    6: Double Dragon II, Nintendo Entertainment System, the canon remake Double Dragon game revolving around Jimmy Lee.

    5: Double Dragon II, Arcade, The real canon Double Dragon II " The Revenge "

    4: Double Dragon II, PC Engine version, this is the ultimate Double Dragon II game, as well as the rarest Double Dragon game you can find on emulator burn image and original collector antiquities, its enchanced is graphics, audio, remaked depictions, and stimuli(Like the arcade special effects, the graphic artistry, improved storyline indulgement, and sound effects), it uses the best Double Dragon II official patent artwork, showing Jimmy Lee with his hairline tapered vest, just cool, ultimate, way to catchy and cool.

    3: Battletoads Double Dragon, All Ports, Billy and Jimmy are excellently depicted, Billy with his neat blonde hair and Jimmy with his sleek androphiliac looks, the fearless behaviour and the shaolin speed running is completely spectacular! BTDD is colorful, creative, and extremely fascinating for science fiction! Billy and Jimmy got classed with Megaman, Contra, and Doom, NOW THAT IS SPECTACULAR! BELIEVE THAT! BTDD FOR VICE PRESIDENT!

    2: Double Dragon III, All Ports, Double Dragon III was proclaimed in Nintendo Power to be the best Double Dragon game in the series, the best music themes, the best graphics, and definantly the best egotisms, the OG Double Dragon behaviour is to much, the frisky strides of running, the fearless guard stance with the subtle walking movement is just what you wanna be amazed by, the double cyclone spin kick, wall jump kicking, the store and weapons, and power attrition with RONEY, IS JUST TO MUCH! DOUBLE DRAGON III FOR PRESIDENT!

    1: The Double Dragon Remix fan game, this Double Dragon fangame, IS COMPLETELY AWESOME, its got colorful creativity, its tweaked easier, fixed re-depictions, added re-depictions, better audio, music, and graphics, this is a true advance in re-displaying the female fans Jimmy Lee remake of Double Dragon correctly and elaborately, with improvements, and professionally released to the internet.

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