Top 10 best dragon Ball Z games (playstore edition)👍💯#top #top10 #topgames #topgames #free#shorts


  1. พัชรภัทร์ สุวิจิตรพงษ์ says:

    Dbl:bro u miss me💀

  2. Dragon ball legends is not here because its too good🗿

  3. Dragon Ball z ?? No have this dragon ball legends

  4. What region can I play these on cause idk

  5. where the hell is dragon ball legends bro

  6. I not lying he is wrong on one i say dragon ball legends is one of the best

  7. What about dbl? Also all these games are below MID GARBAGE

  8. Hi, I have a dragon ball game called Xeno Ball and it would be great to hear your opinion about the game.

  9. dragon ball legends number 1 and dragon ball budokai dumber 2

  10. Tourney of warriors, dbl, and legend warrior have left the chat

  11. Dragon Ball Legends, Power Warriors, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle left the left

  12. Iso de Dragon ball ttt xenoverse para la ppsspp es el mejor , ese top no le llega ni a los pies 😎

  13. Dragonball Tenkaichi Tag Team Underrated Diamond

  14. For the incredibly idiots who are quoting dbl, the video is only about 2D games

  15. Best recommendation is DRAGON BALL TENCHICHI TAG TEAM MOD

  16. Dragon ball legends and Dokkan have left the chat

  17. Legend fighter and dbl are quitting sitting in the corner

  18. Ultimate heroes left the chat

  19. I don't see who for number 2

  20. Bro forgot the legendary shafter DRAGON BALL LEGENSA

  21. dbl entered the voice call: whats up- WTF ARE THEESE dokkan: oh were on a list dbl: WHAT ABOUT ME dokkan: idk 'dbl left the chat'

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