Top 10 Dragon Games – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel presents his Top 10 Dragon games!

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – #10
01:38 – #9
02:08 – #8
02:41 – #7
03:08 – #6
03:42 – #5
04:13 – #4
04:53 – #3
05:35 – #2
06:27 – #1

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  1. Wow. I really like the opening orchestral (brass ensemble?) music. Is this an original composition?

  2. Good stuff! I really thought 1 & 2 would be dice masters and heroscape. Both you can build really cool teams made entirely from dragons!

  3. funny, I didn't think you liked Dragon's Rampage when you 1st reviewed it. I remember you saying it played similarly to Yahtzee/King of Tokyo with the dice rolling.

  4. I 1/2 expected you to say the Dragon expansions from Arcadia Quest. ha

  5. Before watching the video, two games immediately came to my mind:

  6. Tsuro of the Seas is my favorite dragon game

  7. Tom where would you put Clank as that's the most big recent Dragon game?

  8. Tom do you like Clank! and Wrath of Dragons? These are two of my favorites!

  9. Heroes by Rebel/Lion games. There is a Dragon for each of the 4 colors.

  10. What about dungeons and dragons attack wing?

  11. Pretty cool list, showcases some games I had no idea existed.

  12. at least one of those was a wyvern, not a dragon.

  13. I was surprised Vast wasn't on this list. I think Tom could have probably made this a top 50 list if he really wanted to.

  14. Tom, Blue Moon City isn't really a Dragon game. Those dragons might just as well be bananas.
    Where's D&D Attack Wing?

  15. Tao Long will be (close to the) top of the list next year.

  16. Missed so many games:
    D&d ashardalon

  17. Chello!! Dungeons and Dragons, Tiamat Battles. Dungeon Quest. Magic The G, Baby…!!! WooooT, I love me some Dragons…..YEAH!!!!!!

  18. 1. Magic: The Gathering
    2. Gloomhaven
    3. Mage Knight
    4. Small World
    5. Smash Up

  19. So surprised you didn't include Vast or Clank!

  20. I'm so surpised you didn't include Vast. Have you lost interest on it already?

  21. Vicious negotiations?? Doesn't sound like my kinda fun or number 1….

  22. Vast and Dungeonquest.  Both are very thematic and fun.

  23. Vast and Clank came to mind as soon as I saw the title. I thought they would be mentioned for sure.

  24. Yup, missed Clank! and Vast: the Crystal Caverns, I also like Drakon.

  25. Clearly you missed the best dragon game: Tichu! There's a "dragon" card… >< 😛

  26. Good list. A couple I have never heard of that sounded fun. I like Dragon's Hoard as well.

  27. Surprised D&D Attack wing didn't make the list or Dragonwood.

  28. Why there is no good dragon game, btw you play as dragon.
    Is because they make them all wrong. I will be the one that makes the most perfect dragon game world will see, if i don't die and the idea dies with me

  29. Book of Dragons is going to be brilliant!

  30. also games where you get to BE a dragon: dragon's hoard, dragoon, wrath of dragons

  31. Will Dragon Rampage ever get release as a dice tower essentials?

  32. Dragonheart, and Dragonwood missing :'(

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