Top 10 Dragon Games – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel presents his Top 10 Dragon games!

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – #10
01:38 – #9
02:08 – #8
02:41 – #7
03:08 – #6
03:42 – #5
04:13 – #4
04:53 – #3
05:35 – #2
06:27 – #1

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  1. I’m surprised vast and wrath of dragons did not make the list

  2. I really enjoyed Prophecy of Dragons and Clank! and Tsuro, in addition to a lot of Tom's.

  3. I thought you would have mentioned Vast

  4. I know Tsuro is a very abstract game but I like it 🙂

  5. Talisman 4th edition Dragon Expansion, Draco Magi, and DungeonQuest are my favs

  6. I would have included Wrath of Dragons. Dragon worker placement!

  7. Also thought D&D Attack Wing would've made you list, remember you saying it was your favorite in that line of games.

  8. Ok before I watch the video I am going to predict Vast : The Crystal Caverns, D&D Attack Wing, Drakon (ok maybe not Drakon !), Descent 2nd Edition. If Talisman enters the list the world will end. update: yup all wrong.

  9. Along the lines of #1, I think Dicey Goblins scratches that same itch while being a total hoot! Raid the cave, everyone is guessing who is too greedy and its fast. Fun times.

  10. Out of curiosity Tom, where would you put Dungeons & Dragons on this list? don't actually know how much roleplay you've done in the past, but would love to see the dice tower live play a roleplay game

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