Top 10 Dragon Scenes from Game of Thrones

Talking about Game of Thrones characters, in addition to humans, a major chunk of the spotlight is stolen by Daenerys’s dragons.
Her three dragons (viserion, rhaegal and drogon) are a visual treat for everyone and they play a major role in Game of Thrones so today I’ll be counting down the top 10 times where Dragons played a major role in Game of Thrones. This list is just my opinion so feel free to let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  1. My favorite Drogon scene is when that slave master told Dany " YOUR REIGN IS OVER" ….then Dany replied "MY REIGN HAS JUST BEGUN" with that sly bad a** look on her face. Drogon flies over and jumps behind her. I became team House of Targaryen at that very moment. Lol

  2. Ngga stfu we just tryna see the scenes n get that OG nostalgia, not hear yo dumbahh English class analysis report on each scene

  3. Best moment was when dragon said, "It's dragoning time."

  4. Lord Jon?!?? I think you mean Sir Jorah

  5. Number 8 – the idiot slave dude "buying" a dragon for 8,000 warriors – and dragons don't do the "sell" thing. It was just BEAUTIFULLY shot, dialog (no, I don't know hot to talk valerian….) heh heh heh.

  6. I think Ice Dragon deserved a mention here, maybe more than Viserions death.

  7. Maybe my number 2 is Undead Dragon attack the wall.

  8. Drogon showing up versus the Lanisters. I wasn't prepared for just how massive he had grown.

  9. We learn now that Dany was the unburnt and a dragon thru magic. Targaryens were not by blood given that gift, of being immune to fire. She truly was the most gifted magical powerful Targaryen ever. AND TWO SIMPLE MEN DND RUINED HER.

  10. I think it would make more sense that the pple killed John during the battle and daenerys became furious

  11. Boy, real fun hearing you talk ABUTH the dragons

  12. There’s a dragon carcass at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and it’s 3,400 miles from nose to tail tip. You don’t have to believe it, doesn’t change the fact that it’s there.

  13. I think the coolest dragon scene was Drogon burning kings landing. That was terrifying

  14. Wish she made gear for dragons 💯💪🏼💪🏼would’ve been more epic for them

  15. For many of Us (Like Me) its the dragons and Dany … The reason to watch the show again and again…

  16. If Jon a Targaryen he can use the dragon power too

  17. i was rlly so extremely disappointed in dany for chaining up her boys. drogon's the one who burnt the girl, but the other two were punished for it?? if she hadn't chained them up she would've had like 3 drogon-sized dragons.

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  19. Hey how can Night King destroying the wall with Undead Drogon not be number 1? Cmon 😉

  20. So the fire couldn’t kill her but John snow’s sword did?

  21. People watch this show for the sex. I watch it for the dragons

  22. bro i really with this nigga voice was not playing

  23. How can you leave out the burning of King's Landing?!

  24. You didnt show Vasarion as ice zombie. I thought that was one of the best dragon scenes

  25. omg why am I noticing now that when Dany goes to get her babies, when they cry out it sounds like viserion is saying "help me." LOL. I loved viserion he seemed more of the mama's boy 🙁 It broke my heart when died.

  26. Do you really have to keep talking and ruining every scene?

  27. The Dragon scenes in G.O.T was what I lived for ahha ! Love it , Ty for sharing !

  28. Them dead ppl in they leader kill the first one by this sword and the second dragon was just flying beside his brother in till they had to hit him like 3 times to get down in the water that just broke my heart on the second dragon when they was swimming above the water and they kept hitting him so much blood came out of his mouth and then fell if I had a dragon like that in someone killed it I would not be on the show neither bc like why you kill my dragon🙄

  29. I literally cried when the Night King killed Viserion.

  30. The issue I had with #2 was that the water looked so deep right off of the bank.

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