Top 10 Dragons From Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon

One of the best things about “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon” are the incredible dragons! For this list, we’re looking at the most powerful, most memorable, and most standout fiery steeds from “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon.” Spoilers for both shows lie ahead. Our countdown includes Caraxes, Viserion, Meleys, Balerion the Black Dread, and more! Which dragon would you be most afraid to slay? Ignite the comments with your favorites!

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  1. I’m surprised Vermithor and Syrax aren’t on this list

  2. My list
    1. Balerion
    I have no idea how much powrrfull cannibal is.

  3. Im like where are there arms? Lol they look like wyverns to me which are cousins of dragons they still are dragons but they only have the back feet and some have thier arms attached to their wings…but anyway im only here bcuz i like dragons alot lol

  4. Caraxes all the way!! He strikes best warcry..

  5. I don’t like that they redesigned Balerion’s skull in House of the Dragon. ’Cause they showed a different skull in season 7 ep 2 of Game of Thrones.
    This new version just looks like an up-scaled Drogon skull instead of being its own thing. The old Balerion skull had its own look and was not just Drogon but bigger.

  6. ชื่อจริง ก็คิดเอา says:

    Caraxes is the one of my heart

  7. No way drogon is above balerion and caraxes

  8. Where are Sea Smoke and Syrax? They should have been honorable mentions since Syrax is Rhaenyra’s dragon.

  9. This review is wrong on so many levels!
    Balerion should be number one followed by Vheagar and Vermithor the bronze fury!!

  10. How about a top 10 dragon species from the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise list?

  11. Vhagar is terrifying! That last episode had me fucking scared I swear, just seeing her in that rainy night and then that quick kill in the end…..chilling af

  12. I have watched HOTD till 4th episode but i haven't got the same vibes like drogon in GOT, he is furious, aggressive and just looks far more glorious compared to some dragons in HOTD.

  13. No fucking way Balerion is before Drogon

    Balerion was the biggest dragon history's ever seen. Drogon is literally smaller than practly any dragon of HOTD. Caraxes before Viserion and Vermithor not on the list is idiotic.

  14. For me the first one is Caraxes, he reflects everything of his master, one of the most original dragons I've seen so far… with his long neck… that way of flying… and he is scary… I'm sure he is very powerful. To be seen in the future on other fights. I'm not forgetting Drogon… but you should know that he's the smallest dragon of all apparently (I saw a diagram that said so) if this one isn't mistaken. So 1 Caraxes 2. Balerion 3. Drogon

  15. I feel as a character.. caraxes is the most developed.. from his appearance, his nature to the errie sound he makes before you even see him… The writers worked on him a lot more than any of the others i feel

  16. No vermithor? Also I feel like the black dread would have gotten the best of drogon in a battle

  17. The list might changed when hotd released all episodes

  18. Fun fact: All of these are not dragons. They are wyverns. Dragons stand on four legs while wyvern uses their wing as a leg

  19. I would never dare to stand infront of caraxes

  20. i’m sorry, but balerion was greater drogon, in fire and blood is said that people thought it was night when he flew because he was that big he could darken entire cities. he had such burning fire that he melt the stones that made harrenhall, he was the last dragon born in valyria. he was much bigger, by far, and fierce than drogon. he was the dragon thanks to who aegon could conquer the 7 realms (there were also meraxes and vaghar, but balerion was mire important)

  21. As far as which dragon I'd be terrified to go up against it'd be between The Cannibal, Balerion and Vhagar

  22. I feel like this was heavily biased towards got

  23. That's how it ends
    Balerion started the "Game of thrones"
    Drogon ended the "Game of thrones"

  24. Sheepstealer is mentioned but not Seasmoke? Seasmoke is a beautiful grey dragon that is stealthy in clouds due to his coloring. Also, he is one of the few dragons in HoTD that's been in a real war like Caraxes. Dreamfyre should be on the list too and Vermithor. Dany's dragons are believed to be Dreamfyre's children.

  25. Meleys is a beautiful dragon, those round horns circling her neck is really regal

  26. Sunfyre isnt the most beautiful dragon in westeros!!, DON'T FORGET MERAXES 1 of the 3 original dragons ridden by Princess Rhaenys (sister wife of Aegon I ) ,.. MERAXES SYMBOLIZES TARGARYEN DYNASTY AND POWER, WITH HER SILVER SCALES AND GOLDEN MEMBRANES!!!

  27. My favorites are 1. Meleys, 2. Caraxes, 3. Vermithor, 4. Dreamfyre and 5. Balerion.

  28. One of my favorite dragons from the dance gotta be Sunfyre, There was no dragon that survived as many dragon battles as he did.He also had the highest dragon kill record along side vhagar

  29. Meleys deserves to be in top 4👀

  30. If we ever see drogon again, I bet he's the biggest dragon ever

  31. for all his ferocity; Caraxes is a big scaly puppy with Daemon and I love it. He's by far my favorite.

  32. They should show balerion in HOTD in some flashback of some sort

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