Top 10 Game of Thrones Questions Answered in House of The Dragon

We had some questions following the end of “Game of Thrones,” and “House of the Dragon” has thankfully answered them. For this list, we’ll be looking at lingering mysteries from “Game of Thrones” that were followed up on in its prequel series. If you’re not caught up on both shows, beware of major spoilers ahead. Our countdown includes Why Did Aegon Conquer Westeros?, What Started the Targaryen Civil War?, Is Harrenhal Really Cursed?, What Happened in Essos Following the Doom?, and more! Are there any other “Game of Thrones” questions you need answers to? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Wait, but I thought the Targeryans can’t burn? Like they can touch fire and not get hurt right? Or am I tripping?

  2. HoD would be an A+ show if not for the ridicule and nonsensical forced diversity. It’s as if the producers want to pretend as if an ancient feudal society would be more racially progressive than 1960s America. Those black lords would have never been accepted and be routed out root and stem from Westeros.

  3. and in the meanwhile the writers chose a shame ending for the "promised prince" aka jon snow,

  4. The dragons are bonded to the rider in battle the riders are tense scared & angered. They are protecting the rider. The riders where also panicked and not speaking valerian commands

  5. Aegon’s dream was a prophecy for Jon Snow not Danerys..

  6. back story were all great.. but the ending sucks :/

  7. agons dream is how they link both series

  8. But, if all targaryans and others man have hair colour after father, why john snow/aegon have dark black hair? Does not make any sense

  9. Showing one of the worst scenes of how the dagger was used in a season we do not talk about anymore

  10. How would Dragons parish because of volcano eruptions? They come from fire and can simply fly away.

  11. No. 10- There was a third House with Valyrian blood, House Celtigar!

  12. Read the books you get a lot of answers there….

  13. ALICENT FINAL WORDS :::: I Want to see my sons again, and Helaena, my sweet girl, oh … and Rhaenyra . We will read together as we did when we were children. 💔

  14. Only listened to the 1st answer and I have to make an ammendment… The Velaryons moved to Westeros prior to the Doom before House Targaryen took up Dragonstone as their seat. They did not leave Valyria in the same fashion as House Targaryen.

  15. Wondering about the history of a dagger reminds me of fans obsessing over Jack's Tattoos in LOST. This didn't need to be important, and trying to make it important only led to silly storytelling. The Ice and Fire prophecy was such a dud, I'm stunned House of the Dragon decided to double down on it.

  16. We definitely deserve to see Balerion the dread in flight… 🐲

  17. How did Rhaenyra know Luerys had been killed by Vhagar ?
    There was no witness. She only knows that Lucerys didn't come back.

    However, she may have had echos of the confrontation in Storm's End.

  18. Ah yes. When Rhanerya turns back around to face us, she has that “I’m gonna do some War Crimes now” look on her face.

  19. Herrenhalls curses isn’t from Aegons conquest, it’s from it Harrenhalls construction, the blood of the slaves and others who built it is mixed into to concrete of every stone, from the point of it’s completion it was believed to be cursed

  20. The prophecy of Melisandre and the one of Aegon are to completely different

  21. I feel like the whole dagger thing would have tied in perfectly with Bran becoming the Night King.

    Why else would the assassin sent to kill Bran have the dagger that killed the Night King?

  22. I think you're confused on what the word answer means. Because saying that HOD answers the question of how the prophecy survived with "word of mouth" is just complete bullshit. You could fancy that up and say 'oral tradition as was common in that time' but that's still what we all assumed and in no way is specifically answered in HOD. All that told us is that the Targaryen line has a dedicated interest in keeping the prophecy alive and also that they DON'T TELL ANYONE! Viserys doesn't tell his wife. He doesn't tell Daemon. Literally the only person he tells is Rhaenyra. They are so dedicated to keeping this a secret that they only wrote it in one place: on a dagger made of Valerian steel that can only be seen if it has been lit by fire. I mean, seriously. You think this method is how the prophecy became known by apparently everyone in that universe? Word of mouth…hah! And that made the number one spot too. Nuts.

  23. David lightbringer has an amazing series about the doom of Valeria and what happened to the Targaryens during and afterwards that would make for a great show. I hope they continue making more on screen stories from this interesting world GRRM has created.

  24. We have to know what’s in the west of Westeros !!!!!!!!

  25. I liked Arya killing the Knight King. Despite the ending that episode was great.

  26. I think it's less of a misunderstanding and more that Alicent heard what she wanted to hear.

  27. I think Jon or Dany should have been the prince promised and have used the dagger to kill the Night King. That would make the history of the dagger and prophecy make sense. But Dumb and Dumber messed that up terribly.

  28. House Velarion and house Celtigar are both from Valyria as well. With the difference that they survive after Robert rebellion

  29. i know they all die at the end, except otto, but i cant wait for alicent and aemonds deaths

  30. What if Arya is that princess just a tjought

  31. Ice and Fire is Azor Ahai and he is Jon Snow Stark/Targaryen Ice and Fire and they fkd it up by letting Arya kill the night king! I’m I wrong

  32. Pretty sure most of these theories were already confirmed, with the exception of the prophecy surviving, which even House of the Dragon has yet to confirm, and of the dagger’s origin, which has yet to be confirmed as canon by GRRM.

  33. I'm so happy they made house of the dragon it make the GOT series so much better as well I do wish they would of took there time with HOTD they could of made 2 seasons out if season 1 but all of it is fire i hate reading too so this all I got lol

  34. The Velarions actually arrived Westeros before the Targaryens. They actually wanted to escape the dragon lords 😅

  35. The way Emma plays Rhaenyra is just chefs kiss. I wish we would of got a little more info with some things in season 1 but I like HotD way better

  36. From my blood will come the Prince that was promised, and his will be the song of ice and fire….or maybe he won’t and he just kinda won’t matter much in the end.

  37. the intro to this video should be, if you have watched house of dragons already, "dont watch this you already know most of this"

  38. If only got would have waited for the final books

  39. When they defeated the night king a Targaryen wasnt on the Iron Throne


  41. My question is why has technology not seemed to advance between HOTD and GOT

  42. We need an old Valyria series. Imagine finding out the Targaryens weren’t even the most powerful or had the largest dragons

  43. Rhaenyra in her younger years really makes you believe the Targaryans were incestuous.

  44. I’ve been rewatching GoT for the first time in a while and I had totally forgot about the MASSIVE spoiler Joffrey says in season 3 about what happens in HotD…I was so pissed!!! 😂 I mean I would have found out eventually because I have Fire and Blood but now the show AND the book have been slightly spoiled. I am excited to see how it all u folds though….

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