Top 10 Strongest And Terrifying Dragons In The Game Of Thrones Universe – Explored

Top 10 Strongest And Deadliest Dragons in the History of Westeros

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  2. meleys at 10 its questionable. Meleys was the fastest dragon during the Dance. Theres a reason both aemon and aegon had to both collaborate in a trap to take her out. Alone, Meleys probably beats vhagar. It's pointed out that the mobility discrepancy was glaring. Had she lived longer during the dance, the clear advantage would have been with the Blacks.

  3. Cannibal is my favorite the only wild dragon ridden once is never on these list videos bc the people that make the videos are truly not into the book lore.

  4. without Caraxes can't take this list seriously, do better

  5. Something that was explained wrongly: Daenerys first fought against the Lannister army with Drogon and then burned down King’s Landing, not the other way around. One happened in Season 7 where all her dragons were still alive, the other at the end of season 8.

  6. Curious minds want to know who the Grand Master Dragon is, and who is his Red Queen?

  7. I love how the guy explaining sounds like Hiccup from HTTYD

  8. Only the got dragons are looks real, pretty great cgi..! 🔥🔥 18:10

  9. This YouTuber never read the book meleys was 10x stronger than little ass sunfyre

  10. Caraxes is easily the greatest non conquest dragon, some would put him over Meraxes

  11. Tf u mean vhagar is the same size as belarion😂

  12. Caraxes would have Drogon for breakfast. whoever made this video has no idea about asoiaf.

  13. Vhagar got CLOSE to Balerion's size…but wasn't the SAME size.

  14. Despite how they’re portrayed in the show, drogon was actually very small compared to the likes of caraxes, Syrax and seasmoke. If you read the books, especially a world of ice and fire, you’ll realise that drogon was at least about a third of the size of syrax at both their largest

  15. So I know we were focus on the 3 dragons in got but did they ever explain who the fuck gave birth to those eggs

  16. They kind of look like giant worms with wings. Also, they look like dinosaurs with wings.

  17. I love the sound of daemons dragons roar! It so creepy and terrifying. And I like how different they are from each other.

  18. So you can't say which dragons are strongest without spoilers?

  19. Drogon should not be in this top it was a 8 years old small ass dragon lmao, the show is not accurate

  20. I always wonder why the hell people always ranked drogon higher than caraxes , meleys , vermithor , and even vhagar . In the books he is around 4 years old , barely bigger than a warhorse , and not have any experience in battle except burning some helpless people. And they ranked him higher than some 50 – 80 + years battle experience dragon like caraxes. Seriously , these casuals really don't know what the hell they are talking about.

  21. How drogon is higher than Caraxes, considering caraxes killed Vhagar, is beyond me

  22. You forgot the dragon that was said to be the same size or even bigger than Baelon, The Cannibal

  23. I'm shocked that the canable isn't on this list.

  24. Just before caraxes and vhagar were about to face off, it was said that caraxes was hissing and had flames dancing around his teeth out of excitement. This dragon was facing a dragon 2 times his size and was only exited. Fuck I love caraxes

  25. Obviously Vhagar is an amazing dragon considering she’s the only legendary dragon left during DOTD but I really like Caraxes! Honestly at this point in the show he’s probably my favorite although visually he’s not as eye popping as Sunfyre or (if like the books) Dreamfyre is everything else about him is amazing! The deformed neck, his chirp like roar from the stretched vocal cords, personality & bond with his rider, wartime experience & the way he slithers almost like a snake is just so bad***!!!!

  26. honestly Drogon is way too high on this list….

  27. That was the worst list ı ever saw at least you can read the books before make a list

  28. Caraxes is either #1 or #2 and easily. Smart, fast, tons of experience and managed to equal and outlast the largest dragon ever ridden. (Vhagar rivaled the black dreads size by the time the DoD happened)

    Drogon is basically a baby, they hyped him up more in the show because they needed shock value, in the books he is a tiny fledgling.

    Caraxes and Daemon's bond is also powerful, their personalities are alike, Daemon is the most feared in Westeros and Caraxes is one of the biggest reasons why.

  29. This should've been a Tamed dragon list cause ain't no way the cannibal is not in that list

  30. is it on purpose u spelled most of the names completely wrong?

  31. Что за бред??? Надо судить по делам, а не по туловищу))) Дрогон самый сильный дракон, который причем остался жив!!! Так что он ещё и вырастет)))

  32. Balerion, Vhagar, Meraxes, Caraxes, Cannibal, Meleys, Vermithor. I also have to give a shot out to my girl Moondancer. Despite being the youngest and the smallest dragon involved in the civil war, she fought fiercely and bravely. She inflicted irreparable damage to certain someone and his dragon.

  33. Balerion killed Aynes not Aegon. Love these videos but mistakes in names kill me

  34. I swear they made Syrax a carrier. If Syrax was given a chance to be ride by Daemond for months she will be fierce like Meleys. Both Syrax and Meleys were the two fastest dragon in Westeros. At the last season the only problem of Syrax was her lack of instinct killed her by the angry villagers. She could just fly and breathe fire non-stop.

  35. I don't know but the only dragon that i want to see fighting Sunfyre was Syrax.

  36. Melees, Verma Thor, Drogan, Vegar and Maraxes.
    Close enough YouTube AI. Close enough.

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