Top 10 Strongest And Terrifying Dragons In The Game Of Thrones Universe – Explored

Top 10 Strongest And Deadliest Dragons in the History of Westeros

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  1. could argue dragon up top 3 think about it hes like 7 years old battle of mereen he dominated then when he roasted the lannistrrs in that battle he fought white walkers and zombie dragon viserion then he did dominate the battle when Daenerys killed kings landing he destroyed the whole fleet and he a baby technically still in dragon years

  2. The Aemond/Vhaegar vs Daemon/Caraxes fight is going to be crazy, probably season 4

  3. After what Caraxes did to Vhagar idk how Drogon is ranked higher. Half the age and half the size as Vhagar. Makes no sense but other than that great video!

  4. So far Daemons dragon has been pretty badass way more terrifying than drogon.Drogon had a look of sympathy and even happiness at times.But the blood wyrm is just a spawn of satan

  5. I would have thought the Cannibal would have made the list

  6. As Dovahkiin, one mustn't forget to shout out Smaug, Toothless and my mate Paarthurnax.

  7. You should warn about spoilers, didn’t want to hear how they died as i died read the books. Stopped watching from you described how Meleys died.

  8. Why maeyles is kept at no 10 even though she was one of the fastest and biggest dragons

    Who fought vehghar and sunfyre at the same time and still manage to harm sunfyre seriously

  9. I'm sure when Drogon is fully mature he's the largest!

  10. I will always love that scene of Drogon curling up around his mother after Ser Jorah died. We always see him being very intimidating and torching armies but rarely see the empathetic side :')

  11. Yeah but King Ghidorah is King Ghidorah and they're not.

  12. I was watching GOT last night, and there's a scene where Viserys and Doreah are in the bath getting sexual, and Viserys starts listing dragons that the Targaryens had before the dragons died, and I swear, Maraxes, Vhagar and Balerion were the only ones that actually existed. He name drops about six dragons that the Westerosi Targaryens never had. It was odd.

  13. Damn bruh no spoiler warning? Had to click off as soon as you started going on abt meleys, haven’t read fire and blood yet

  14. Would have been awesome to have saw balerion at least a flashback where he's old

  15. I feel like Sunfyre gets more credit than he deserves.

  16. Umm vhaegar also lived through the war conquest not just valerian. Also shouldn't vhaegar be above maraxes since she got to live about a hundred years longer?

  17. Why Cannibal is not in this list..?? 🤷‍♂️

  18. 2:16 the image of Alyssa Targaryen, first rider of meleys is wrong. The image is of Elissa Farman, not Alyssa Targaryen. Elissa Farman was a friend of Rhaena Targaryen, Alyssa Targaryen's aunt, old king Jahaerys' elder sister. Elissa Farman lived on Fair Isle, near to Casterly Rock and Lannisport. She was an adventurer and wanted to see what's at the end of the sunset sea to the west of westeros. When Rhaena Targaryen was in Fair Isle, her dragon Dreamfyre laid eggs there, out of which Elissa stole 3 of them and sold them in Braavos in exchange for a ship for her voyage into the sunset sea. Those 3 eggs are allegedly the ones Dany got from the Pentoshi Magister on her wedding as a gift more than 250 years later.

  19. Wait they ain't dragons they're mostly wyvern

  20. Vhagar is Massive on that one scene but I really want to see Balerion in live action

  21. You forgot that Baelon Targaryen second son of Jaehaerys claimed Vhagar before Laena and he died in 101 AC.

  22. Vhagar also survived Aegons conquest…. Do you mean Balerion was the only dragon dragon to have lived in Valeria before the doom?

  23. So wild to me that they treated those amazing (fictional) creatures so damn carelessly. Damn

  24. what i'd love to see is for HBO to have another spin-off focusing on Aegon I and the Conquest.

  25. As usual, Drogon is MASSIVELY overrated…

    He was much smaller than every other dragon on the list, shouldn’t even be on here.

  26. Meleys is much stronger than what's said here. If caraxes faced vhagar and sunfyre together he would've died as well. Meleyes is on par with caraxes. She was the only dragon who was 2v1 Ed

  27. I love your content. I haven’t read all of the GOT books but listening to your videos makes me feel like I know everything about the GOT world.

  28. I’m pretty sure Vhagar was a she-dragon, not a he.

  29. Drogon just battle white walker thats what badass (undead vesarion). Aside from that vhagar was too old that's why caraxes was able to defeat it.

  30. maybe a idea for improve your videos time stemps will be nice i think 😮

  31. I'm already sad these dragons are mostly all gonna die on screen.

  32. Am actually surprised to see drogon on 4 th????? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  33. Vhargar > meraxes, lived longer grew bigger and fought against dragons which meraxes did not

  34. So far, Dany's dragons look the coolest on the show. I am however beginning to see why the Maester's might've gotten rid of them. This family was relatively small and it is so silly that they fought each other to rule that they almost extinguished their whole line and the things that made them special.

  35. The cannibal is the strongest dragon he was immortal

  36. Those are not dragons. Those are wyverns. And why do I keep getting suggests GOT videos. Ive never watched this show. Ur killin me YouTube

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