Top 10 Strongest And Terrifying Dragons In The Game Of Thrones Universe – Explored

Top 10 Strongest And Deadliest Dragons in the History of Westeros

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  1. Sunfyre isn’t stronger than meleys, meleys literally took on a 1v2 and almost killed sunfyre. If it’s a 1v1 meleys wins

  2. Drogon is cool, but he cannot be compared with dragons of past generations

  3. ok i know terrax is legit a footnote but i feel like it and jaenara belaerys are seriously underrated. jaenara survived 3 years in sothoryos on terrax, ya’ll are sleeping on her

  4. Caraxes and Syrax are probably the ugliest dragons in HOTD as of yet.

  5. at 13:15 you say, "Aegon the Conquerer (?) & his younger brother, Aemmond Targaryen…" ?? better update that sh!t bro! Thats blasphemy! 😉

  6. Seasmoke ranked above Meleys is incorrect. Meleys should be right behind Drogon. And Caraxes should be ahead of seasmoke too

  7. Why not feature the 3 wild dragons? I believe Cannibal is the largest, strongest and most terrifying

  8. How is seasmoke ranked higher than Meleys.

  9. Drogon and Balerion. Drogon survived GoT and Balerion died from old age.

  10. Pound for pound Caraxes is the strongest, fiercest and the smartest.

  11. Just letting you know in GOT the skull that Arya finds in the dungeon is not Balerions, it doesn't have the same shape and some of the back of the skull looks like it's gone (horns) , and in the last seasons of Got we see cersi going down into the dungeons too and she encounters Balerions skull and it is completely different to the one that Arya finds and it also looks like its in good condition with the back of the skull still being there(horns).

  12. I think had Caraxes been able to live as long as Vhagar or Balerion did he would have been absolutely terrifying beyond belief

  13. They sound so stupid when they say the dragons' ages , so let me get this right, 100 years is old??!! For a magical dragon??!! We got turtles on Earth older than that!!! Idiots …

  14. What I believe in, the only powerful dragon is the water 💧 dragon and the fire 🔥 dragon, but if the water dragon fight with the fire 🔥 dragon, I totally surely that the fire 🔥 Dr will lose, because no one can defeat the water dragon, and who is the water dragon? ONE IN ONLY ONE POWERFUL THE QUEEN OF OF DRAGON IS ME, JACQUELINE PALOYO DE CHAVEZ NO ELSE.

  15. The strongest dragon is the Golden Dragon coin. For it will outlive and out purpose all dragons.

  16. The Cannibal? He is supposed to be as big or bigger than Balerion.

  17. Caraxes being below drogon, no mention of the wild dragons, meleys at last place, drogon(one of the smallest dragons) so high in the list AND sunfyre above vermithor….yeah I can't take this seriously

  18. Meleys literally fought 2 dragons and nearly won and to think she’s the fastest even when she grew lazy and fat

  19. Daenerys's Drogon is such a smart creature. Hé os depicted as very EmpethetiC dragon. Sometimes you could swear he's about to speak to his beloved mother. When jorah died in her arms, he engulfed her With his wings in the Cutest hug ever. Maybe it's evolution haha

  20. Caraxes is my spirit doggy. Syrax is my sweet baby. I love them equally, for entirely different reasons.

  21. In my opinion cannibal is one of the strongest and is said to be just as strong as vhagar and just as big if not stronger if someone managed to claim cannibal and fought vhagar it would one hell of fight one that the cannibal might win

  22. Just imagine if someone tamed the cannibal

  23. Balerion is my pick , yea he’s the biggest and lives to an old age but still he would be my pick if I could choose

  24. You forgot the cannibal he's the largest dragon in the lore

  25. dont take this seriously but:3/10 for spellingMeleys, not MeleesVermithor, not Verma thorSunfyre, not SunfireDrogon, not DroganVhagar, not VegarMeraxes, not Maraxis

  26. I’m so glad these abominations have ultimately been rendered extinct.

  27. Caraxes terrifies me more than any other dragon in GoT Universe 🙌💯🔥🔥

  28. @23:30 ish Wasn't Rhea Royce of Runestone Daemons first wife? And again @27:20. Vhagar also survived the conquest mofos still alive 30+ years after Balerions death

  29. Here to see the Noodle dragon I was promised.

  30. I love the dragons in house of the dragons 💖

  31. നോക്കണ്ടടാ ഉണ്ണി ഇത് ഞാനല്ല!! says:

    Man i was enjoying this until he started pronouncing drogon's name like that 😔

  32. You forgot one of Vhagar's rider Prince Baelon the Brave the father of Viserys!

  33. You might want to give a seizure or migraine trigger warning especially with the still image and the background spazzing out =.= Such an interesting vid but cannot finish it.

  34. If you didn't read the books be prepared for SPOILERS

  35. Prince Baelon(Viserys and Daemon's father) also rode Vhagar

  36. way to give away half the show. you're doing a great job lol

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