Top 10 Things You Missed In House Of The Dragon Episode 1

The Dance of Dragons is just heating up. For this list, we’re looking at Easter eggs, references and subtle connections in the first episode of the “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon”. Beware spoilers! Our countdown includes the Valyrian steel dagger that Arya used to kill the Night King, the story of the the warrior-queen Nymeria, the death of an Arryn, and more! Anything else you noticed? Loudly proclaim your findings in the comments!

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  1. At the tournament, the announcer had on red cape/apron with black dragons. I know House Blackfyre isn't around yet but I found it interesting he was wearing this.

  2. I was kind of disappointed that they did not start at the beginning, with Aegon the Conqueror and his conquest through the council of 101 AC. But! It looks good. And there's no D&D to goof it… :>

  3. Saying "Next time you name your kid, try not to tempt the faiths" to somebody who lost a child – it's just evil 🙁

  4. “Top 10 things you saw with your own eyes but we’re gonna say you missed because we’re stupid”.

  5. For anyone who wants an actual good breakdown of the 1st episode,
    I suggest checking out “talking thrones”

  6. None of this stuff is hard to notice. for example as if we didn't notice there are more swords on the iron throne duh! Also in some ways you are looking for similarities where there actually aren't any. Like saying baelon didn't die of a burst belly but he came out of one. How is that a similarity? I also hate this news reporter voice with a passion because it resembles the kind of crap you see on pop culture entertainment tonight shows. Ugh cringe all of this!

  7. Dr Who looks like a elf with a amber alert on him. Why would they hire him?

  8. No comments on the tapestry seen during the birth scene ?! 3:48

  9. Honestly I wish we would all wake up and realise it’s a bullshit show. It’s a shit show. Copying a great show.

  10. The automatic subtitles in the beginning is really something 🙄

  11. The subtitles: "Welcome back princess, I trust your rape was pleasant." Woah hold up ✋️ Now I can't unhear it.

  12. Remember how Little Finger in GoT commented on how theres only about 200 swords on the Iron Throne in their time as contrast to the 1000 swords mentioned in legends before , aparently many more swords which where not present in GoT where easily seen available in Ep 1 of HoTD , seems like most of them were removed/lost during this time.

  13. I think I missed the action scenes. lol

  14. Season 2 is confirmed and i'm overjoyed.

  15. I think the wound that the king had could also be greyscale because it didn’t heal

  16. …I feel confident in saying that a good chunk of us DID NOT miss the iron throne. It was extremely difficult to overlook in that episode

  17. Is Milli Vanilli playing the character of Corlys Velaryon??

  18. No body gonna mention the scene at the end where daemon together with caraxes .it looked badass

  19. I like in the bathing scene how it foreshadows Aemma and the baby’s deaths. Dragons need hot, hot conditions—preferably fire on Dragonstone—to be born. Instead, here she is in tepid water, ensuring that neither she nor the baby will survive the birth.

  20. The caption was like , Welcome back princess i trust your rape was pleasant 😐

  21. At 39:31 minutes left in the first episode during the jousting there’s the banner for house Bolton as well as house Stark’s wolf banner in the back. Further along at 37:18 left when the riders come out there’s riders for both of said houses Boltons the far left rider and stark is 6th from the right I would have like to see some dialogue

  22. Why is it that no one is getting this time-line correct?! The book Fire and Blood takes place 300 years before. The Television show picks up with Viserys who is the second person with this name. They (the writers) have left out too much information that gives context to what is going on. It's still wonderfully shot and edited but in my opinion they are rushing once again.

  23. i think i m gonna be sensitive regarding the dragons. I felt sorry when dragon had to lit the death fire. he was so hesitating

  24. The house of the Velaryons is very ancient. Its roots go back to the Valyrians. Some of the Velaryons formed families with the Targaryens before the War of Conquest. The blood of ancient Valyria flows in their veins. They retained the characteristic Valyrian appearance – light skin, silver hair and violet eyes.

  25. Not watching cause it’s already saying I missed the part with the dagger but I caught that too lol

  26. I'm disappointed with the actor playing Prince Daemon . I just remembered that Jamie Campbell Bower was supposed to be in another GOT prequel that never happened . He could have Been cast as Prince Daemon Instead.🥰

  27. Things we all missed…. The quality that was involved in all aspects of Game of Thrones. If you look back and watch the original series it really shows you how much this prequel is lacking. The Character portrayals seem flat and dialogue is not up to the previous standard. So far the young girls are upstaging the rest of the cast as of the second episode. I'll give it some time to grow on me but at this point it's just another decent series but nothing spectacular, and possibly not worth the watch time when compared against others. The first episode of a series needs to capture it's audience. I can't help but think that it is just resting on it's laurels , as a Game of Thrones spin off. Time will tell.

  28. SPOILERS!!!

    What’s interesting to think about here is that, the Dance of the Dragons is most likely where Aegon’s secret about the Long Night is lost. After Rhaenyra and Aegon II die, no one passes on the secret to the resulting king & queen when they ascend the throne at the end. They, therefore, lose that little bit of lore and, subsequently, completely forget about the Great War.


  29. Dang the subtitles in the first few seconds.. 🤣 no one noticed that?? " I trust your….. Was pleasant"

  30. Having read the series since its inception at least a dozen times and binge watched the series ten times, I caught all but the last one.

  31. Seeing Arya kill the NightKing gives me PTSD! I’m reporting this video for spam and bullying! I still haven’t recovered from GOT season 7-8!🤣🤣

  32. Generally thought that was an old man in the thumbnail

  33. House of thd dragon is great but I miss those British accent they had in GOT

  34. Medieval Eastenders returns. More re-heated tepid dishwater for fan-boys only.

  35. I missed everything apparently cuz it bored me to sleep 😴😴💤

  36. Wokeness and politics have taken over house of the dragon. And they are trying to change history by letting old men marry little children in it. People who don't see it don't want to see it. And that's the truth.

  37. I absolutely hate this show. Full of perverted sexual sickness and incest. It’s absolutely ridiculous that there is a huge portrait depicting an orgy with one man sodomizing another while a woman grabs the sodomized man’s penis and is sexually assaulted by un fourth man. Completely disgusting

  38. House of the Dragon Episode Titles and Schedules

    Episode 1, "The Heirs of the Dragon," airs Aug. 21.

    Episode 2, "The Rogue Prince," airs Aug. 28.

    Episode 3, "Second of His Name," airs Sept. 4.

    Episode 4, "King of the Narrow Sea," airs Sept. 11.

    Episode 5, "We Light the Way," airs Sept. 18.

    Episode 6, "The Princess and the Queen," airs Sept. 25.

    Episode 7, "Driftmark," airs Oct. 2.

    Episode 8, "The Lord of the Tides," airs Oct. 9.

    Episode 9, "The Green Council," airs Oct. 16.

    Episode 10, "The Black Queen," airs Oct. 23.

    📢 Stay tuned for a new episode:

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  39. I must admit I didn’t like the fact Jon killed Daenerys not one bit I felt it was out of character for him. I felt Jon should have taken Daenerys as his Queen like he said and try to help her make the right decisions in the future as I believe she would listen to his council

  40. Nice to know they give their narrator robots human names

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