Top 20 Greatest Video Game Dragons Ever

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What’s a fantasy game without a dragon to slay? For this list, we’ll be looking at the video game dragons that have made the biggest impact in the medium. Our countdown includes Ender Dragon “Minecraft” (2011), Archdemon “Dragon Age: Origins” (2009), Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (2017), Ridley “Metroid” series (1986-), Spyro “Spyro the Dragon” series (1998-) and more! Have we missed your favorite fire breather? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. As a massive WoW nerd, I’m ashamed that I didn’t think of Deathwing.

  2. nunon fin dovahs vis imzik fin pruzaan ketiz do 20

  3. Well can deathwing ride a skateboard and toast gnorcs?

    that's what i thought!

  4. I think paarthunaax will always be my favourite dragon. Such a wise and lovable character

  5. Personally I would replace Seath the Scaleless with Black Dragon Kalameet who has, in my opinion, a way cooler back story within the Dark Souls lore

  6. Alduin was way too high. The boss battle was kind of a pushover….unless you play it on legendary difficulty like I did.

  7. I thought for sure Rathalos would've made this list… 🤔

  8. And also if Charizard and Ridley can make the list, why not mention Kazooie as well?

  9. I think just one dragon from Skyrim would be enough, otherwise the whole list would just be dragons from Skyrim. But why is Paarthunax so low?

  10. Deathwing: Is the strongest dragon in WoW

    Dovahkiin: theme song plays-

  11. Alduin is the greatest video game villain of all time….. ok maybe after Shepherd

  12. Fatalis should have made the list

  13. Should have added the dragon from super Mario oddesey he was pretty bad ass

  14. WHy do you think that the only "dragon" Pokemon who deserves an attention is Charizard? …

  15. Gore Magala might be fan favourite but IMO any one of Black Dragons would have been a better pick for Monster Hunter, especially Fatalis.

  16. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Riven of a thousand voices

  17. Either Kalameet or Midir should’ve been on this list. They’re both WAY better than Seath.

  18. Yo guys i hope u can help me, i could swear ive played the entire game of spyro for ps3, but it has to be other game cuz its obviously none of them, thing is the game kinda starts showing the egg of the dragon throw the river, and (i barely remember it, played it 11 years ago) some other dragon picks u up and u start the game, as i said i barely remember it, only things i know its 100% sure it was on ps3, had really nice graphs back then and one of the last parts was actually awesome.. i cant really explain it but u had to defeat like 4 dragons that were really bigger than u, any possible game it was? please guys u need to help me, im actually desperate now that ive remember it and all of a sudden discover that it wasnt spyro…

  19. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble leader) says:


    Bubblun and Bobblun (1986 | from Bubble Bobble) / Bubble Bobble by Taito Corporation

  20. What about the black dragon kalameet instead of seath the scaleless from dark souls

  21. As a Charizard Fan It's hard for me to call Charizard a Dragon but so yeah my Favourite Video game Dragon is Garchomp

  22. Lmao that alduin is disappointing…. any common dragon in monster hunter or dragons dogma is far better

  23. Wow! Just wow! Are you serious you didn’t have room for Grim Matchstick. That guy was hard & epic,and you just leave him out! WOW!!!

  24. Um, where the hell are Fatalis and Grigori? Alduin is probably the most disappointing final boss ever lmao stop sucking beth's pp so much

  25. Have to have 2 Pokemon on the list, where other video game dragons are better, like Wargreymon from the Digimon series. That is a dragon-man Digimon. Charizard is not even a dragon. It is a flying lizard.

  26. My fav is the sea dragon from subnautica the design is great and terrifying

  27. My list (So Original):

  28. Wehre is the Dragon god for demon‘s souls

  29. Two of my personal favourite video game dragons would be the Divine Dragon from The Legend of Dragoon and the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls, due to being both menacing and uniquely designed.

  30. I hate you Mojo, you killed my grandpa Paarthurnax

  31. Honorable Mentions to my personal favorite dragons that didn't make the cut:
    – Shinryuu (Final Fantasy Series)
    – Dragonite and Salamence (Pokemon)
    – Ragnard (Trails in the Sky SC)
    – Maleficent/ Mushu (Kingdom Hearts – yes I know, they didn't originate from the game)
    – Wild Nidhogg (Lords of Arcana)
    – Magma Dragoon (Megaman X4 -technically a reploid but still a dragon in a sense)
    – Midir and Kalameet (Dark Souls)

  32. When you make top 20 dragons and you not put Fatalis at all

  33. Have you looked at the dragons from Guild wars and Guild wars 2? Wondering why they are not listed?

  34. pft, uncultured swines, not even a mention for Kralkatorrik

  35. Did he just say "craft a portal" to the end?

  36. Alduin be my friend my favorite dragon in video games

  37. I think dvalin should be here from genshin impact

  38. Rayquaza Pokemon Series and Ender Dragon Minecraft and Paarthurnax The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and Seath the Scaleless Dark Souls and Spyro the Dragon Series and Charizard Pokemon Series and Alduin The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

  39. Monster Xenomorph Velociraptor Rock Metal 4 💀👾 says:

    Dragons are coming in 2024. they're my favorite fantasy monsters of all time

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