TOP 5 Dragon games Android

TOP 5 Dragon games Android


(5) Dragon hills

(4) Hungry Dragon

(3) Dragon mania: legends

(2) Dragon City

(1) Dragon Sim


  1. I'm looking for nice Dragon game but I'm jamming to music in video too lol

  2. Where is rise of berk that is a good dragon game

  3. Shit of the shit frome the first to the last it you cant show realy good dragon games then dont show this shitty games ok? Good

  4. War Dragons is an excellent dragon game.

  5. Also its share not "shere" just letting you know :3

  6. Why is sod not on the list? Its the best httyd game ever!

  7. I agree dragon sim is the best one. Turbo rocket games is going on the top of best!!!

  8. The creators of dragon mania literally fucked up their game, they ruined the damn story line and it's just one of those stupid upgrade and build games now..

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