TOP 8 BEST Upcoming Dragon Games In 2022!

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TOP 8 BEST Upcoming Dragon Games In 2022!

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Today we look at 6 upcoming dragon games as well as an additional 2 rumoured xbox exclusive dragon games that will be coming in and around 2022, with some coming beyond 2022! Theres a whole lot of games in this list, so many different genres from a Destiny inspired dragon game to a dragon survival game, to a spyro like game!

This video is a part 3 to my series about upcoming dragon games!

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – The Handler of Dragons
02:27 – Skyfear
04:35 – Dragon Game Project
06:25 – Wyvern Simulator
07:55 – Glyde
09:50 – 2 Xbox Exclusive Dragon Game rumours
11:45 – Draconia


The Handler of Dragons













Wyvern Simulator:


Demo / Website

Dragon Game Project



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  1. That fan art, very accurate. Good angle on your face lmao

  2. 7:22 so am i a rich dragon? 0.o
    8:12 OMG, I LOVE SPYRO! xD Hope it will be a good alternative… still waiting for a new Spyro Game…

  3. I got muted on primeval horizons discord for 7d how do I appeal?

  4. I'm glad to see some of these are coming to consoles!

  5. Dragon game project! Cant wait for it. Also scalebound

  6. People just love their reptiles don't they. I'm like borderline getting pissed off of only seeing reptiles. At this point it is starting to make more sense to learn to freaking code and build games from ground up myself before anyone makes a game with prehistoric mammals ( and marsupials).

    It's still cool i guess.

  7. The only one worth any real interest or promise on this list is the rumored is Project Dragon, because that's the only one that has any real chance of being a semi-completed game with potential playable dragons and not another early-access scam, or another game project trapped in indefinite early access hell thanks to amateur indie dev teams who don't know what the hell they're doing.

    Or perhaps Project Dragon is just another typical MMO with playable humans or humanoids like elves, dwarves, orcs, etc who just have to battle PVE dragons, akin to something like monster hunter. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Wyvern Simulator also looks like it has potential based on the fluidity of its combat and animations alone. It already looks significantly better than the laggy and/or non-existent combat we have in any of the current indie dino sims right now, for starters. But once again – it's coming from a new indie team with a lot of "promising ideas" that might be impossible for the dev team to live up to in the coming months or years, so who knows.

    Either way – I think it's inevitable that larger, competent indie developers and triple-A game studios will catch onto the immense potential of creature-based survival sims eventually – or just playable non-humanoid characters in general. The Isle gained a ton of traction on youtube and twitch for its unique base game concepts alone, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are such unannounced games in development right now because of it. Not to mention there is a TON of potentially untapped money to be made from people desperate for any kind of completed creature sim game and the fringe player bases they often attract (such as lucrative furries who are known for spending say, thousands of dollars for art, 3D models and animations of their "sonas," TBH.)

  8. I've had my eye on Dragon Game Project for a while. What they have so far looks like a really fun time. I'm especially excited about the flight system they've put in, it's really satisfying to watch.

  9. Glyde looks awesome

    and I hope "Project Dragon" turns out to be an awesome MMO RPG, and being compared to Destiny excites me

  10. Excited to see all these games release!
    i remember you mentioning this top list while i was talking about my own games development in a few streams ago, i probably shoulda brought it up again beforehand though didnt want to bother if you were busy, though if your still curious to know more Im completely open to talk on discord! (same user!)

  11. This video gave me some hope for dragon games.

  12. Great video velocci!!!! Even tho i heard of most of these dragon games before im so glad that they didn't die out!!👍👍 besides im curious on the "project dragon" one hopefully it would be good.🤞🤞

  13. Ooooo! Okay, okay I'm kinda excited for the Xbox Dragon game.

  14. There are two more aliens, that came out last, just for info

  15. Some good choices, BUT I noticed right away that The Handler of Dragons has the exact same dragon models as Day of Dragons (who technically bought those models from another source).

  16. not gunna watch this but thumbnail looked like day of dragons. pls dont mislead like that game is actually gunna go anywhere

  17. With the 1st game I'm going to basically be Charlie Weasley

  18. so wonderful to see more dragon games in the works? especially after emberfall disappeared 🙁

  19. honestly the one im more excited to have is Dragon game project
    just because the animations and the mechanics seems currently better than draconia, that doesnt mean i dont like draconia, i got that other game too

    but i gotta wait to say which one will be better
    i just need to find a way to donate to them, because for some reason where i live paypal is being mean :<

  20. For me, Handler of Dragons is not a dragon game. We can have a lot of game with dragons, but not necessarly be one like in Draconia or Glyde.

    I'm very hype for Draconia, because this is exactly what I want. We got a lot of dinosaur game but not a mass of dragons.
    Draconia and Day of dragon are the one which is really interesting.

    Dragon Game project have such a slow developpement, than I think I''ll play it at my 85 years old lol. If I wasn't in the furry fandom, I probably never heard something about this game.

  21. Thank you for mentioning Glyde, I hope you will enjoy upcoming demo when it’s out 🙂

  22. Really wish there were more games featuring playable eastern dragons, not just western or wvyerns. Already super excited for the one in Draconia! I guess animating those long bodies is a big reason why, though.

  23. the handler of dragons and wyvern simulator was just full of bought assets…..

  24. why is dod not on this list? it's at least higher quality than wyvern simulator and skyfear

  25. Glyde looks actually really nice. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  26. should’ve added age of ashes, which released! its not an open world game but a competitive pvp where you do arial combat in different game modes n the mechanics r pretty cool

  27. wyvern simulator seemed the most interesting to me, definitely will be keeping an eye on that

  28. I think ima stay with "Day of Dragons"
    At last a new Update will come out end of the year and with that a new Dragon and other stuff. 🥰

  29. The handler of dragons is like the netflix show dota

  30. forgot about "day of dragon" , "pirate dragon "

  31. i wish there was a realistic dragon survival game

  32. Honestly if Draconia gets a flight system that is as good as or better than Day of Dragons (actually hard to learn, as if you're truly a baby dragon learning to fly for the first time) then I'm probably getting it. The best part of Day of Dragons right now is the flight system and how great and realistic it feels tbh.

  33. Best dragon game would have been scalebound

  34. I love dragon game it my favorite 😁

  35. Anything with dragons is a must play, watch, read etc. We love dragons here 🖤🐉

  36. Thanks for this video! I’ve been looking for games about dragons or that just have fun flying mechanics for a while, and a comprehensive list like this really helps!

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