TOP 8 BEST Upcoming Dragon Games In 2023!

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TOP 8 BEST Upcoming Dragon Games In 2023!

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Today we are looking at 8 upcoming dragon games that you should be excited for that are coming in 2023 and beyond, we are looking at the likes of Dragons Dogma 2, Draconia, Elder Scrolls 6 and many many more!

Which one out of all of these are you most excited for?

00:00 – Intro

00:26 – Project Dragon

01:48 – Elder Scrolls VI
03:32 – SkyFear
05:00 – Wings of Dawn
06:34 – Glyde the Dragon
08:18 – Dragon Game Project

09:50 – Draconia
12:10 – Dragons Dogma 2

13:20 – Outro

Elder Scrolls VI:

Dragons Dogma:













Wyvern Simulator:


Demo / Website

Dragon Game Project



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  1. Mate, I was hoping for a POT video. What is this?

  2. This is going to be fun we have dinosaurs games now dragons too

  3. I think these bigger companies saw how successful the Day of Dragon's Kickstarter was and wanted to jump on the bandwagon

  4. Will you do Tylosaurus in Path Of Titans?

  5. I hope either wings of dawn or draconia comr to console soon

  6. Maybe this is a sign for pot that the wyverns are coming soon velocci ???

  7. Wings of Dawn has so much promise, it needs more eyes on it, I appreciate you including it on this list Velocci!!! 💙🔥🐲

  8. Welp.. guessing all of these are just pc. Reaaaally wanted to play something like Draconia but y’know.. I is on console. TwT

  9. I just can't wait for dragons in pot and then I'm set, I'm so pumped if flying dragons come to the server

  10. Don't forget day of dragons that game is actually one of the best survival games ever with different species of dragons new skins whole new updates coming along but not only that but the 1.0 update where there not just gonna release 3 new dragons but also a whole new map and moved to UE5 like Draconia has and shush about that some dragons are ripoffs of httyd cause Im a fan of it and idc if it becomes a ripoff

  11. I hope Dragon's dogma 2 has a better theme than it's predecessor, because I can't stand it's theme

  12. I love dragons. Hoping for an open world how to train your dragon game for consoles

  13. id be surpriced if elder scrolls 6 has dragons at all honestly. And if there is any it will just a nod to skyrim tbh. Before skyrim there was no dragons in the elder scrolls games

  14. Not to harp on the past, but I'm gonna really miss Emberfall. Not that I ever played it (obviously) but from a conceptual level it held so much promise…it's such a shame that project mismanagement basically offed it to never be seen or heard of again. The dragon designs in particular- what little there was were memorable af to me, concept art was spooky and full of character in my eyes. And the title, "Emberfall" had such a nice ring to it. The game (or, I guess concept) didn't deserve the hand it was dealt, part of me hopes something comes from the ashes and it can become one of the best dragon survival games of all time. Wishful thinking I know, but hey I am glad the market is growing for games like it!

  15. you did not have dragon age it is a video game series with dragons in them

  16. Ngl these are the games I heard of before but I appreciate that you give more light to them anyways what's up with wyvern simulator

  17. Not even a single mention of DoD ? They're making steady (if a bit slow) progress nowadays and this year is supposedly gonna be a pretty big one for it, so I was kinda surprised not to see it, especially as it's one of the few actually-playable-rn games

  18. 1:51 tell me you know nothing about elderscrolls without telling me you know nothing about elderscrolls

  19. Wings of Dawn is like a dream game for me. Too bad it'll likely be PC only…

  20. I'm really exited for wings of Dawn. This is likely gonna be one of my favourite games when it's released

  21. Bruh said "Upcoming in 2023" then drops Elder Scrolls VI that wont show face till 2026 at the earliest. 🤣

  22. I'm sure Project dragon game will be my favourite out of all of these. I'm even more exited for it than WOD. Hopefully it's gonna be as good as I expect it, when do you think it may comes out? Is it even barely finished?

  23. I was wanting to get Draconia but the price is what's stopping me so far. Seems really steep for low-content.

  24. That eating animation in the dragon game project game was brutal

  25. I'll be waiting until some of them are more well developed. I can't immerse myself in dragons or most flyers unless they actually fly really well. Century Age of Ashes has some really crazy flight and though I don't need the same flying as that I do hope someone can nail really fluid flying and combat like it did. It so far has some of the best flying I've experienced but I'm sure changes can be done to it for a survival based game.

    It's great people are pushing the animal survival genre now. There was such a lack of it growing up from larger devs and mainstream games overall. So it's great we're getting more wolf, dragon, dino, savanah and even insect games. I hope we get tons more in the future.

  26. Wings of Dawn is defenitely my favourite upcoming dragon game at the moment. Developers and their community are incredibly respectable, honest and friendly. The actual game already has outstanding graphics and is making progress so quickly! I really hope it'll get more attention soon, deserves it very much imo 🙂

  27. I did not know the Dragon Game Project and I love it, can't wait to play it.

  28. You guys know what? If WOD Comes out this year, I will de- and resubscribe in a Velocci Stream, so ist gonna be shown in the stream

  29. You should have talked about Century: Age of Ashes again, as that game is absolutely amazing and deserves more recognition, although it technically isnt a "upcoming" game

  30. Why is no one talking about Day of dragons? Idk if you've heard of it, but it is FOR SURE my favorite dragon survival game. Rn it has at least 13 dragons planned, with ideas for 2 more, a large 16x16k map planned for full release (around 2024) large Boss Ai, tons of smaller, huntable Ai (Around 3 land Ai, 2 fish, and 1 turtle like Ai) Nesting mechanics that improve stats which make your dragon stronger and healthier, and gives you unique skins. You can also play as Elementals, the sworn enemies of the dragons, which also have a very special endagme ability. And just beautiful graphics, as they're moving to Ue5 with the next update, and the lighting and foliage look VERY beautiful. Day of dragons is going to be a masterpiece, just you wait.
    Edit: Forgot to mention, but the game also has very extensive and interesting lore, with an endgame boss planned as well!

  31. Excellent video!! I've been following the development of Dragon Game Project and I love what they're doin!! and of course, I love seeing what's in store for Draconia too <3

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