Top 8 Roblox Dragon Games to play in 2020

Top 8 Roblox Dragon Games to play in 2020 talks about the Best Roblox Dragon Games to play in 2020. This video is for Roblox Dragon Games lovers. Here, we have listed the Best Dragon Games on Roblox. These Roblox Dragon Games are very similar to How to train your Dragon.

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These were the Top 8 Roblox Dragon Games to play in 2020 !!


  1. Dragon Adventures is the best ive played along with Creatures of Sonaria

  2. i recommend dragon fire it just came out and it already had decent players in it

  3. I can't believe how much the httyd rp game has grown- it's so realistic to the show and movies now! The graphics and animations are amazing! They also have other maps to play on such as outcast island, the og map, the new berk map, dragons edge, and many others! And you can play as alpha with the alpha class gamepass such as green death, red death, screaming death, fire worm queen, and alpha speed stinger(now the purple death has been added as well!)! You can also play as the og dragons like toothless, stormfly, hookfang, meatlug, windshear, and more! You can also customize the colors and appearance of your dragon with scars, saddles, chains, and armor!

  4. I recommend to play Wings of Fire or Creatures Of Sonaria

  5. Man I just came to earth and all of a sudden I realize it is really shitty

  6. dragon adventures is now very annoying to get recommended, theres no more pvp stat. once you fully grow a dragon you most likely starve it. its hard to get good dragons if you dont have like 17 decent dragons to trade for 1 good one. the games just the same thing, they barely add anything new and took away all the good worlds to make into one trashy one and now its one of the worst games on roblox. all these newbies are like 'oh i love this game its so good!' but back in 2017 when you didnt need this or that to get good dragons it was so much better knowing you could just go out and fight some mobs and bosses in grasslands, dessert or tundra.

  7. When you play how to train your Dragon why is it not letting me play

  8. I’ve played that game so many times dragons

  9. You should add Wings of Fire Early Access! It alright if you don’t know what is is but, it’s an AMAZING dragon game! It’s based off a book series and it’s still in early access, but the animations and everything about it is just amazing! It would definitely be 8th on my list of dragon games!

  10. Httd rp has the least amount of dragons I’m pretty sure, i saw the hint.

  11. If your looking for a robux game I would defiantly suggest "Wings of Fire [EARLY ACESS]" Its really fun and simply based off of the books series, Wings of Fire. It has all the dragon you could want to be, most of the community is very open to fan tribes most of the time seen in rain'wing or silk'wing forms. Yes it does cost 60 robux but that's not bad at all considering how good it is. It also had three other game passes that can help improve your dragon's look, such as, a game pass for coloring accosires, a game pass to unlock the silk'wing (And up coming hive'wing and leaf'wing), and lastly special abilities/pets. Over all all the robux on the game is 250. Its really not bad and the least you need to spend is 60 robux. It may seem like a lot, but I promise you its one of the best dragon games that cost robux.

  12. Wyvern Roleplay is nostalgic as f%$^

  13. My favorite dragon in dragon Riders is the fire dragon

  14. Some others that are good are creatures of sonaria and Dragon fire

  15. A fleshy is what you call a furry version of a animal with no fur

  16. Furries that don't have fur (primarily reptiles) are called scalies, animals like hairless cats etc still count as furries, I liked this question!

  17. HTTYD has the lowest amount of dragons

  18. Can someone give me a link to dragon simulator or how to train your dragon

  19. I've sadly already played all these games, a lot of them are good but dragon adventures is getting worse nowadays and I don't think dragon life will be updated much if at all still if you haven't played them then you should

  20. Creatures Of Sonaria best and these u show they are sus

  21. Berks dragons PC has the least amount!

  22. I would also recommend wings of fire but it’s in beta so it costs like 70+ robux

  23. i cant play breks dagons pc bc am on a laptop not a pc

  24. Dragons life isn’t what it used to be. It’s updated a lot

  25. 3:22 they are called scalies, well…. if they have feathers, they are called avians.

  26. Dragons life updated, I miss the old game 😢

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