Top Dungeons & Dragons Games on Core

Check out these incredible Dungeons & Dragons inspired games on Core. Visit to play these games for free today, and more community-created entries from the Core D&D Design-a-Dungeon contest.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Forgotten Cisterns by Keppu (Overall Winner)
0:58 Treasure of Baland-Ur by Cardinal Zebra (Winner)
1:25 New Lumeria: Stillwater by BryceLovesGaming (Winner)
1:40 The Forsaken Temple by Elzean (Runner Up)
2:00 Corruption of Aurealis by kelseru (Winner)
2:24 Pirate King’s Domain by ALTrKation (Runner Up)
2:42 Grand Tournament Melee by theeguysgamestudio (Runner Up)
3:02 Best Little Horror House by CircleToons (Winner)
3:26 Fairy’s Debt by Punkerella Summers (Runner Up)
3:55 Outro

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Try Core today by signing up at | Core API Documentation & Tutorials: | Core Creator Forums:


  1. 3:09 He called "Luskan" Looscan??? hahaha (Luskan is the City of Sails north of Neverwinter)

  2. I can't log in to enter the core: D I'm only Brazilian and I can't log in as a ghest

  3. Whenever I launch core it dowloads or updates and my potato wifi is slow

  4. Someone help me fix the DirectX Runtime error, im trying to run Program but it needs directx runtime

  5. I have a question, I am a roblox developer, a builder. Would studio like lag if you have a lower end computer

  6. When i discovered there was dnd in this i knew i had to get it

  7. I like core, but it sucks that everyone's characters as well as mobs are the same in each game.

  8. Who wants play together in multiplayer? We have to test these games 🙂

  9. Medival games are always interesting; can't wait to see more

  10. This is cool and all but if you can't import your own models and animations, what's the point of making a game that will look like everyone else's?

  11. Would love Core but the Combat sucks so hard in every Map and is not fun at all. Even shooting sucks no matter how good a world looks. Also that u can not decide what Weapons there are in Game with a Creator and everything just start Unreal Engine instead…

  12. Can we create conversations during the games?

  13. Starting to get impressed with this game. I like the idea of creating basically mini games based on a theme. Kinda wish I had the time and knew about this, I would have tried to submit an idea that leans sort of towards sci-fi a bit playing on the idea of mindflayers. I could be wrong but I'm under the impression that mind flayers are technically aliens in the dungeon and dragons universe so if they have a ship type thing I would try to play on that a bit. IIRC I think the new baldur's gate has some content involving mindflayers though from some gameplay I saw a while back so I think my idea is sound but I would have needed to make it different enough that it wouldnt seem like I'm copying from baldurs gate 3

  14. CORE Seems Like an Amazing Game/MiniGames Launcher in the kind of Roblox esque and look amazing I just downloaded it!!!!!!!!!

  15. Can you do you own attack animations like on dreams or are you stuck with the generic moveset ?

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