’Transporter 3’ dubbed with DOUBLE DRAGON game sounds! | RetroSFX

Watch this epic mashup video of ’Transporter 3’ (Jason Statham, 2008) movie dubbed with DOUBLE DRAGON (1987) arcade game sounds and music! If you enjoy this video, please like, comment, share, and subscribe!



We add retro video game sound effects (SFX) to popular videos because the result is awesome!

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  1. Amazing stuff rfx! I gotta suggestion! The Last Dragon! Sho'nuff!

  2. Thank goodness for not having footage from the very bad Double Dragon movie.

    That would've been a travesty.

  3. 2:04 – that first time you meet Abobo and have to take down someone twice as big as you.

  4. Rumble in the Bronx/ Streets of Rage 2 totally blows Rocky 4/Punch Out out of the water.

  5. 15 guys against one guy logic. Wait till there is only one guy to pull the gun. Oh and don't all attack at the same time we got rule ppl.

  6. Jimmy is faster without the hair slowing him down.

  7. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂👌👌👌👌🤣😅😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Transporter 3 isn't worthy of Double Dragon music.

  9. Damn, this is really good timing. 👏 👍

  10. It be nice if you use the NES Double Dragon Sounds

  11. They should make a new Double Dragon movie with Jason Statham and Scott Atkins as Billy and Jimmy! Love this!

  12. My ish🔥🔥🔥🔥. I lost tons of money playing this in the arcade when I was a lad.

  13. Second level music🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. The Jackie chan SOR 2 mix and this clip mine favourite fighting game mix clip. Hope to see more fighting movie remix. Maybe the movie "the one" as remix. Well don't rush I am sure most of us in here can wait for nice stuffs to come out.

  15. You could do The Warriors dubbed with Renegade!

  16. I don’t know that there was any particular reason for him to take his shirt off, but I doubt any ladies in the audience were objecting.

  17. Shaolin soccer with captain Tsubasa super striker 2 sounds.

  18. When the music kicks in and he looks em all in the eye… That's Amore!

  19. I can't even imagine how many quarters i used to beat the game over and over again lol.

  20. I always liked that "Crud" sound the boss makes when you defeat him

  21. 2:01: Boss Fight music starts

    "Ooh, there's gonna be a Boss Fight!"

    2:02: Big dude enters

    "BOSS FIGHT!" 😀

    Great timing on that part, Retro! 🙂

  22. the intensified continuity makes this unwatchable

  23. PERFECTLY highlights the absurdity of these films.

  24. This is what the Double Dragon Movie should have looked like

  25. Can we just appreciate for a second how badass this tune is? Putting it next to Statham kicking ass just reinforces the point.

  26. I think that the double dragon music matches much better with some Jean Claude Van Dame movie.

  27. awesome video!!!!!! where i can download all sfx of Double dragon??.. or other arcade games ??? thanks!!!! cool video!

  28. I'm surprised this has less views than others, it's so well made! Only a shame we didn't get a Kakutou densetsu one, yet.

  29. Where he stomped on the guy's back I thought he was going had a death cry.. I would have cracked up on that.

  30. This and bruce lee vs chuck norries are the best also jacky chan street arege 2 is good

  31. 02:03 I am convinced that everyone who has seen this video will not doubt that he is a boss.

  32. Dope!! This brings back so many memories of playing Double Dragon at the corner store as a kid in the early 90s!

  33. The dude's expression on the thumbnail is priceless xD

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