Using the *NEW* Goku Black MOVESET to Troll TOXIC BROLY Users in Z Battlegrounds..

new Goku black moveset in z battlegrounds and going against toxic teamers broly moveset users its like saitama battlegrounds or strongest battlegrounds are both great battlegrounds games but it is dragonball z dragonball super themed roblox game that is super cool. they added a new moveset. in battlegrounds games you can use movesets like a goku moveset and a jiren moveset! in other games like this you can be genos saitama gojo garou speed o sonic and more but in this new game you can only be dbs characters.

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  1. u know whats funny i was the first one in my server to get him and everyone thought i was a dev 😂😂

  2. Help please what do if kill counter lost, i mean I had 24 kills left before the fusion dance, but I went out to rest and put my phone on the door, and now I need to do 46 kills before the fusion dance

  3. Blud used tsb background looks like we got new character unlocked

  4. Why do all Roblox YouTubers zoom in on there character and move there screen when they talk to the audience

  5. day 3 of asking stud to play hero battlegrounds update

  6. we finally hit 1kLikes make a video broly pls

  7. Use star code stud or else broly spammers will teleport to your location

  8. subscribe or goku black will be free in the next week and kill you

  9. Bro I realize that you sound like stretch the youtuber

  10. Saitama battle grounds vs x battle grounds or sm i dont play that lol

  11. I ain’t no commenting after 18 hours on this vid oh wait i just did-

  12. 1v1 the holy grail on z battleground pls and pls reply to this comment pls

  13. You're a true talent in the world of content creation. Your videos are a breath of fresh air. Keep pushing boundaries and inspiring others

  14. Can lbe in a video with you in saitama battlegrounds

  15. Tf how do you think using a moveset is trolling OMG 😨 IM GETTING CLAPPED IN THIS GAME AND THERE L DANCING ON ME HELP

  16. If I see new moves I look at the charaters page

  17. Also that doesn’t look like Hokusai black that looks like goku purple

  18. I see you yesterday when I was BEATING THE BROLY TEAM 😂😂😂😂

  19. guys why do the youtubers have 4 or 2 moves and i have only 1

  20. There were like a whole family of brolys 😂

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