Vhagar’s Size compared to Smaug and Drogon

We have seen Vhagar’s size in episode 7 of HOTD and also drogon in game of thrones, and yes, Saug’s enormous body size in The Hobbit. But how big are they really and compared to each other? well lets find out.


  1. Wait so Smaug is like actually bigger then those dragons or something that makes him even more terrifying that he already is and the fact that he is so smart and clever makes him even mor e deadly

  2. I liked how you figured out the sizes of Drogon, Vhagar and Smaug.

  3. Why stop at Smaug or Drogon….when there’s so many much bigger to compare

  4. So Ancalagon the Black is the most bigger dragon of all fantasy literature dragons ?

  5. What about dragons from:
    Reign of Fire 2002
    Eragon 2006
    Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019
    Monster Hunter 2020

  6. Drogon was only 8 years old and was already the biggest of his other siblings. Given time and growth, he could potentially grow to Vhagar or even balerions size in about a century.

  7. Smaug can only be killed by a black arrow that alone make it superior

  8. Yet Smaug is still the smallest among Tolkien dragons 🤣.

  9. This is absolutely nothing but guessing and forcing views onto others. No fact whatsoever.

  10. Drogon is looking like real dragon ❤️‍🔥🐉
    But those are like a cartoon dragons 😆😆

  11. Smaug was considered the Last of the Great Fire Drakes of the North and the biggest Dragon of his time, but in comparison to the other Great Fire Drakes Smaug is actually considered to be one of the smallest ones.
    Next time I want to see a comparison between the biggest Dragon that Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire / House of the Dragon has to offer against the monstrosity of Ancalagon The Black, the biggest of Tolkien's dragons….

  12. Drogon is still a baby too so he still is growing

  13. So Smaug is bigger then the Cannibal also

  14. Nah… SMAUG is better… Because he can TALK …. LOL

  15. GoThrone's didn't have dragons…. they had drakes

  16. Can these 3 withstand against King Ghidorah?

    just asking😉

  17. vhagar has been officially confirmed to be 150m(492ft) in length

  18. Smaug is actually very small. He is one of the smallest Dragons in Lord of the rings. Ancalagon was so big, that his body destroyed the most of Beleriand when he dies. I don’t know how big Ancalagon was exactly, but very much bigger than smaug

  19. hello it has been officially announced that for the purposes of the movies smaug's height has been increased to 135 meters or in your system of measurement 442 ft it has also been officially announced by HBO that vaghar is 150 meters (492ft) tall and as announced by George R. R. Martin in an interview there is a direct competition between all these dragons Smaug, Balerion (not yet seen on the screen) and Vaghar as regards the last dragon often mentioned in the debates Ancalgon he has not not yet and seen on the screen but the description lets imagine a dragon much bigger than the others but with the calculation weight height force of gravity little play tricks who really knows

  20. Drogon can be one of the biggest dragon because his age not even reach 10 years old + he live in the wild ..so his growth will be a lot faster than the dragon in (hotd)

  21. smaug may be intelligent but the dragons from a song of ice and fire are vicious creatures

  22. And now compare Vhagar to Ancalagon the black

  23. Smaug nos livros não é tão grande assim,e antes de discordar, pesquise sobre, ou até leia os livros de Tolkien, uma coisa que acontece bastante é as pessoas ficarem falando sobre coisas que elas sabem se é real ou Não,(desculpa o surto mas eu precisava falar isso)

  24. Smaug is not just a dragon he can speak human language, probably would never allow anyone to ride him lol

  25. Compare them all with Tolkiens Ancalagon the Black ! I dont think there is a bigger Dragon than him !

  26. Smaug per VFX team is Smaug is 152 meters long, and his wingspan is 136 meters wide

  27. Yes but Smaug is intelligent and can use magic.

  28. And Smaug was a salamander compared to Ancalagon the black who was as tall as a mountain.

  29. Vhager was close to the size of Balerion before his battle time or something like that cause Balerion kept growing up until a year before he died

  30. And all three get crushed by the red death from HTTYD

  31. doesn't that mean Smaug is bigger than Balerion

  32. This video is a waste of time because there no point comparing against vhagar and drogon, vhagar would win every time

  33. I am honestly so thankful for this video. I'm currently prepping to write a novel that features LOTS of dragons. It's very easy to write down their size as a number, like 50ft, 80ft, 130ft, etc., but harder to actually conceptualize that. This video really helps put an image to the number.

  34. Using Smaug's head as a measurement is unexpected

  35. Would be interesting to see how dragons from other fantasy series would measure up.
    I mean just imagine tiny baby Alduin just showing up next to these titans and somehow defeating them.

  36. Dragon is still a child he will grow more

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