Vhagar’s Size compared to Smaug and Drogon

We have seen Vhagar’s size in episode 7 of HOTD and also drogon in game of thrones, and yes, Saug’s enormous body size in The Hobbit. But how big are they really and compared to each other? well lets find out.


  1. Wouldn’t mind seeing a smaug vs balerion battle similar size

  2. Why do all those just have 2 free legs?

  3. Good thing the books are not included because Ancalagon the Black would sit on these other dragons like they were fleas. not only was he the size of mountains, he was practically a demigod. The likes of Drogon, Vhagar or even Balerion would be nothing more than irritating vermin to him.

  4. you should've compared them all to king ghidora.

  5. wtf would you compare GOT dragons to Smaug? lmao

  6. Smaug's impenetrable armor also separates him, and his intelligence.

  7. Vhagar looks heavier than Smaug, Smaug has length but Vhagar has what I believe is the weight advantage. How big was Dread if he was larger then Vhagar 🤔

  8. Smaug killed dragons much MUCH bigger than himself

  9. When he said Jon snow is just a bit shy of 6ft I couldn’t trust any other measurements going forward 😂

  10. Now Compare Vary's to Shelob and Ungoliant spider sizes in GoT vs Tolkien

  11. A something is definitely wrong with these calculations. maybe the fact that a hobbit is only 3'

  12. and smaug was a tiny dragon compared to the great WYRMS and DRAGONS of OLD DRAIGOCH was my fave

  13. This is a pretty stupid video because it assumes that the TV shows are real. You can't use the dimensions displayed in the TV shows because it's unlikely the show created accurate renditions of the dragons. Use some common sense. Creating the CGI is tough enough. Do you think they would spend so much time to ensure the relative dimensions are correct?

  14. What about the dragon from Beowulf and the dragons from Aragon and Harry potter also Skyrim and Nasguls from lord of the rings ?

  15. Smaugs downfall is he doesn't know when to stop talking 😂

  16. Imagen Smaug in the House Of The Dragon serries as just a regular Dragon like the others and your his rider

  17. Smaug is not as big as Godzilla bro. 🤣🤣 King Ghidorah is.

  18. if I recall correctly, Balerion was said to be so big that his wingspan/body would shade entire cities he flew over. If Vhagar is close to that she’s pretty damn big.

  19. Thats a shitty logic , if size matters than elephant must rule forest..

  20. Imagine Glaurung.. close to the size of Vhaegar but wingless just sprinting across mountains 🥲

  21. Drogon is a young Dragon compared to Vhagar

  22. Vhagar: Big and Heavy
    Drogon: Not fully grown
    Smaug: Lightweight, Big, and Smart

  23. And just think Smaug wasn't an original. He's 3rd gen . he's approximately 1/6 the size of the original LOTR Dragons .

  24. I can tell you who’s bigger than all of them… not my ego that’s tiny.

  25. Got dragons are drakes. Dragons have thumb's and can carry sky scrapers

  26. Jon Snow is 5ft 10 inches tall but Kit Harrington is 5ft 7in.

  27. Vhaygar is hundreds of years old. Drogon was less than a decade old by the end of GOT. So it’s understandable that he’d be much smaller than the former

  28. Vhagar is bigger than the Baratheon´s castle and Smaug fits inside the Dwarfs castle.

  29. I haven't read the book yet, but in the show House of the Dragon they didn't give much attention as to how they feed these gargantuous beasts.

  30. Smaug would eat vhagar for breakfeast. Smaug is an intellegent and powerful dragon that doesnt need no owner/master/rider. Inpenetrable scales and able to take independent action

  31. Daenerys is taller than Aegon in this picture as he was still a child when he stole the dragon, so your comparison of her riding Drogon and Aegon riding Vhagar would be a bit off. She would be slightly larger on Vhagar than Aegon was so the comparison to Drogon and Vhagar based on how their riders appear would be skewed a bit.

  32. Westeros Dragons are like Humans, with limited life spans, easily swayed by power,, Tolkien Dragon are like elves, Intelligent with long life spans.

  33. Smaug has much much stronger armour/skin, he is also smarter and can even understand if you're telling the truth or lying. For me smaug can burn the entire GOT universe and he is not even the smartest and biggest. If you compare ancalagon the black that had a wingspan of 2km (6500feet) with all the dragons of GOT combined, ancalagon would still win the fight.

  34. They are all cgi made .size doesn't matter to me .They are all dragons

  35. I believe Smaug is the smallest dragon from LOTR lore. I cant image to see Ancalagon The Black on screen.

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