What if… [⚠️Creepy/Gore⚠️] HTTYD

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  1. That is a fucking cool video props on you

  2. The first image makes it look like toothless ate his tailfin

  3. why.. WHY DOES EVERYONE DRAW NIGHT FURRIES SHARP FOOGS!? The night furry doesn't have such sharp teeth, guys… Look at Wikipedia! Guys..

  4. That's how would be a looked night fury if he doesn't eating only fish😢😂

    Me: It doesn't looks creepy🌚🍷

  6. How Vikings See The Night Fury:

    Toothless: (Is Dancing To Driftveil City)

  7. people describing night furies in the book
    Meanwhile Toothless:
    Stands in two legs cause Hiccupp was on him…

  8. Did you use spinosaurus roar on the background?

  9. That is what the villains think off the night fury

  10. \ Your last chance to survive is to hide and pray that he doesn’t find you //

  11. Its not how to train ur dragon now its how to not get eaten by your Dragon

  12. The speed is close to the speed of sound

  13. POV: it sees its self dancing. Night fury: starts to dance

  14. Being tamed and being a literal giant cat that can fly*

  15. He doesn't have teeth though

  16. What is the Title of the Soundtrack effect??

  17. I think toothless is not a true night fury cause from how the book describes them they are rather violent….or toothless is a night fury that never learned to be hostile cause there’s a 50/50 chance he wasn’t raised by other night fury’s and he’s hiccups age so I imagine that toothless learned all his behaviors from non violent dragons where as true nightfurys or very hostile but luckily toothless wasn’t raised by his own species so he has no idea that he’s supposed to be extremely aggressive and a predator

  18. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, I'm pretty sure that title belongs to the skrill

  19. Let me stop you right there toothless dancing

  20. What if toothless never found hiccup and since he was the last night fury then toothless would be dangerous right?

  21. I did not want to see a creepy Toothless at 2 in the morning but well, the fan arts are cool so why not

  22. Book of dragons: the unholy ofspring of lighling and death itself

    Toothless: "well i changed all of that"

  23. I rlly want a night fury and light fury as a pet

  24. This is just toothless if he was less of a goob

  25. The book : 👺😈👿👹 Reality : ☺️😄😃😁😆🥰😚

  26. What kind of what a rated R version of how to train your Dragon

  27. People say bad things about black cats all the time, and as a pet owner of two black cats…. Sometimes people are just plain wrong, or haven’t met the right one. Both my babies are cuddle monsters and the youngest is very vocal.

    That’s what I thought of when I watched httyd, stereotypes.

  28. Bro after I watch this I scrolled to toothless dance 💀

  29. Cuts to the animation of toothless dancing

  30. The spinosaurus sounds are W 👍👍👍

  31. More videos like this? I'd be sick to see more. The tv series covers alot of dragons in more beastly states

  32. ngl it sounds like theres a guy saying AH WE WE HWE WE WE

  33. The images: 😱
    The Description: 😱

    The Spinosaurus in the background: 💀🗿🍷

  34. The Dragon was cat sized in the book

  35. I'm talking about the book of dragon!! How it was described there when Hiccup read it.

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