what if the ender dragon goes to nether?


mod used in the video:
Immersive Portals

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  1. The video looks like an illusion because there are sides of different places in the world were one of us could go

  2. It was so ender dragons that it looked like a bunch of bats

  3. “Let’s see what happens!”


  4. YouTuber:
    *just wants to have funny with portals.

    Ended Dragon:
    “Fool! You’ve opened the way to the land of souls! Rise, my brothers! Let your souls take on flesh once more! Now is the hour of death and fire for the insolent humans! The new age of the dragon begins now!”


  5. Imagine seeing a group of bats in the distance only for them to appear bigger as they get closer

  6. I gonna shut down into 0% this is the end noo hoohoho

  7. In Minecraft, the Ender Dragon is a powerful boss that resides in the End dimension. It's not programmed to naturally travel to the Nether or any other dimension in the game. The Ender Dragon has a specific purpose within the game, which is to be defeated by players to access the End Gateway and explore the outer End islands.

    However, in a hypothetical scenario where the Ender Dragon could somehow be transported to the Nether, it would likely lead to some interesting and chaotic gameplay. Here are a few things to consider:

    1. *Environment:* The Nether has a completely different environment compared to the End. It's filled with lava, dangerous terrain, hostile mobs like Ghasts and Blazes, and various unique resources. The Ender Dragon might struggle to navigate this harsh environment.

    2. *Mob Interactions:* The Nether is home to its own set of hostile mobs, and these mobs might engage in battles with the Ender Dragon if they come into contact. This could create a chaotic situation where players have to contend with not only the dragon but also Nether mobs.

    3. *Game Balance:* Transporting the Ender Dragon to the Nether could potentially unbalance the game. The Nether is meant to be a challenging dimension on its own, and adding the Ender Dragon to the mix might make it even more difficult for players.

    4. *Resource Gathering:* Players often go to the Nether to gather resources like Blaze Rods, Nether Wart, and Quartz. The presence of the Ender Dragon could complicate resource gathering in the Nether, making it more challenging for players.

    5. *Strategy:* Players would need to come up with new strategies and tactics to deal with the Ender Dragon in the Nether, taking into account the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this scenario.

    Ultimately, while it's not a feature of the standard Minecraft gameplay, the idea of the Ender Dragon in the Nether could make for an interesting and challenging mod or custom game mode for those looking to add a twist to their Minecraft experience. Modding and custom maps have allowed players to create all sorts of unique scenarios and challenges in Minecraft, so it's entirely possible that someone has created a mod or custom map that features the Ender Dragon in the Nether.

  8. The best way to f*** a minecraft world

  9. So if an Ender Dragon enters the nether wrong, it can multiply?

  10. Ender Dragon: So multiply and duplicate
    Gingka and Madoka: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. you cant activate nether portal in the ender

  12. Bro was so scared that he used shadow clone jutsu to enter the Nether

  13. Somebody copied my T_ shirt the one down

  14. When you play with the forces of reality

  15. Your minecraft error with bastards dragon😂

  16. Ok so basically,

    Gremlins but with lava.

  17. So anyways we made a call to the dragonborn

  18. Mistakes were made! Mistakes were definitely made! 😨😅

  19. you could have just spawned a ender dragon egg in the nether

  20. NGL. I hate most Minecraft videos, but this was actually pretty cool.

  21. My black cat passed away last year. I need a new pet and I kinda want an ender dragon now😅

  22. Bro just type command and summon the dragon in nether.

  23. So this is when Alexa Real's computer crashes ?

  24. What the f’ kind of Doctor Who sorcery is this??

  25. 1:06 this nether is looking like Godzilla x Kong the new Empire hollow earth so cool

  26. Dude, go to the netter and then use a command to give you a dragon spawn egg

  27. i always thought it’d be so cool to have caves around the dimensions as if some ginormous creatures tunnelled through the ground

  28. The ender dragon repopulated with the nether

  29. Single-handedly ridding the endermen of their generational guilt by forced mitosis

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