What your favorite httyd character says about you! Dragons coming soon! ✨🐉✨


  1. Alr since this video is getting more and more popular and y’all are skipping the pinned comment I’m shortening it into parts. If it’s too long for you to read there’s no reason to reply “I ain’t reading all that”Answering frequently asked questions:-“where’s valka?” Not in the video I can tell you that much. And no I’m not “making a new one and putting her in” -“where’s toothless?” he. Is. A. DRAGON. NOT A HUMAN! he is included in the dragon video I did-“your disrespecting the twins” seriously?💀 Remember I’m reading every single one of your comments. I’m a human as well.No need to hate on me if you don’t like what your favorite character says about you it’s *MY* opinion and what I think it says about youNo need to hate on any of the characters and where I put themYour not being cool 🤣Here’s the dragon video link but it may not workhttps://youtube.com/shorts/NDTPSKODhiY?si=QsIg82k6pfwi0xQI

  2. My favourite is Dagur because he's unhinged asf lmao

  3. I can understand when he said ok we get it you like this one I mean hiccup is the main person he’s cool yea but ok WE GET IT YOU LIKE HICCUP

  4. I never seen you do the second part yet

  5. Viggo, after being saved like Dragons his place in Mace's and Talens is broken 💔 😢
    Blud got shot about 5 times in the back but still fought 👏

  6. Chicken and tuffnut are definitely the best😂

  7. I like Bucket best 😂 idek why

  8. That’s so true though, you will never grow out of it for Gustav

  9. Where are the twins? This is my favorite movie. How about you do the twins do tough nut rough nut but don’t do stork.

  10. I stand by my Hiccup favoritism that man is perfect smh 😤

  11. Um, should I be concerned bcs I just watch shows and movies and my fav chars are always either the blue ones or the emo ones like what

  12. Just when I thought I was safe the twins showed up on the worst on possible 😅

  13. Okay, but valka is still my favorite because she was technically the first dragon rider and she’s still awesome

  14. I feel bad for Viggo, he sacrificed himself for Hiccup and Toothless. He tricked Hiccup saying he put oleander into Toothless's fish, but a little while later he said "You really don't know your oleanders Hiccup." And Viggo actually put red oleander which is harmless to dragons.

  15. The video: this one’s just a phase you’ll grow out of it when you grow up

    me 💀

    my room 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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