When The Game Is ACTUALLY Good! | Day of Dragons Gameplay

Day Of Dragons a survival open world game with it’s first real update.

Getting past the controversy and the terrible launch, will the game make up for it’s past? My opinion, they are working on it and the game is actually good. Let’s see how they’ll keep it up.


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  1. It's a blue mushroom that gives u elder xD not a red and to actually land u need to slow down a bit.

  2. This game could be so much better if you didn't have to rely so much on being in a clan. I always been more of a solo player and my main complaint about this game is basically having to rely on clans other than that I think this could be a great game kinda just feels like a dragon version of the isle

  3. This game is a complete scam. 2 damn dragons to play, one that is only available via "DLC" in a game that is a "beta" at best, no where fucking near completion. Even calling it a beta is being extremely generous. A nearly empty map, LAUGHABLE flight mechanics, and dragon Dino's that are literally stolen from the internet. They weren't even designed by the developers. Anyone defending this game is letting there bias and hopes of having a dragon survival game to play get in their way. Don't waste your money.

  4. Oh, I see the server where I am the admin 😀

  5. This dragon like Night Fury :0❤ from Httyd

  6. The shadows are bad because you either have it on low or you pc is too weak

  7. Question: How do you change the graphics on this game . I have bad lagging and i fixed some it but the graphics are all messed up. I just got the game and i have no idea how to change the graphics. If you got advice let me know ☺️

  8. It’s one in the morning right now

  9. Flying in this game def looks better and more natural than the flying in Draconia? Would love to see more tho since they both seem to offer different things and I’m just digging the new dragon games

  10. Funny thing is this game got shut down over some Bs. Because someone said they where going to kill there dog

  11. This game has some good aspect, but the fact that how they design the world not like how it is in the movies make it less interesting and lovely

  12. this looks very promising, but Im not a fan of the HTTYD inspiration here. I love HTTYD, don't get me wrong, but I wish they just had original designs. I hope these are just beta designs, and not final designs. just my opinion, it has potential, though. or if they keep these designs, I hope they add different ones as well.

  13. They judge a game badly but I’ll like to see them try to make a game like that it’s pretty hard to make a game :/

  14. This dude: Oh my god this flight is so bad
    Me: Git gud -^-

    But honestly this game looks much better than alpha the shadow scale is most likely inspired by Httyd and Acid spitter….God knows where.. I would play however I'll wait and see what happens the sounds in my opinion are a Okay level and attacks well the plasma blast , Perfect and the bite could use some work and probably needs more variety of attacks maybe a slash of the claws or a swipe of the tail but overall looks great hopefully it takes a turn for the better

  15. Hopefully you never come across OwLTime lol. The flying animation looks pretty fucking good in this game ngl.

  16. I can see why you only have 5k subs. I left this video in 49 secs.

  17. It's almost barren I mean even minecraft have cows , chicken etc they should put some critters or something for food

  18. There is nothing in this fuckin game…. NOTHING

  19. What's up with the dialup sound nowadays? 99% of you kids on YouTube weren't even born when we had that awesome Internet

  20. What a bad fucking boring game… you have to be utterly stupid and naive to think you didn't got scammed with this load of bs.

  21. the flying looks like toothless trying to fly out of the cove

  22. Subbed, I like the editing 🙂

    also youre the first person that said you dont like the camera, and I AGREE! it makes me dizzy and nauseous

  23. I have a couple of questions
    1-Where can you find food? What are the best locations for it?
    2-is there some sort of setting to change the time? Like for example, it’s night-time in the game. Could I change it to morning somehow?

  24. So turned out to be a scam but why keep the video up?

  25. i love when the fly mechanics are not just about the arrows but actually leearning how it works. There's one mobile game i play because the flying is so cool. for example diving gives you speed, the more you tilt the more your wings close. There are two tyoes of flying (gliding and straight flight) but even in that straight flight it can be difficult to maintain heigh as sometimes you can come across warm wing currents which are not very visible at first but they make you go higher. landing in gliding more makes it less likely for you to slip on the surface because you can brake by not moving forward. I'm sorry i talked so much about it but i really love it when someone puts so much effort into moving mechanics

  26. ss = shadow scale XD and try gardeon dragons srver i learned to love this game there ok ^-^

  27. The "Worm Hole" skin is soo rare your pal is so luky ^-^

  28. What day is wrong with you don't call How to train your dragon Bad

  29. is it possible to download the game for free?

  30. The snow mountain is my log out spot haha

  31. well watched the first 3 mins of this video and decided to defiantly not get this game lol

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