Which couples are you in? #capcut #toothless #httyd3 #lightfury #stormfly (Stormfly vs Lightfury)


  1. Toothless and light Fury forever❤ and you can't change that dummy dum dum

  2. Team Toothless and Light Fury

  3. Беззубик + белая фурия

  4. Toothless × lightfury (dont know if she has a name 😅)

  5. It would be cute, except for the fact that Stormfly is a lesbian

  6. Stormfly and toothless are bestfriends so toothless x lightfury

  7. For the longest time I wanted strongly and toothless to be together because it’s the same with hiccup and Astrid but the light fury is just to perfect

  8. Personally I like lightfury x toothless ship but if the light fury didn’t exist then I feel like stormfly would be the best next dragon for toothless ♥️

  9. I like the light fury (Luna) and toothless but I feel like stormfly x toothless is amazing bc I just wonder what the babies would look like 🙁

  10. If light fury is named or tamed her name is probably light

  11. I cant pick because before they found the light furry i shioed toothless and stormfly but after they found the light furry i shipped toothless and the light furry and personaly i like rhe night lights but i think stormfly and toothless's babys would be really cool because toothless is a nightfurry and stormfly is a deadly natter

  12. The fact some people in this comment section can’t accept canon ships, shame on y’all.

    Light fury all the wayy <33

  13. Team toothless x light fury:)❤❤❤

  14. I think Toothless and Lantern(my name for Ligthfury, I think Luna is too boring)are a sweet perfect couple, and Stormfly is his bestie that’s basically a professional third wheeler.

  15. T x L would’ve been better is they kept the deleted scene with them bonding, T fell too fast.

    T x S wouldn’t make sense creature wise, but since dragons are practically as smart as humans, they might think about it. Practically known each other half their lives and their babies would be very interesting dragons

  16. I'm team couple toothless × light fury

  17. Toothless and light fury are quite literally yin-yang

  18. Toothless and light furry❤❤❤❤ and I don’t know If I spelled that right

  19. Would've been interesting with Toothless and Stormfly to be honest but I'm fine both ways

  20. For me no just no. I never liked light fury. They liteary got together by first look. Stormfly was with him for 6 years. And plus will be when they bring all dragons back so stormfly×toothless=✓ i just hate her.

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