Who are the Most Powerful Dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones ?

Today we’re going to look at some of the most powerful dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones lore. There are over two dozen familiar dragons in the entire lore. But we’re going to look at the best ones who have achieved greater feats in R.R. Martin’s books and the live action shows. So here are the most powerful dragons in Game of Thrones lore.
This is actually the Strongest Dragons in House of the Dragon ranked video. Check it out.

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  1. Im pretty sure Vhagar would defeat Drogon and should be #2 on the list with Vermithor as #3. Veigar is second in size only to Balerion and made it through every major battle of the entire series.

  2. So you basically saying the green are going to win because he’s dragon is the biggest one and will kill all the black queen dragons 🐉 that sucks I thought she was the one who wins 😡

  3. Cmon every one knows that you can't put Sindragosa in 3rd

  4. Why make a video on the dragons but you've clearly not looked up the lore about them and which are actually more powerful than others. You think Drogon is second only to Balerion?

  5. Another fun fact about balerion is that he had black fire and his fire was so hot it could melt stone. It’s interesting how some dragons have different colored fire like balerion and sunfyre did

  6. They should have a flashback scene next season of aegon and Balerion fighting the first dornish war, or even a spin off in a couple years

  7. ur accent is cringe af, I stopped the video after 1 min

  8. You will have to change this once they introduce Cannibal.

  9. Meleys should be higher she lost only because vhaegar was fighting with sunfyre then sunfyre died from wounds against moondancer and baela

  10. People don't seem to give Vhagar props for her efforts over the Gods Eye.
    Vhagar was also rather old and, to be honest, Vhagar tore Caraxes apart in their fight. Her size and age would've never survived that fall regardless, but Caraxes didn't live much longer

    You'd think the younger, more agile and healthy Dragon would've done better but, even Caraxes met his match that day… old gal Vhagar went down with a helluva fight.

  11. The only thing I think you got right was Balerion being number 1 and Your pronunciation of their names needs serious work.

  12. You forgot the cannibal. He was one of the most powerfull dragons

  13. People tend to forget drogon hasn’t died yet and he was already a pretty big dragon at only 10 years old now imagine 50 or 100 years down the line he can easily become one of the biggest dragons to have existed

  14. The Cannibal be like: hmm top 10 snacks yum 😋

  15. Where is puff? He was magic.. how dumb of a list.

  16. Drogon destroyed King Landing thanks to his gigantic plot-armor. Sorry, but I call that second place BS!

  17. Vermithor is my favorite for sure. "The Bronze Fury" is such a badass name

  18. What if death wing was there 😆
    Real beast. ❤‍🔥

  19. Actually Meleys Caraxes Vhagar and Meraxes are all stronger than Drogon.Even Sunfyre

  20. Vagar was old because of that it was defeated ok

  21. Bro put vyserion and drogon ahead of vhagar 🤡🤡

  22. The number of people in the comments complaining about spoilers in this video is insane.
    Have attention spans really decayed this badly that so many people didn't notice the spoiler warning?

  23. Drogon is the balerions reborn so that he is the powerful one than vhaegar ( when it is old)

  24. #1 should be Cannibal ,baalerion and other 2 wild dragon same I think

  25. Why does the narrator sound like she is giving her audience attitude? lol wtf

  26. Drogon and balerion look similar maybe drogon will grow bigger like balerion in 100 years if she lives

  27. They started House of dragons from wrong time.people might love to see from start to end.



  30. Drogan is true power of my sight

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