Who are the Most Powerful Dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones ?

Today we’re going to look at some of the most powerful dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones lore. There are over two dozen familiar dragons in the entire lore. But we’re going to look at the best ones who have achieved greater feats in R.R. Martin’s books and the live action shows. So here are the most powerful dragons in Game of Thrones lore.
This is actually the Strongest Dragons in House of the Dragon ranked video. Check it out.

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  1. There is NO WAY dany's dragons come close to Caraxes, Vaghar, or Maraxes. Drogon hand almost no one to measure against. Him and his brothers were the only dragons left in the world.

    How many battles did maraxes, vaghar or caraxes not fought? Even sunfire.. there are quite a few battle hardened dragons. Dany's dragons should be lower on the list. Even vermithor should be more powerful than Drogon.

    I get drogon is the black dread come again but still, he was still a young dragon in the series. He was half as big as vaghar and Vermithor in the final episode. I bet Caraxed would have given him a run for his money and probably have beaten him as well



  4. Dany's dragons are babies. They'd get demo'd by the large dragons of HotD

  5. I was well-versed with the whole lore when GoT was still on. Now, It's all very new to me lol.

  6. Drogon was the strongest of the 3 living dragons at that time, but there's no damn way he surpasses most of the dragons on that list. That's like comparing some freshman high school varsity jock to an NFL player. He's incredible amongst his peers, but he's no pro.

  7. I'd say Balerion but since I haven't really SEEN him, it's gonna be Drogon for me.

  8. if 1:1 by old and size, caraxes is the most powerfull dragon

  9. so confused why Vhagar was placed where "she" was, i suggest the creator do a little more research before making these videos.

  10. THis is lore wise so absolutely innacurate. Drogon and Viserion where not even compareable to some of the other dragons on this list be it in size or strength.Vhagar would dwarve them both and so does vermithor. The cannibal isn't even mentioned. Daenerys dragons including Drogon are some of the weakest dragons in the lore of the books. Drogon while growing at an immense rate was still years away from reaching measurements even close to balerion.

  11. Cannibal is the most interesting to me. Extremely aggressive and no one really knows how big or old they could be. They say balerion lived to be a little over 200 but he'd be considered a dragon kept in captivity. No one knows how long a wild dragon could live. What if it's doubled that? What if it's 1000 years, no one knows. Cannibal could technically still be alive during the current timeline. And maybe their affinity for eating dragons is a reason there aren't dragons flying around everywhere anymore. Very interesting in my opinion. Other than that my favorite is caraxes. So cool looking, so fearsome with an equally lethal rider

  12. The thing about spoiler alerts was not limited to House of the Dragon HBO series, which I initially thought it was, its all about all the things books and tv series all of it. You have been warned.

  13. What he fuck!!! It had lots of spoilers

  14. in my opinion, Drogon is the second powerful dragon ever, Not the BIGEST because its younger, but he destroyed what Balerion created 🙂 Drogon is the reincarnation of Balerion :)if Game of Thrones, would have had more seasons to continue, and would have had the opportunity for Drogon to grow old and reach 200 years old, he would definitely have been bigger than Balerion, if at his young age he was so big

  15. in my opinion The most skilled and powerful living dragon in all series of house of dragon and game of thrones is drogon after him there is vhagar and caraxes

  16. Craxes is way too low. Him and Vaghar should be second and 3rd.

  17. So craxes killed vegar and is still low in Ranking ! What is this based on ? 💀

  18. That typical youtube speaking cadence is annoying as shit.

  19. drogon and viseryon powerfull than vhagar and caraxes aye ?? LMAO 🙂

  20. I don't think any of dany's dragons are top 3, drogon may have been large compared to its siblings but still mid tier for a dragon

  21. Bro danys dragons are infants, ranked them way way high

  22. We have already seen how big Vaghar is now in the series. Then imagine how big Ballarion would be sense his bigger.

  23. I thought Vhagar was a female dragon? why does she keep calling it a he? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  24. The cannibal should be number 2, drogon should not be even top 5. It should have been vhagar, caraxes, undead viserion, the cannibal then balerion

  25. Drogon in second place ? Really ? Drogon is nothing more an insect comparing to Vhagar or Balerion. He is my favorite dragon also but his place must be 15 or something.

  26. Drogon number 2 strongest yea no canibal deserved to be number 2

  27. spoiler alerts.. lots of spoiler from the narrator in the video for the coming house of the dragon

  28. How do you people even remember those names??? I can't remember the name of the strongest dragon from this list and I've just read like 5 mins ago

  29. The whole family destroyed themselves and killed most of the dragons by fighting among themselves.
    What a failure
    But i blame rehneyra because her aspire to be queen started the war

  30. Craxes wasent killed by Vhagar, Carxes killed Vhagar and he died when he fell to the ground

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