Who are the Most Powerful Dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones ?

Today we’re going to look at some of the most powerful dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones lore. There are over two dozen familiar dragons in the entire lore. But we’re going to look at the best ones who have achieved greater feats in R.R. Martin’s books and the live action shows. So here are the most powerful dragons in Game of Thrones lore.
This is actually the Strongest Dragons in House of the Dragon ranked video. Check it out.

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  1. Caraxes took down Vhagar, an original Conquest dragon, put some respect on that name please. Top 5 easily.

  2. What is this list??????? Danny's dragons above the war torn battle tested dragons????????

  3. wht is the dragon in the video tht has multiple tails at the end part of vid

  4. The fact that Drogon is still alive gives me chills. Waiting for the sequel of GOT.

  5. I think Drogon will be as big as Balerion or even biggger, considering the fact that he is a few years old right now. They should show Dany's resurrection and her riding Drogon into battle.

  6. No GOT dragon should be on this list, I’m sorry it’s not even a debate

  7. I guess Cannibal would have been an honourable mention too.

  8. Undead Viserion can be discutable but there is noway Drogon is higher than any of the other dragons in this top .

    Meraxes would've been a Vaghar bis if they were still alive at the time of the dance .
    Vaghar was almost as powerfull as Balerion, and like Balerion, only old age was a problem.
    Vermithor was overpowered by Vaghar only because of the size but in term of firepower he was an equal to Balerion, at the time of the dance he was the prime dragon, literally flawless .
    Caraxes is a war machine, very experienced and takes pleasure to kill and burn and with Deamon as he's rider the two were unstoppable .

    Meleys was the swiftest dragon of all, that alone is enough to put her higher than Drogon
    Sunfyre was Vicious and very resistant, a pain in the ass really .
    As for Sea smoke, well he was similar to Syrax, maybe a bit more capable .

    Drogon is not suppose to be so big in the show, that's why he wouldn't be as strong as the others, even sea smoke and Syrax could beat him .

    We saw him a lot in GoT and that's why people thinks he's a beast and he is but he was too young and small .
    If he was alive during the dance he would've killed people but not another dragon on that list

  9. Caraxes killed vhagar which was larger than him while he was considered a deformed dragon. Boy got some skills.

  10. Ceraxes is just an overall best when it comes to fighting, I’d say he’s the one with most IQ in battle based on experience among the dragons from “House of dragons era.”

    Edit: those of you who don’t think dragons have IQ are uneducated. How do you guys think dogs can be trained and listen to our command?? How do you think dogs are capable of using smell to locate. It’s not rocket science to understand this.

  11. Meleys is not just fighting sunfyre, meleys fought against both sunfyre and Vhagar, also she wounded both dragons, if vhagar with aemond comes alone to take meleys with rhaneys then definitely meleys would have won that battle, but unfortunately it have two opponents at the same time so meleys deserve above top 5 on the list as well as caraxes

  12. Ahahahahaha Viserion can't even touch Rhaegal 🤣


    1 Balerion
    2 Vhagar
    3 Meraxes
    4 Cannibal
    5 quick silver
    6 Caraxes
    7 Vermithor
    8 Drogon
    9 Seasmoke
    10 sheepstealer

  13. Since you mentioned the sheep stealer, you ought to have also mentioned the Cannibal. That wild dragon was bigger and older than Balarion.

  14. Only rank who's powerful but don't give heavy spoiler who kill who..

  15. This list is full of shit😂 caraxes is placed like on the 8th place and drogon in the 2nd.

  16. Does it piss anyone else when talking about Vhagar she keeps saying he/him… Vhagar is the queen dragon

  17. That is something alot of people forget.
    Drogon was only like 10 years old when dany met her end.
    That is how old Jacercys' dragon is when we first see it. And that size difference alone is massive. Vhagar is about 180.
    Comparing these 2 would be the equivalent of comparing a 12month old to an adult…so there's no way any of Dany's Dragons should be higher

  18. Dany's dragons aren't stronger or bigger than vhagar. They should be way lower on the list. Also, what about the cannibal? He's older than balerion and should be just as big of not bigger than the black dread.
    Hat's off to caraxes 🙇🏾‍♂️

  19. The Cannibal live longer and ate other Dragons and was never domesticated like the others. He is said to be bigger than The Black Dread!!

  20. She said she thinks viserion is stronger than drogon but put drogon at 2 and viserion at 3…

  21. Why the hell are you putting videos of dragons from shows that are not Game of Thrones or House of the the Dragon on this video?

  22. viserion maybe the scary ona, and i cant imagine if night king kill balerion and make him like viserion

  23. Finally someone put Drogon where it should be !

  24. You put Dany's dragons before Caraxes and Vhagar?

  25. Beware! There is cannibal, hiding somewhere in the Shadows, capable of eating all other dragons.

  26. George has created so many awesome dragons. Balerion is legendary. Cannibal is cool and mysterious. Vhagar's kill count is insanely impressive. She fought during Aegon's Conquest, the First Dornish War, the reign of Aenys I and Maegor I, and she burned much of the Riverlands during the Dance of the Dragons.

  27. You should do spoiler alert first 😑😑

  28. Ancalagone is still bigger than all these dragons combined tbh.

  29. The cannibal for me is the strongest with just the fact they told people not to either go near him or any of the dragons🤣🤣

  30. "Dany". Hihihi, look at my empoderated female. Muuuuaaach

  31. Seriously…..
    In my opinion canibal the wild dragon ride by no one is ranked first for me…. Really its second largest after balerion but it is most dreadful and dangerous dragon ever…
    This dragons feed another dragons, little ones, eggs of dragons its wild..
    I hope it will show in house of dragons coming seasons because in books this dragon lives on stepstones during dance of dragons…

  32. Imagine how big drogon will be at 200+ years old with how fast he grows the other two are big enough yeah but not his size considering how young he is

  33. srsly who invented this naration/speaking style in videos , those anoyng guys from watchmojo or those awful reporters from those gossip yt news channels like tmz and Et… cant find others sources of influence

  34. how the fuck vhagar more powerfull than caraxes and he's killed by him …. and how the fuckin big fuck is drogon and viserion 3 and 2 all your rankink are false

  35. Jeez, you really need to fix your chapter title spelling

  36. I’ll never understand why people rank Drogon so high, he simply lacks the size yet to be as effective as other dragons, vhagar and vermithor are literally like the size of all 3 of danys dragons combined

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