Who are the Most Powerful Dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones ?

Today we’re going to look at some of the most powerful dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones lore. There are over two dozen familiar dragons in the entire lore. But we’re going to look at the best ones who have achieved greater feats in R.R. Martin’s books and the live action shows. So here are the most powerful dragons in Game of Thrones lore.
This is actually the Strongest Dragons in House of the Dragon ranked video. Check it out.

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  1. Drogon is like a child grown in our home😊

  2. Why do people make Dragons look like horses?

  3. Let's make a movie about the land of Valyria and the biggest, most powerful and ferocious dragons and Aegon's conquest with the mighty dragon Balerion.

  4. Caraxes easily stronger and more battle tested than viserion and drogon

  5. This list is trash. Plus Vhagar was a she dragon not a male. Sorry Danny’s dragons wouldn’t hold a candle to the OG dragons.

  6. awful video none of danys dragons are nearly as big or as powerful as old or as seasoned as abt any from the dance of the dragons or prior

  7. Cannibal is not on the list? The largest and oldest dragon ever existed? come on.

  8. really put caraxes that low even though he kills vhagar

  9. Caraxes should've been higher…. At least higher than Vhager or just after him

  10. The cannibal was said to be bigger than Balerion

  11. Zombie dragon cant really die as long som bug eyed midget girl dont mary su his ass with a shitty knife trick ! Fucking writers !

  12. Cannibal is definitely my favourite because he is the only dragon who has managed to survive for insanely long. Best part is he could technically still be alive after GoT too.

  13. Your voice sounds like that girl who was selling hot chocolate and got trolled by a man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Sorry I don't know the name of the movie or series

  14. my favourite dragon is Drogon Viserion the zombie dragon and his fire breath is changes into ice breath Rheagal Caraxes Vhagar the second largest dragon of the game of thrones vermithor third largest dragon in the game of thrones but I cant no his bigger or smaller than vhagar but his my favourite dragon and last my most favourite dragon Balerion the black dread the largest dragon in the game of thrones

  15. Rhaegal does not get the Respect he deserves he would have killed his brother if he was not already dead ripping his neck and part of his face off you guys just put viserion at 2 because he turned into a walker such bullshit rhaegal was bigger and stronger

  16. Maelys should be higher on the list since she fought a 2 on 1 battle and managed to kill one of them.
    Also, Caraxes should also be higher as well as he went toe to toe with Vhagar and technically won.
    Danny’s second dragon for second place is highly questionable.

  17. Danny’s dragons are nothing compared to vermithor and caraxes let alone vaghar and visenya – please be real if you are gonna make a video

  18. My 50 Favorite GOT/HOT D Characters
    1. Daemon Targaryen
    2. Bronn
    3. Tormund Giantsbane
    4. Jaime Lannister
    5. Tyrion Lannister
    6. Davos Seaworth
    7. Euron Greyjoy
    8. Corlys Velaryon
    9. Rhaenyra Targaryen
    10. Olenna Tyrell

    11. Viserys I Targaryen
    12. Walder Frey
    13. Khal Drogo
    14. Stannis Baratheon
    15. Arthur Dane
    16. Barristan Selmy
    17. Jorah Mormont
    18. Oberyn Martell
    19. Varys
    20. Cersei Lannister

    21. Tywin Lannister
    22. Otto Hightower
    23. Petyr Baelish
    24. Alicent Hightower
    25. Sansa Stark
    26. Ned Stark
    27. Robert Baratheon
    28. Sandor Clegane
    29. Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun
    30. Lyanna Mormont

    31. Ygritte
    32. Jon Snow
    33. Hot Pie
    34. Samwell Tarly
    35. Rhaenys Velaryon
    36. Night King
    37. Melisandre
    38. Benjen Stark
    39. Robb Stark
    40. Ayra Stark

    41. Daenaerys Targaryen
    42. Tommen Baratheon
    43. Margaery Tyrell
    44. Renly Baratheon
    45. Podrick Payne
    46. Brienne Tarth
    47. Laenor Velaryon
    48. Grey Worm
    49. Missandei
    50. Criston Cole

    Qyburn, Gendry, and Laena Velaryon nearly made the cut. Not a Hodor fan but Hold The Door was a fantastic episode. All Bronn did was save Lannister brothers. All good ol' Uncle Benjen did was save his nephews. I liked Renly but not Loras. Renly seemed like a kind gay man.

    Daemon debuted at #6 after one episode. He's now at #1 after three episodes. And I don't see anybody surpassing him. We only got a flashback for Arthur Dane and Barristan Selmy was already too old when we first see him. We get Rogue Prince at his absolute prime of his life.

    Daemon is the GOAT BAMF we never got from Game of Thrones while still having a complicated and colorful personality. He's my Darth Vader, Batman, and Iron Man of GOTverse. He's my Jaime/Tyrion Lannister, Bronn, Euron Greyjoy, Oberyn Martell, Khal Drogo, and Jon Snow rolled into one.

    Just for me –
    Viserys > Ned
    Rhaenyra > Daenerys

    Rhaenyra is already funnier to me with her insults than Dany in all 8 seasons of GOT. Viserys might be a WEAK KING but I believe Paddy Considine is doing a better job as Viserys than Sean Bean as Ned Stark. I'm enjoying these HOT D characters even though I'm aware of their fate and I wasn't sure I would like a lot them beyond Daemon. I already knew Daemon's popularity and reputation among book fans prior to this show.

    Lyonel Strong will move up high on my list the more the season progresses. He could be top 50 by Sunday. He's more Varys than Littlefinger. He only cares about protecting the realm. He's currently ranked 11th on my HOT D list behind Laena. It's just I'm aware Laena will grow up and be a dragon rider herself! Laena is that little girl who is going to turn into a likeable character once the decade time jump happens.

    Interesting that I have Cersei, Tywin, Otto, and Littlefinger all next to each other. I enjoy bad characters if the acting and scheming are great. I also have Alicent and Sansa next to each other even though I think Alicent is more of a Margaery by this point. But I believe Alicent will keep moving up my ranks once Olivia Cooke takes over after Emily Carey.

    Characters I hated? Obviously, Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton. I thought Ramsay was worse. Was way more sadistic. Joffrey was just an annoying brat but I hated how he ordered Ned to be executed and hated that he killed Ros. I hated Shae but pretty much everybody did. If only Daemon taught Rickon Stark how to dodge arrows. 🤣 Rickon was the most useless Stark. No Bran Stark or Theon Greyjoy for me. No Yara and Sand Snakes. Well, maybe Tyene. She and perhaps her bad poosy makes me thirsty.

    Hated Samwell's father, Randyll Tarly, but I guess he was no different than Tywin. While Dickon Tarly seems like a Beavis & Butt-Head joke they would laugh at. I never cared for Catelyn Stark although Red Wedding was still shocking and sad. I hated how Cat treated Jon. If she only knew Jon was really her nephew, she wouldn't have acted like a c*nt towards him all those years. Ned had to keep lying, so Jon got mistreated by his aunt. But his other aunt from his real father's side, he got to smash her.. 🤣 Incest is a perk being a Targ! #wincest

    I'm impressed that 9 characters from HOT D has already made my top 50 after 3 episodes. And it will continue to grow once Alicent's children and Laena Velaryon grows up. We have another pair of Lannister twins. Does that mean Tyland and Jason sleep together? Remember when Cersei slept with her first cousin, Lancel, when Jaime was away? Targaryens do incest to tame dragons. Lannisters do incest out of fun.

    My Favorite GOT/HOT D Dragons
    1. Drogon
    2. Caraxes
    3. Syrax
    4. Seasmoke
    5. Rhaeghal
    6. Viserion

    So far, I've seen Drogon the most and he's still #1 for me even though I'm not the biggest fan of his mother but I don't actually hate Daenerys. I hated her brother more.

    Drogon still looks cooler than Caraxes. But I do love Caraxes' temperament similar to his rider's. And according to Reddit fans, Caraxes is the 3rd greatest dragon behind Balerion and Vhagar. When you want ferocious, you choose Caraxes. The more I see Blood Wyrm, the more he can move up. But seeing Caraxes' belly from the recent episode made me turned off by his design.

    From the three dragons from the 17 we'll see in this series, I think Seasmoke looks the best so far. His color was like camouflage in the clouds and fog. Love the shape of his head. I can't wait when we get to see BIG GIRL that Laena mentioned. I would like to see a very green dragon 🐲 for once. I also want to see a golden dragon like Sunfyre.

    The Battle Above The Gods Eye between Vhagar/Aemond vs. Caraxes/Daemon should be the series finale. Balerion would actually be my favorite if we're talking books here. Balerion is the GOAT. Some are asking, did Daemon catch grey scale since he was holding Crabfeeder's wrist. But Daemon has Targaryen blood exceptionalism. Dragon riders don't die from diseases.

    My Top 50 Favorite Movie/TV Characters
    1. Iron Man
    2. Darth Vader
    3. Batman
    4. Indiana Jones
    5. Han Solo
    6. Daemon Targaryen
    7. Al Bundy
    8. Vito Corleone
    9. Yoda
    10. The Joker

    11. Loki
    12. Jules Winnfield
    13. Drexl Spivey
    14. Marty McFly
    15. Emmett "Doc" Brown
    16. Bill S. Preston, Esq.
    17. Ted "Theodore" Logan
    18. Bronn
    19. Bret Maverick (1994 film version)
    20. Peter Griffin

    21. Stewie Griffin
    22. Professor Farnsworth
    23. Zapp Brannigan
    24. Beavis
    25. Homelander
    26. Soldier Boy
    27. Johnny Lawrence
    28. Thor
    29. Wolverine
    30. Spider-Man

    31. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    32. Din Djarin
    33. Leia Organa
    34. Grogu
    35. R2-D2
    36. Fred Mertz
    37. Walter Sobchak
    38. Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski
    39. Tormund Giantsbane
    40. Jaime Lannister

    41. Tyrion Lannister
    42. David Wooderson
    43. Ethan Hunt
    44. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
    45. James Bond
    46. Biff Tannen
    47. Desmond Hume
    48. James "Sawyer" Ford
    49. King Kong
    50. Godzilla

    I wish Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito (Goodfellas) and Nicky Santoro (Casino) made the cut but alas. They both used to rank in my top 30. Yoda used to rank higher than Han but decided to move him down a bit.

    Characters I love from Mad Men like Roger Sterling and Joan Harris also didn't make the cut. Too many great characters I love. I can name hundreds of them. Don't get me started with characters I enjoyed from Tarantino films. I couldn't even include Floyd from True Romance and Brad Pitt was awesome as him. No Captain Jack Sparrow and Negan either.

    All I know is Daemon Targaryen should be the poster boy of GOT lore moving forward. And he's not even the main protagonist to HOT D. I learned a new word yesterday. Walter from The Big Lebowski is described as a deuteragonist. That means being the 2nd most important character to the story. That's Daemon. To me, HOT D is really about Rhaenyra's journey to the throne.

    Rhaenyra Targaryen AKA The Realm's Delight is a great character herself. Not a Mary Sue and an annoying feminist Karen like Jennifer Walters from She-Hulk is. I wish in HOT D, we see Rhaenyra face Alicent and go…

    "You broke my heart 💔, Alicent. You broke my heart. I loved you. I can never get over you."

    It's been 3 years and Rhaenyra still can't get over her girlfriend marrying her father. I don't mind seeing a lesbian couple heartbreak scene. Emma D'Arcy seems lesbian any way and her chemistry with Olivia Cooke off-camera is awesome. And I think Alicent still has feelings for Rhaenyra too.

  19. I REALLY wish they would do a spinoff with Balerion. The dragons are my favorite part of the show

  20. My top 5 biggest:

    The Cannibal

  21. Which one is my favourite? The Cannibal. We saw Viserion with blue fire and i hope they will show us The Cannibal with green fire.

  22. I stopped watching after spoiling death of meleys.. You know yiu can describe how formidable they are without spoilers..

  23. Girl Meleys at lvl 10… girl no and Vhagar is a Female Dragon.

  24. They say the cannibal was just as big as baliron

  25. i hope won time in the future there'd be a prequel about dragonlords in valyria. with the doom of valyria been the peak of the show and Aegons conquest ending the show. we all need to witness Balerion's madness

  26. just because drogon was the main dragon in GOT you cannot just say he was stronger than vhagar.(avoid giving spoilers).

  27. This list is so weird, you mention that syrax wont be in this list because there are older and more powerful dragons, yet you put viserion and dragon as number 3 and number 2. They’re like 4 years old and half the size of Caraxes who is like 70 years old..

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