Why aren’t people playing this DRAGON game ? | Draconia

Today I came back to Draconia to try and see what the game is all about.
I decided to play fully for 1h and this is my story.

What do you think about draconia?

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  1. This game looks way better than DOD.

    Please read if want more information

    Edit: DOD is not a great game, it had a new update. But you know the drill every new update new bugs. And they have not fixed it. The map is just trees and land. Dragons are extremely unbalanced. I bought a DLC and it is so easy to kill. And it’s money and another free dragon can 1 shot it. It wasn’t expensive and I don’t want it to be a pay to win game. But I would not recommend DOD. Exactly like why Kato didn’t really like it. Also, great job Kato keep up the great work! ❤

  2. Thanks for checking out our game again!
    The Youtube search is unfortunately not always accurate. We noticed a lot of videos don't show up in the search especially if they have been uploaded by small Youtubers. It often takes a while to find these. We are not sure what the minimum requirements are for these content creators to show up in the search results but if they are on our Discord they can share their videos there.

    Draconia is not an MMO but an MORPG. MMOs are made to support a way larger amount of players per server and we are not going for that. The current maximum amount is 60 players per server and we are building it to allow people to play it solo or in small groups rather than large raids.

    Btw the clams can always be found in the sand piles. Some of them are just rarer than others.

    If you prefer the survival aspect, people host PvP only/survival servers but combat is currently the weakest part when it comes to the characters themselves but will be tackled in the future.

  3. what video do you plan on making after hitting 10K?

  4. I won't be touching this game until its actually complete and i see what state its in then. The person that made this game also made archotek project, or whatever its called. A cartoon style dino game that they completely abandoned and didn't finish. I paid for that game, so I'm not going to make the same mistake again and pay for this one UNTIL it's complete. Specially when its so damn expensive for what it actually is. Not worth the price tag right now. Was around £30+ last time i checked.
    I can't put my trust in a developer when they've already abandoned one game already.

  5. If all these titles want to take right off they should go to console aswell and watch them explode

  6. I would so play Draconia if the game came to consoles if the future. I literally do not understand why these types of games don't come to consoles. And a dragon game such as this id deffo ove to play, but unfortunately I can't due it only being for PC. If it came to consoles, it would literally be a dream come true.

  7. Personally I don't play it due to the abandonment/scamming involved in their previous game. It looks nice, but once a company does something shady I don't touch any of their other games in the future. The devs farmed one of their previous games called Archotek, selling the game for more than it was worth and banned players that were warning people that the game was abandoned under the excuse of "we are working on it". Plot twist, they didn't they had it high price until they got review bombed and lowered the price to 99 cents (still to expensive) they delivered none of their promises for the game and scammed thousands of people by abandoning the game and using the money they got from that project on Draconia. They will never admit that they were scamming and will constantly deny and claim it just didn't work out even though the game was doing decently until they abandoned it under the disguise of a public hiatus to focus on the games development at their own pace. But it was Levia Draconia (the lead of Draconia) that created Archotek out of spite towards the isle due to being fired (and broken up with) and scammed those people for the money to work on Draconia.

    Buying Draconia would be like buying a game made by the developer of Stomping Lands. Its a losing gamble and they shouldn't be trusted until they prove they can finish the basics of a functional game, they are proven scammers and game abandoners.

  8. Its got great mechanics and looks graphically pleasing for sure! I tried it out for myself a few years back, but haven't returned because not much has happened yet. Just waiting on the game to finish a bit more, like combat and tasks, was a glorified chat room last I played. But if theres more to do now, Id be happy to jump back in. <3

  9. honestly this looks way better than DOD, the environment is very pretty to look at, diverse and immersive compared to DOD's map of just grass + 100 same looking trees everywhere. the flying looks way better and doesn't make you want to kill yourself like DOD's flight mechanics which are absolutely horrible and there seems to be more stuff to do like quests or getting abilities rather than just grow and get killed by tryhard clans that are an infestation in each DOD server. i'm still suspicious of draconia tho because they are known for abandoning their games so i think i'm gonna hold off until a more trustable dragon game comes out that isn't a scam but might get draconia if they continue to update and make more progress

  10. In my opinion this game is trash and a DOD is way better

  11. Hang in there, dracona… I’ll be playing you soon!!

  12. great video!!!!! i honestly really love draconia so far and i know a lot of people don't want to invest or regret buying it because it's still in pretty early stages of development with few real gameplay elements and the devs could simply stop working on it at any time BUT. the flight mechanics and the dragon models and animations are seriously top tier in my opinion and as someone who has always very badly wanted to experience the feeling of flying as a dragon this game has given me immense enjoyment for over two years now! 🙂 i would certainly be very sad if development was randomly halted, as i think the game has a lot of potential, but frankly i'm not worried; the devs are super active in their discord server and updates are always being shared, patches have been constantly added for all of the time i've owned the game, a full, detailed roadmap of all planned features has been posted, and even beyond that, as an enormous dragon fan, the game has already been worth the $35 i spent on it.
    PLUS the community is very kind and cool in my experience and even though i don't really know anybody that well it's always easy to hop on and make conversation while you explore :3

  13. I'm ngl, this game is extremely boring lol – the only thing the game has got going for it is customization. It tells you very little of how to play the game or what the goal is, the UI is not great and is quite confusing to me. You basically need someone to guide you to get started and I'm not really for that.

  14. Because the gameplay looks ass, especially the flight system. I can only see myself playing this game if it goes on a massive sale or if they make the flying look waaaay less awkward.

  15. That eastern dragon looks interesting. If they may have it in that game I maybe take a look into the game too someday.

  16. Been waiting to buy it 🤞🏻☺️ looooove dragons

  17. The reason why i dont play this one is simply bc the flight-system to me doesnt feel immersive enough but rather wonky.
    u dont feel the weight of the creature, u dont feel the momentum, u dont have to manage ur velocity by flapping occasionally, u dont have to learn flying really so theres no challenge in mastering it, u dont have to develop a feeling for ur dragons turning and such aswell as u dont feel the wind rushing past u and ur wings. everything that would make flight just exiting all over isnt there for me.
    Day of Dragons somewhat went in the right direction even tho theres alot of aspects that even there make flight-physx rather weird.

    animationwhise the movement of the dragons to me seems a bit off and since i mostly enjoy survival games with pvp this isnt it for me. id rather have to actually hunt something and roast it before consuming the body.

    sadly this game went very much towards too much fantasial aspects and all which even less made up the immersion for me aswell as letting the dragons rather seem like cute and harmless creature instead of the fire-breathing winged monsters they are. ofc one could say not all dragons are monsters, sure but a creature having all the features of a predator yet nothing in its playstyle and such that makes it actually feel like one is rather a disappointment.
    i personally need something more "believable" than this.

    The idea of customaziation is a good base but the execution could be better. maybe at some point they go into a direction thats more attractive for me as so far im rather disappointed by the dragon-games that there are on the market all across

  18. Draconia is the example why gameplay matters. The world might be pretty. The model and animation might be good. But without direction and gameplay? The game just dies.
    The game needs…
    – A map, minimap
    – Better tutorial. Do NOT slap a lot of text in front of people. Make the tutorial interactive.
    – The tutorial should show how to get quests.
    – Quest page needs to show image of quest item and objective + approx location
    – NPCs, questgivers
    – To quit giving 'collect X of X useless boring item'. Think up better quests.
    – To make leveling up mean more than just make your dragon bigger and stronger
    – To implement actual MMO mechanics in general if you really wanna be MMO.
    – To reduce price heavily to convince people to play it

    Right now, the game is barely a game. It is a glorified chatroom with pretty models and a pretty map. Has zero interesting gameplay, no gameplay loop, no goal, no nothing.

  19. I think it's worth adding more types of dragons. for example, it would be cool to control a sea dragon. He would be able to swim quickly, but let’s say he wouldn’t be able to fly, but jumping out of the water and being nimble in it would compensate for that (well, plus, he could go out onto land..). Next, I would make a gradation in the sizes of the dragons. Perhaps the creation of smaller but faster dragons. Small dragons would be more agile and, for example, would gain speed faster. But large specimens, on the contrary, are slow to gain speed, but they can rise high and, when diving, gain shocking speed!
    In general, I would increase the flight speed in this game, it seems like the dragons don't fly, they swim in jelly…

  20. I've been playing this game on and off for a good long while now. I've been on their discord for even longer. I have 121hrs on this game, I know that other long time players have way more but I think I can give a pretty good opinion on Draconia. Before my thoughts on this game are read, I want it to be known that I do like this game and look forwards to it making real progress.

    Pros- Visually, this game is really gorgeous to look at. The map is nice and is using assets that they have made themselves. The flora and fauna are all original and works cohesively with the dragons. Which is a nice change from other dragon and dino games (where bright fantasy vibes come in) feel odd and very much out of place to the world they are set in.

    Beautiful models. Not just the playbles and soon to be NPCs but also the plants and buildings. Which isn't much of a surprise as the main dev is an artist.

    The community is pretty small but it is also a nice one. If you want help in-game, you will often find it either with players that are logged in or if you go to the discord. Keep in mind that the player base does feel younger so older players, like myself, feel a little out of place.

    Lots of update pings in the discord. Most of these updates are about remodelling and texture at the moment. As I was writing up this comment, they put up a ping for the trello board.

    Plenty of things on the map to gather for XP.

    You can carry low level/ small characters.

    The photo mode is something I typically find quite fun to mess around with.

    Fast travel. You need to find and activate each gate/ waystone in order to use them. You will also need to memorise the names of the locations.

    Flight system. Most of the other players really like the way flight is handled in this game. For me though I'm used to fast paced flying games with a highly responsive flight system and everything feels snappy and sharp. I'm putting this as a pro because the majority of the player base really like it.

    Cons- Game play is extremely bare bones. There is hunger and thirst but it is only really something to worry about as a low level/ slow moving character. Eating and drinking feels like it's simply there for the sake of it. Personally I think it would be better to not have these things as a "need" but something that you can do as a interaction with the environment.

    No kind of indication on where to go to find anything and what to do. A new player has ZERO clues on where to go for getting quests, let alone where on the map to go to fulfil those quests. Having to rely on experienced players is pretty bad. This really is my biggest gripe about this game. Visual indicators on a map are a very important element for MORPGs and this game has none. There's no mini map in game. Yes, there is a map that was made by a player on the discord but there is nothing in the game itself. Personally I think that adding quest markers is a bigger priority than remodelling more playable creatures, simply so new players can actually get started without NEEDING to ask other players and then they may feel a bit happier about staying around to keep up with progress. Using fast travel can be a pain if you find it hard to memorise location names and where they are in relation to each other.

    Questing is biased against land dragons. Most of the dragons fly but there are also a few that don't. As a low level land dweller, questing is a very slow grind. It's almost to the point that it's painful. You can level up so much faster as a flyer than you can as a land based dragon. One hour on a flyer feels much nicer and productive than an hour on the others. The location of the quest givers and their quests take a long time to get to. I don't know if it is planned to have some smaller and easier to reach quests for those that are small, slow and can't fly. I enjoy playing as flyers AND as the land ones, but I feel punished when I pick something that can't fly. Most of my hrs in this game have been spent on trying to level up said land dwellers.

    Fear of abandonment. The devs worked on a dinosaur game previously. That game was abandoned in favour of working on this one. When devs (in general) do this, they have cast a shadow that wont leave them until they have actually completed a couple games afterwards. As MORPGs are not small and simple games to make, this shadow is going to take a long time to leave. I know the dev team is small and works on the game in their spare time and can't pump out as much work as a fulltime team. I'm just stating that in the world of game development, ditching a game that you've not finished but have put up for sale, leaves a very hard to remove stain on your game portfolio.

    I last played in Nov 2023 so I don't know first hand if any of my things listed under "cons" have been updated. I will have to play again soon, if it is only to test out the new playable.

  21. Dragon games suffer from lack of content and replay value.

  22. The night time is just irritatingly dark and every time I load into a server is pitch black. I do like the custom stuff the dragons have but I find it to be a bit of a speed bump when it comes to pacing of the game. It needs a randomiser or colour plates to speed up customisation for those just wanting to jump right in. I haven't been on for a bit but last I played I found the speed land creatures to be a real slog and not at all enjoyable to play as. What didn't help was the price this game launched its EA state in on Steam sitting at $30

    Is the game terrible? No, but it has a lot of creeses that need ironing out.

  23. What are your graphic settings? That shot of you flying towards the sunset/sunrise at 6:37 is absolutely gorgeous.

  24. Interesting to see so many games progressing in this creature survival genre! Great review friend

  25. maybe people dont play dragon games because they are mostly for pc and not any console best bet if there were dragon games on xbox id get them i wish days of dragon was on xbox

  26. I personally like the chill flying-as-a-creature games, and my favorite mythical creatures are dragons. But when I saw some of the gameplays of Draconia here on Youtube, the flying mecanics were a huge turn down for me. If they had been the same or better than Days of Dragons, I might have bought it just for the thrill of flying as a dragon around the map. But now that I know the scam history behind the development of this game, I don't think I'll ever will.

  27. Kickstarter fail, mechanics demo wasn't hopeful, progress is everywhere but not seeing it in motion for forever, staff mocking other early access games they were on discord servers for

    Lots of reason.

  28. Because it's a fuckin chatroom. Has been since it was released.

  29. I think if creature based games expanded to consoles also, they wouldn't flop as much. Path of Titans did as such and its now one of the main 3 dino games to play, and it has more players due to the fact its not just bound to PC.

    I'd give anything for a dragon game on console, as long as its not DOD or Century: Age of Ashes

  30. To answer your question; too boring for me personally.

  31. The reason is because it's BORING. . . the simplest answer.

  32. im really hopeful that Draconia will eventually be similar to Istaria which is why I have supported them, Istaria is such a cool game, I grew up with it, however, its older graphics style is in need of an update and Draconia is hopefully that!

  33. This game has so much potential, I think this can become better than any dragon games we've seen and even better than the dinosaur games we're familliar with.

  34. 4:48 I was confused as well when I started but once you start flying around you eventually recognize landmarks that help you pinpoint different useful locations, and a lot of things like quest stones and resources can be spotted from the sky.

  35. Because devs don't support content creators 🙂

  36. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a dragon survival game. Seeing all these games come out now as an adult is a dream come true. I would have absolutely eaten all of these games up as a child, like I did with The Isle when it initially came out.

    But my standards are much higher now. I need good flight that doesn't feel floaty, good animations, and a solid gameplay loop that isn't boring. Most importantly, I need a map that doesn't feel empty. So far, no dragon game has achieved all of these things, Draconia included, so I haven't bothered with it or any others. The Wings of Dawn seems the most promising to me and I am keeping an eye on it, but all the other dragon games are forgettable, even despite how badly I've wanted games like them since I was a kid.

  37. "is this Day of Dragons?"
    "It is what it always should have been"

  38. People really prefer to play a glorified chat room of a dragon game over this

  39. I don't like the dragon survival games they made eating far to annoying so it feels like that's all you do and I just assumed Draconia was the same thing so didn't bother with it

  40. No console plans so I respectfully didn't keep an interest, if that changes I'll try it

  41. I play Genshin Impact and what I'm missing is a story to continue playing if I wanted to play Draconia. just like Genshin Impact and even Star Stable Online, there is a story in the games and then becoming stronger to defeat enemies and I don't see that here yet and that is the difference

  42. is weird they add tthe MMO since they keep advertising it as survival with quest like path of titans
    i only play MMORPG like Istaria because of the story an MMO without RPG is going to be the most bare bone as$ game ever because it simply doesnt have anything to retain the player unless the developers keep adding more stuff

    Kato forget about this game play Istaria instead

  43. asus rog ally z1 extreme playable on this game? good vid!

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