Wild Dragons Explained House of the Dragon Game of Thrones ASOIAF Lore

Wild Dragons Explained A song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones/ House of the Dragon Lore

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Backing Track
Last Breath of Freedom

Artwork in this video is used for commentary and educational purposes. Artwork belongs to HBO/A Song of Ice and Fire book series and other respective owners.
If you see artwork you have created in this video and would like to be credited, message me via my email [email protected] with a screenshot and credit link


  1. I have been the most excited to see Greg Ghost. I really hope he doesn't disappoint!! They did such a good job with Caraxes. 🐉🐉 I have high expectations.

  2. Cannibal was actually Maegor's dragon. But when Maegor chose Balerion, Cannibal your own race became the enemy…

  3. If I may interject, do any of these dragons eventually find a rider in Fire and Blood? Because if they don’t, it’s dumb to comment on such a thing happening in House of The Dragon. Also, y’all know what happens with the storytelling when producers stop going off source material and just wing it.

  4. Hear me out in the Jon snow spin if he eventually somehow ends up being the rider of the canibal or grey ghost

  5. Nobody will ever claim the cannibal that one is crazy

  6. There’s one thing I’ve wondered about during the Dance of Dragons, and that’s the fact that Cannibal never bothered to get involved with it on his own considering how every other dragon was killing each other off and would’ve made for one big all you can eat buffet of Dragon meat. But instead he just flew off. Btw I’m one of the fans that believes Cannibal is still alive on Skagos and Jon will be his rider in the books😎lol

  7. So Is that the one we see in the show where he is singing

  8. Mann why couldn’t daemeon tame cannibal. That would have been sickkkk

  9. It would be fascinating if The Cannibal had a part in Balerion's injuries after his return.

  10. Get better infomations bro. Thats wrong

  11. I have a theory on how to tame the Cannibal. Feed him (live/dead) dragons and dragon eggs while singing in high valyrian.
    Worked with Sheepstealer, minus the singing.

  12. KanniBal👀❤💪🏽👏🏽🙏🏽

  13. Socially awkward dragon, regular hardworking dragon, and ohhh shizzz a cannibal!!!!

  14. So what did cannibal eat before Targaryen’s and their dragons touchdown

  15. Wow another GOT hype to be cut short by season windup

  16. If anyone rode the cannibal I’d like it to be Euron a filthy eldritch demon riding the cruelest beast in the world

  17. I would love to see the cannibal dragon who is bigger than Vagar

  18. Sheep Stealer actually did end up with a rider; a girl named Nettles brought him a fresh sheep until he became used to her presence, eventually letting her climb onto his back.

  19. That last one has got to be symbolism / hinting at something. And for crying out loud a black dragon with green eyes that's more than subtle

  20. Does this guy know any other word to describe dragons other than “beast”?

  21. Got season 9 concept: dany gets revived by the witches and turns revenant. Drogon flees back to Jon. Dany searches for the cannibal and is now it’s rider….

  22. Also Vermithor, king jaherys’s mount , that’s who daemon was signing too in the cave

  23. I love the Melniboneans…I mean the Targaryens. Clearly not a rip off of Michael Moorcock’s fantasy race at all

  24. Shame that they showed vermithor at the end and they end up not even being able to use em fr 🤦‍♂️

  25. Cannibal might be one of the elephants in the room on why the Targaryen’s had so few dragons at the beginning of the Dance!!

  26. I guess thats the reason his named cannibal

  27. I hope they change the show to make the story different than book cannon. But not in the ridiculous way that Rhaenys broke out Melys just to stare the greens down and fly away.. knowing a war was coming and if the Targaryens lost.. she would probably be killed as well. Ridiculous.

  28. Hot take: When Daemon was singing to the Dragon at the end of S1E10, I suspected that it is a Valyrian Technique to control the dragons. There’s numerous lore that needs to be explained in terms of dragon binding which may include dark sorcery that was employed at the height of Old Valyria’s Power. Remember also Damian spent alot of time in Pentos reading and may have came across information that will help aid House Black in their upcoming war with House Green

  29. I really hope we get to see the cannibal in s2

  30. Yea guys lets take our family and our dragons to that island with the big ass dragon that eats other dragons! Hoooome!

  31. The canibel is bigger than baralanian

  32. Okay but dragons are precious creatures I’m sure The Targaryens keep a close track of eyes and dragons so how has Cannibal been eating dragons and dragon eggs without anyone saying “we should stop this”

  33. Daemon stole eggs and talked about them incubating. Maybe they'll have new dragons 🐉

  34. Grey ghost is my fav dragon, i hope they dont kill him off in the show. I like how he doesnt disturb anyone by eating fish only

  35. This sounds like its based on The books by Anne McCarthy, The White Dragon!!

  36. I don’t know very much of GOT lore when it comes to the origins of dragons, probably something, something magical/gods or whatever. But I imagine them evolving gradually over millions of years, as creatures do, somehow having a niche and gradually growing bigger. Never mind the fire breathing stuff. It seems odd to me that they would grow so big from preying on sheep and cattle… seems unnecessary and not very efficient. So I’m thinking that on this thesis there likely would have been some cool macro fauna worth preying on. Maybe the elephants of course, but probably bigger things.
    There are some indications of other big critters. Like the krakens or if I don’t misremember, massive eagles.

    But in my mind I imagine giant sloths eating avocados… XD

  37. I would like to see all 3 dragons of the but especially the cannibal at least in 3rd season it would be great to see biggest,riderless, wild dragon devouring other dragons at dragonstone as symbol for targaryens loosing thier blood bond with dragons and other targaryens which is also called dance of the dragons.

  38. I really hope to see The Cannibal in HOTD S2!!!

  39. I hope Cannibal will have a dragon rider in the show

  40. Sheepstealer is my fave name for a dragon. 🐑🐏

  41. The cannibal will be found in the north 😂

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