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  1. There's literally a tornado! (Me: A what, now? Ah!)

  2. Much as I prefer Buff Brawler Marian from RCG2, Officer Marian in this game is incredibly fun to play as, not to mention a unique gameplay idea for a beat-em-up character.

  3. who is the girl friend and who is the brother

  4. damn, the regular art looks so good, I kinda hate the way characters look during gameplay

  5. That sweet-ass wind snatch is coming for you Woolie.

  6. shoulda brought sonny back if only like a dan hibiki-esk player character

  7. Starting the stream getting a visit from that Garudy Booty

  8. About 12 minutes passed before a punch was thrown in this quick-look 😂

  9. Always have a soft spot for Double Dragon due to the simple fact my shoot name is Jimmy Lee(Different spelling of the first name.)

    The little things that popped baby me when I was a kid in the arcades.

  10. Woolie loves takes health pickups when he has more health lol.

  11. C'mon Woolie, we all know you can Criminal Upper that tornado off the planet.

  12. Marian is a police officer in the cartoon series of Double Dragon

  13. I saw a certain buff blue skeleton talk about this game just yesterday. This really looks like a lot of fun to play with a buddy. Too bad my best co-op buddy does not like beat em ups.

  14. That day lighting & thunder crashed the wind whipped around as Woolie and Reggie play the new Double Dragon

  15. This looks so amazing after that miserable wreck calling itself "Double Dragon IV."

  16. Hope one day you guys play Fight N Rage. Probably the best new beat em up in a decade or so.

  17. Well, now I know roughly when this was recorded, because I just got that tornado warning this morning!

  18. Does anybody know what that crazy static noise that pops up aroubnd the 20 minute mark after they beat MGK? It sounds like hyper-compressed ocean waves, or some body rubbing a rough cloth across a microphone.

  19. Marian's supposedly to be a practitioner of Sou-Setsu-Ken as well but the only game to ever do anything with that is the less then optimal Wander of the Dragons. Double Dragons Advance was going to have a mode where you play as her that seems would intel either her going through the whole game backwards only to get captured again at the end after wearing herself out or at the end of each stage. I remember reading someone's claims that there where plans for a second version where P2 would control Abobo.

  20. For a guy who loves Kirby games, Woolie doesn't like sharing food LMAO

  21. Damn, my boy Billy Lee looking sick with those awesome kick combos!

  22. Marian could win an award for being the least consistent character in all of videogames. In some games she's dead, in others her soul is magic and gets stolen, in others she's the daughter of the dojo owner and a Sousetsuken practitioner, and in others a Police Officer. I know she was a police officer in the cartoon and I think she was in Super Double Dragon IV as well albeit off-screen.

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