Worst fossil reconstruction ever?打

Magdeburg Unicorn aka the worst fossil reconstruction ever


  1. That looks like something I drew in first grade

  2. Bruh no so there isn't a Madgeburg unicorn if you legit just said it was from a different animal what drugs are you on?!

  3. accept my fate jesus crist that think is fucking scary

  4. Bro deleted the legs and called it a unicorn

  5. Bro don't worry my fish won't bite the fish

  6. This is literally just a Lethal Company monster…

  7. I found this when I searched up unnatural habitat

  8. If I saw this alive anywhere I would shit myself

  9. Fusion between skullcrawler and unicron

  10. A rhino is a unicorn – theres 2 types of rhino one has 2 horns one has one – hence unicorn. The depiction of a unicorn as a horse like creature is fairytale

  11. It was kinda still a unicorn, just bulkier

  12. theres gotta be some missing bones for this big foot unicorn thing

  13. "Sir you don't have enough money to buy this car."
    "Ok I'll come tomorrow."

  14. I think I believe this is not a wooly rhino but a elasmotherium maybe it matcha with its one horn if you search it up

  15. Bruh they haven't found the rest of the body yet

  16. Looks like a creature from the Star Wars galaxy.

  17. Actually it's fossils came from the Elasmotherium that actually lived in Europe (Woolly Rhinos were an American Species)

  18. "It MUST be a complete skeleton we just have to use our imagination!"

  19. what the hell were they thinking? A rule of thumb about animal groups is that they all follow the same skeletal structure blueprint which is how you can track evolution of animals from fish to mammals. Every animal with bones have 4 limbs, a head, a spine, rib cage, a pelvis, tail and shoulders. these bone structures will always exist in different shapes in every animal from fishes to mammals. Animals with bones can never have more then one skull or more then one tail or more then 4 limbs…..yeah that means european dragons cannot exist a wyvern is a maybe.

  20. Bro looks like an evolved skull crawler

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