Yakuza: Like a Dragon (dunkview)

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” – chicken from Yakuza.

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  1. “Kingdom Hearts 4.7 Birth By Death will not be a good game, but me playing that game? I already know that’s a good video.”
    Yeah, that’s really the game of it, ain’t it?

  2. "I like it cause its kinda like Dragon Quest" Yes, I would hope so seeing as the MC of Like A Dragon is OBSESSED with Dragon Quest.

  3. Mr. Dunkey, since you usually bold the negatives of any JRPGs that you've played, It seems you forgot one more negative point from this game because Yakuza: Like a Dragon committed one of the most hated and riskiest changes when making a sequel:

    Switching the Protagonist.

  4. ngl I actually considering getting this game now

  5. Finally decided to download this since it’s free now. Wasn’t expecting to get so into the story lol. It’s wild and funny. I thought he was just making a joke when he called it “like a dragon quest” then five seconds into the game the main character says he views every fight he’s in as dragon quest because he loves dragon quest so much and wants to be a hero. I think I played for 4 hours last night and by played I mean I think I actually controlled the character for maybe 30 minutes all together and then watched 3.5 hours of cut scenes and dialogue. But it was a lot of fun. Good recommendation

  6. I also got sucked into that Business side-game for several days. It really was a oh yeah wait theirs an actual game I should play moment when I realized it.

  7. Finally, after beating this game I can finally watch the master give his review

  8. What's more useful for this game, hitting weaknesses or getting critical hits?

  9. They managed to make Shareholder meetings fun in a turn based RPG about japanese crime drama. I'm just gonna leave it at that.

  10. I almost want to play off the soup kitchen lady alone lol. Is she a party member ?

  11. I'm playing it at 2023, it's very sucks games best graphics but like a dragon very sucks story line, it's a very disappointed , im think I'm stop playing yakuza games

  12. im playing the yakuza games inorderso i havent played it yet

  13. generally with long rpgs i prefer to takemy time,if its two yakuzas long lol ill take longer than usual to finish probably

  14. this is the 1st one that interests me. beat em ups are usually just mash 1 button

  15. I've watched this video probably three or four times now. Just noticed the "interesting" Elden Ring logo at the very end and it made me laugh. Dunkey puts so many details and small joys in his videos that their rewatch value is infinite.

  16. "this game is like two Yakuza's long"
    just wait until he gets to Yakuza 5

  17. The gary buster holmes appearance just threw me back

  18. That shareholder meeting mini game sold this game for me 😂

  19. why did i just get a notification for this video as if he just posted it💀

  20. This game would be so much better if you were able to beat somebody down with a porkchop. We had that technology in 2006, so why isni't it in this 2020 videogame?

  21. Glad I found this video to give me like 10 minutes entertainment out of this game, can't make it past the hours of cutscenes with only a turn based combat system when the old one was so much fun..

  22. Easily one of the most underrated games I’ve ever played. Such an genuine gem, definitely 10/10

  23. Almoust as great of a masterpiece as Dragon: Like a Yakuza.

  24. I played the business mini-game for such a long time that when I was done, I walked out the front door of the building where Ichiban Holdings office is with over 20 million Yen in my pockets.

    I was then immediately accosted by a gang of level 40 punks, I'd been out of the loop for so long that I forgot to keep an eye on Kasugas health… and ended up losing half my hard earned scratch when he got knocked out.

    I tried to reload a previous save but to no avail. Reloading would have undone all my precious progress. It was a hard lesson. My arrogance as CEO of Yokohamas number one business was short-lived.

    Basically from the time that Ichiban Holdings was crowned the new King until the time that I stepped out onto the street and was beaten unconscious by a dude with a Pompadour haircut.

  25. It all circles back to dunkey's point about a consistent voice. When he says, "This is a pretty good turn based JRPG." I take notice. And when he says, "Sometimes there's just too much exposition, and people will hit you with their life stories," I feel like it's easily enough for me to tolerate.

  26. damn this review is so funny i might actually buy it

  27. Nice game i just got it amd its the first game in the series i played so far

  28. i love that the new Infinite Wealth Yakuza is now an ad for this video

  29. The fact that you fight like Pokémon is a big No for me, nobody waits for you to hit your special attack on any other game

  30. This series should've been an Anime instead not a fan of these Goofy AF Lame-kuza games and was expecting them to be shooters like the Mafia or GTA games. Not some goofy a$$ misrepresentation of a real life crime Syndicate 🥱😴 .

  31. Where’s like a dragon: Ishin review

  32. when i boof alone i open this game and have a trip for 2 hours that feel like a day

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